Home Gym Punch List: This Is What’s Left To Do

Wednesdays are my “no work” days, but I did take a moment to take inventory of the remaining projects in the room. My original goal was to get this room finished by the end of February. Will I make my goal? Well, let’s take a look at what still needs to be done.

First, these transition strips still need work. I’ve decided to stain them to match the carpet, so that should be quick and easy.

The entire perimeter of the room, still needs quarter round.

I don’t want the curtains to be pooled on the floor, so those need to be hemmed. And I keep forgetting that I have a ceiling fan for this room. I need to get that installed.

The Swedish ladder has been assembled, but I still want to stain the wood bars, and then I need to figure out how to attach this heavy thing securely to the wall. That will be a challenge.

Both doors in the room still need to be painted (I’m keeping them white), and the door into the bathroom needs a door pull.

The closet area still doesn’t have lights (but the wiring is there), and I need to make an attic scuttle hole cover.

The close area still needs quite a bit of work. I need to figure out what to do with the electric panel. It has a cover to go on it, but then what? Keep it that awful gray metal color? Paint it?

I also need to get a TV to go over the dresser, hang the two wall mirrors flanking the dresser, and build shelves. I’ve changed my mind on the design for the shelves, but I’ll share more details later.

In the entrance to the room, the ceiling paint still needs some touchups, and the door needs to be painted. I also need to add the wiring and junction box for the new light, and then install the light. I want to add artwork to the walls, and the switch plates and two more outlet covers need to be painted and installed.

The black dresser in the closet is going to get a makeover.

And finally, I want to paint Matt’s Theracycle (his exercise bike), which is an off-white color. I want it to be black.

That seems like a lot to do, and if I want to meet my goal, I have six days to get it all done! I can’t guarantee that I’ll make it, but I’m sure going to try! Here’s the list in a easy-to-read format:

  • Stain transition strips
  • Install and paint quarter round on the baseboards
  • Hem the curtains
  • Install the ceiling fan
  • Attach the Swedish ladder to the wall
  • Paint both doors white
  • Add door pull to door between home gym and bathroom
  • Install closet lights
  • Make attic scuttle hole cover
  • Figure out what to do with the electric panel cover
  • Buy TV and hang it on the wall above the dresser
  • Hang full length mirrors flanking the dresser
  • Make shelves for the closet area
  • Add wiring and junction box for the light in the room entrance
  • Install light in the room entrance
  • Touch up paint on ceiling in the room entrance
  • Paint and install switch plates and outlet covers
  • Give the dresser a makeover
  • Paint Matt’s Theracycle



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  1. If anyone can finish this room by the end of the month, you can! Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t. I think white is the best choice for both doors. I wouldn’t like black opening into the bathroom that has no black in it and white will brighten the hallway into the gym. I love the hardware for your dresser. Perhaps you could put framed artwork over the electric panel. Maybe two stacked one above the other.

  2. It’s those little end tying jobs that do me in. But you’ve proven time and again you can move mountains. I guess one motivator (above the obvious): Spring is nearly here and it would be nice to have it off your plate in time for yard stuff if you are planning any of that this year. No matter what we’ll all be lined up with our coffee checking it all out. Go girl! 😁

    1. Paint the electrical box the same as the wall. I have done it in several homes. It just blends in very well. Great job on the gym.

  3. We built a box around our electric panel in our basement which is in our living space down there. Installed a door and painted it to match the walls. It kind of disappears but I’d rather see that then those ugly gray covers. Your room is so close to the finish line. I can’t wait to see the Swedish ladder installed.

    1. It needs a little more, in my opinion. It’s just so pitch black that it turns into a black hole visually in the room. Plus, it’s a fun project that I want to do. 🙂 I’ve gotta have some fun projects every now and then.

  4. I luv the hardware being added to the closet dresser. It definitely will make it look classy. Will the closet dresser have rolling wheels added ?

  5. So with the door hiding the fuses, what I did in my house was cover the door with a picture (wall sticker), leave the frame untouched. So now it looks like a frame with a picture. But it is still very easy to locate.

    My dad (an electrician) got angry when I said I was going to put a picture over the fuses box, because he thought I was going to cover the thing behind a frame or something and this is a big faux pas – fuses have to be clearly visible in case there is a fire and smoke. But when he saw what I did he was relieved.

    And, come to think of it, I did have a huge issue with the fuses box years later, and there was nothing in the way, works fine as a fuse box, don’t really see it when you are just passing by (in fact I have four extra smaller wall decals that I was going to stick under the main one to make a set, but I never actually did it).

  6. That’s a lot of pressure for that long of a list! Maybe consider some of the more fun stuff – the hanging of mirrors & art, tv buying and hanging, hemming of curtains, and black dresser makeover a separate list for March?

  7. The list may seem long but these are the final details that will really tie everything together and make the room functional and beautiful! Just some thoughts but I am not a designer… in the hallway, stain the threshold to match the wood and going into the bathroom, stain it black. Electrical box cover-paint it to match the wall. Will a mirror cover most of it? Can maybe add something on shelf to hide rest of it? Graphics.. something black and white and large like stenciled canvas or shower curtain framed.

    I can’t wait to see how your final details will bring this all together and if it takes a little more time, that’s ok!!

  8. Look at it this way: other people easily take 6 days to decide which TV set to buy. So even if you end up doing some of those things on your list at the start of March, you still are a miracle! I love how the room is coming together and it always paints a big smile on my face. It must be so much fun to do exercises in there!!!

  9. What did you put on the glass door windows for privacy? What about one of your colorful paintings you make for the electric box?

  10. Our electrical panel has “window trim” around it and 2 small cabinet drawers stained to match our trim. You could stain yours walnut. Or you could paint it to match your walls. I found some printable access panels at Lowes for access to our well connection inside. That can work too

  11. That’s a lot and I’d think you’d prioritize; art work can wait. Top of the list is get the bar thing hung, quarter round painted and installed, chest in closet, make cover for hole in ceiling unless you can live without one for now. Light and fan install, TV hung, all touch up painting. I think you deserve to have some rest and get into a routine with the gym for now. Mull over your options for art and how to cover the electrical box, scuttle hole and the rest.
    Strong work, Kristie, it looks sensational!

  12. Concerning the electrical panel – I saw someone on IG that took a picture the size of the box, framed it (so it was bigger) and then put heavy duty magnets on the frame. It completely covered the box but she complete access to the panel box. Just a thought.