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Beautiful Kitchen Remodel Before & After

After remodeling the old, outdated kitchen that came with her home, Kelly at Eclectically Vintage now has her dream kitchen, and it is spectacular!  The gorgeous herringbone marble wall tile is my favorite feature, but the red stove would have to be a close runner-up.

Kelly’s new kitchen is gorgeous on its own, but I personally think it can be appreciated even more when you know that it started out like this…

What a day-and-night difference!  You’ll definitely want to visit Eclectically Vintage to see all of the gorgeous details that went into this kitchen remodel.


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  1. I LOVE those pendant lights – they are gorgeous. And of course, the rest of the kitchen is rather stunning too 🙂

  2. I love the idea who made this, makes more comfortable to work with the ingredients you have to cook. very coordinated.