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Mid Century Modern Dresser Turned Customized Credenza

Have you ever found a wonderful piece of furniture, but it just wasn’t quite right for your specific needs? Well, Tiffany at Living Savvy didn’t let that stop her from purchasing this amazing thrift store find. She turned this mid century modern dresser into a customized media credenza.

The dresser started out looking like this…

Mid century modern dresser repurposed as a media credenza for a flat screen television with customized compartment for a printer

It was a nice piece of furniture, but just not quite one that would meet Tiffany’s storage needs. So she and her husband turned it into this…

…with a specialized storage compartment for this…

A brilliant repurpose that still maintains the classic mid century modern look of the original dresser. Very well done, Tiffany!

To see the details of this project, head over to Living Savvy.

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