Out of Curiosity:: Two Twin Beds In A Guest Bedroom?

Do you remember several months ago me talking about a really stubborn client I had? I introduced you to her here, and followed up on our progress here.

Well, she’s finally ready to admit that her upstairs guest bedroom is in need of some attention, so I’m here to the rescue! I’ll share more details about the room with you as I get started, and as my plan comes together, but for now, let’s talk about beds in guest bedrooms.

Right now, she has a queen size four-poster bed in the bedroom. It’s a beautiful bed, but it’s just so big, and the bedroom, well…isn’t. But she also has two twin beds available for use in the bedroom. I’m quite liking the idea, and I think they could be configured in such a way that would really open up the room. Plus, I think that two twin beds, as opposed to one queen bed, could be more versatile.

So tell me what you think….



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  1. Twin beds CAN be put together to form a king size bed. That's what we're planning to do with a rental property we have started working on. It's used only in the summer, and we're trying to allow as much flexibility as possible in each bedroom. So twin beds-that-can-be-turned-into-a-king in the biggest room (with a 3rd twin tucked in as well) and a trundle bed in the smallest one.

  2. That's a good question, Valerie. I'm such a stickler for symmetry that non-matching headboards would drive me absolutely batty…I think. I'd have to see it before I know if I could live with it.