DIY Farmhouse Table and Bench

I love looking at all kinds of DIY projects, but I admit that when I see people actually build their own furniture from scratch, I have all kinds of admiration for them. I mean, that takes some serious skill and vision. For example, this DIY farmhouse table and bench from Ashley at Domestic Imperfection is nothing short of spectacular. It was a group effort…a project that she worked on along with her husband and her brothers-in-law–and the result looks like something they could have spent thousands of dollars on.

Ashley claims that it’s really not that difficult to build. I think she might by lying. 😀 Actually, it really doesn’t look too difficult as long as you have plenty of workspace and the right tools. To see the details, head over to Domestic Imperfection.

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  1. Ashley is right, it’s not hard at all! My husband and father built our table and two benches in a weekend. Stain and varnish took another two days and then we let it cure for a week since it was July in the South with ridiculous humidity. 🙂

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