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Last Updated on December 25, 2015 by Kristi Linauer

It’s not often that I write about something that doesn’t fit neatly into the topics of decorating/DIY or blogging, but when the opportunity presented itself for me to test out and review a product called Norton Identity Safe password manager, I jumped at the chance.

Jumped, I tell you!

It couldn’t have come at a better time. Seriously.

Just the week before I heard about Norton Identity Safe, I had an incredibly frustrating experience with my email account. For some reason, my email provider has started logging me out of my account at random times. I can be in the middle of sending an email, and I’ll get a notice that my login has expired, and it’ll log me out.

So a few days ago, it logged me out, and required me to log back in. The problem was that I couldn’t remember my password. I kept trying every password I could think of — bank accounts, PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. The list goes on and on. None of them worked. I finally gave up, and clicked on the “reset password” button. Then I jumped through all of the hoops to reset my password.

Two days later, I got logged out of my email again. And of course, I couldn’t remember my new password. More frustration, more wrong passwords, more irritating word verifications, and another password reset.

It’s all too much, isn’t it?

Take a second and think about all of the online passwords you have to remember. How do you do it? Do you have them written down on sticky notes on your computer? That’s definitely not safe. Do you use the same password for every single account? That’s about the worst thing you can do!

Do you keep your passwords as short and simple as possible? I used to do that until I woke up one morning and realized that while I was sleeping, every single person in my address book had received an email from me (or at least, from my email account) about the latest miracle-working pharmaceutical breakthrough, with a convenient link in case they wanted to purchase it. Yep, hackers love those short and simple passwords.

Norton Identity Safe makes it all so simple!

So two days ago, I installed Norton Identity Safe on my computer, and started filling it up with all of my usernames and passwords.

And after two days of using this product, I’m seriously wondering how I lived without it for so long. It’s amazing!!

Now when I go to a site that requires a username and password, Norton Identity Safe does it all for me. I don’t have to remember a thing.

Well, actually there is one thing I have to remember. I have to remember one password — only one — to get into my Norton Identity Safe. But I’m pretty sure I can remember one password.

It’s not just for passwords!

Norton Identity Safe doesn’t only remember usernames and passwords. It’ll also store all of that info for forms that you’re continually having to fill out all over the internet — name, address, phone number, credit card info, etc. That’s incredibly handy!

Oh, and there’s also a place for notes. Need to make yourself a note about something important? Create a note in your Norton Identity Safe, and you won’t misplace it!

Don’t you want to try it?!

I know you’re anxious to try it for yourself now, right? And you’re probably expecting me to tell you that you have to pay to download it, or pay a monthly fee to use it, right?
Well, actually, you can download it and use it for free. FREE! I kid you not! Download it by October 1, 2012, and it’s free. But really, I can’t imagine why you’d wait that long. I’m sure you’ll want to download and use Norton Identity Safe as soon as possible!

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Don’t miss out! Share your story!

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