I Heart Fabric

I’m pretty sure I could spend days on end looking at fabrics.  Sometimes I wish I lived in a much bigger city, with more fabric stores…the really good ones like Calico Corners.  If I did, I could easily waste away a day or two going from one to another, dreaming of projects I could do with all of the fabrics that I love.

But sadly, I don’t live in a big city, and the options for fabrics stores are pretty much limited to three:  JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, and a great little locally-owned store called Frankly Fabric.  But even with the limited options, I can still find fabrics that I love.  (Is it strange that I have thousands and thousands of fabrics available to me through my trade accounts with the largest fabric houses in the country, and yet I seldom ever use those for my own decorating?)

Anyway, the purpose of my trip yesterday was to find fabric for the chairs that will go in John & Alice’s family room.

cane chair after painting

Finding a fabric proved to be more difficult that I had imagined, simply because I wanted a solid fabric for the seat and the tufted back, but not one that would compete with the pretty robin’s egg blue and white damask fabric that will be used on the cushion and the back of the chair.  I think I’ve finally settled on this pretty linen with it’s subtle color variances.

fabric for j and a chairs

But while I was shopping, I found some other fabrics that really caught my eye…for my own home.  So you know what that means, right?


I’m always so drawn to fabric with bold and bright colors, and if they have large scale patterns, it’s even better!!  I only have one more room in my condo that needs fabric selections, and that’s my office.  Ooohhh, one more.  That means it has to be GOOD.

First, I found this bright and fun fabric at JoAnn Fabrics.  It’s actually an outdoor canvas, and the cost is $19.99/yard.  But I have some 50% off coupons that are good until June, so it would end up at just about $10/yard.  Not too bad!

fabric 1

Would that make some great window treatments?  I’d probably never want to leave my office!!!  And I doubt there would be any chance of me falling asleep at my desk if I’m surrounded by such bright and cheerful colors.

But then, just when I thought the decision had been made, I came across this fabric at Frankly Fabric.

fabric 2

OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!  Does it get any better than that?  And even better…this is a linen (or linen-look), so it’s softer than the one from JoAnn, and more window-treatment-appropriate.  I also really love the slightly worn appearance of the colors.  The downside is the cost.  I think it was somewhere around $25/yard, and to my knowledge, the owner of the store never has 50% off sales.  Boo.

But these definitely have my creative juices flowing, and I’m so anxious to get my office organized and decorated!  I want it to be a place that I look forward to working in every day…where I can sit at my desk and concentrate on the task at hand.




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  1. What is the robin’s egg blue and white damask fabric? I looked around on your previous posts but I'm not seeing it.

  2. Here's a reason to smile… Joann's does carry that fabric! At least, they did. If it's not in stock, you should be able to order it and use their coupon! I used the cream-background version to cover a dresser last fall and I know I saw the red-background version when I was at my local Joann's. (I bought my fabric when I was out of town in TX.) Pier1 is also using it this spring for pillows and cushions.

  3. Fabric.com has it for $16.13/yd (sale ends 4/18). Richloom Cornwall cadmium (red) or Cornwall garden (cream). Happy shopping.

  4. Wow! Thank you, thank you!!! You know, I've seen it on fabric.com several times but passed it up. Their picture doesn't do it justice. It looks much nicer in person.

  5. Oh Kristi, as one fabric addict to another, you've got to take a trip out to LA one day to the garment and upholstery districts. But buy another plane ticket for the trip home for all your bargain fabric goodies!

  6. OK, I will make a pact that when you start working on your office, I will start working on my guest room / office which is currently my bedroom with not knowing if mom will be coming back home…..I MEAN I ALREADY HAVE THE FABRICS

  7. Nicole, you can see a larger picture of it in this post. It's the last picture. That's the fabric that I'm using on the draperies for John & Alice's family room.

  8. love the last pic of fabric- gorgeous!! yeah, a week alone with my sewing machine would be bliss…I know the euphoric feeling of walking through fabric stores; so many fabrics, so little time…

  9. Sounds like me, Kim. I've had the fabric for my living room draperies for over a year now, and still…no draperies.

  10. I just got a half yard of that last print in the mail from Fabric.com! I actually got the one with the linen background. It made me think of a Suzani I picked up in the Kapali Carsi back in Istanbul. I love the fabric & am thinking of curtains for the living room, but it would take the design I'm thinking of off in a whole other direction. So, you'll have to show us how you use this fabric!

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  12. I am glad to read your blog since we have the same interest in life,
    well.. I can help you about it, especially about what is the best fabric to use, try to check this site, there's a lot of information about
    the best decorating ideas here .. keep it up! 🙂

  13. I have a love/hate relationship with fabric. I always love fabrics in colors other than what I'm looking for, but can't seem to find what I want in the colors I need!! Its SUCH a hard decision to finally decide on a fabric you like!

  14. I really love the linen with the blue and white damask! Also, the orange outdoor fabric reminded me of your vinyl kitchen mat in a way.

  15. These days no one should be restricted to local fabric stores. I did my whole place with the best fabrics and got them all on line — most of them from the folks at http://RestorationFabricsandTrims.com. Don't mind sharing since my place is finished. I get tons of compliments and the quality of the fabrics is much better than I've ever seen at JoAnn's and similar stores.