Colorful Painted Interior Doors

We’ve all seen the gorgeous front doors that are painted turquoise, or yellow, or bright green, or even orange on the outside to give a fun jolt of color to a front porch.  But what about interior doors?  It seems that we’re a little more apprehensive to paint our interior doors in anything but white.  Even a gorgeous, classic black seems a bit of a stretch for most of us.

Well, the interior side of my front door was in need of some attention.  For the last two years, it’s been dressed in nothing but a coat of primer.  And because of its dull flat finish, primer gets dirty quite easily.  Yep, something needed to be done, but I just couldn’t bring myself to paint it white.  But could I really make the leap to a bold, bright, colorful door?

I turned to the world wide web for some inspiration.

yellow interior door via a design story

via A Design Story


red interior door

via David D. Harlan Architects


apple green interior door via apartment therapy

via Apartment Therapy


pink interior door via apartment therapy

via Apartment Therapy


yellow interior doors via apartment therapy

via Apartment Therapy


turquoise interior door via perfectly imperfect blog

via Perfectly Imperfect


neon green yellow interior door via lucas allen

via Lucas Allen


red door via the lettered cottage

via The Lettered Cottage


green interior door via apartment therapy

via Apartment Therapy


yellow interior doors via hooked on houses

via Hooked On Houses


turquoise door via hooked on houses

via Hooked On Houses


So what say you?  Could you go bold on your interior doors?  Could you throw caution to the wind and say goodbye to white doors?

I can.  I did.  I’ll show you how it turned out this afternoon.

(By the way, I had fully intended to show you my newly painted front door this morning, but just as I was finishing up the painting last night, I had a little electrical snafu that caused me to lose electricity in my breakfast area and kitchen.  So instead of finishing my front door, I had to turn my attention to installing a new electrical outlet.  Don’t you just hate it when you’re on a roll, and then something like that happens?!  Oh well.  That’s life.  Now I’m off to finish up my door!)



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  1. The interior of my front door and garage door are painted red- I love them. It adds such an unexpected pop of color- Looking forward to seeing yours.

  2. Oh poop! I stopped what I was doing to read through your door post 'cause I was so excited to see your new door! So sorry you've had this problem, both because these things are so frustrating, but also because I'm dying to see your new door! 

    Will check back this afternoon. Good luck with your electrical issues!

  3. LOVE the pale yellow and the blue. I've been thinking about painting my interior entry door black and maybe my mudroom door, except that the mudroom has 3 interior doors and I think that might be too much. But definitely the entry…

  4. love all these doors. The common theme – clean white/neutral walls in the room!  I need to get some neutral paint before I go crazy with the doors!

  5. Oh, I like what I see.  Definitely not first on my list, but I think this project may actually Make the list!!!!!
    I am still a little behind and am not really into the retro look, nor do I think it fits the period of my house, but I could definitely go for a red!!!!

  6. UH OH on the electrical issue. I LOVE the idea of different colors on interior doors. BUT…. have I been that brave???? Not yet…. but thinking I could do it on just the front door.