Trying To Figure Out My Big, Blank Wall

Yesterday, I just wasn’t in the mood to work on baseboards or door casings, so I decided to do a fun project. I was determined to figure out the arrangement for the one big, blank wall in the studio. Spoiler alert: I didn’t figure it out, and I didn’t get it finished. But I did make some progress that might make it easier for me to decide exactly what I want to do. Let me explain.

A couple of months ago, I purchased this huge, colorful, erasable wall calendar from Kaleidoscope Living. And when I say it’s huge, I mean it’s HUGE. Each month is 16″ x 20″, so if you hang all 12 at one time, the whole calendar will take up a very large area of wall. And yes, I do want to hang all 12 months at the same time. I love the impact of seeing all 12 together.

The calendar is printed on some pretty thick paper, but I wanted mine to be more rigid than that. So I purchased 12 pieces of white foam core board at Michael’s, along with some photo mount spray adhesive, and I got busy.

This is the spray I used.

I sprayed two coats of adhesive onto the foam core board, let it dry for a couple of minutes, and then carefully pressed the calendar to the foam core board.

You can see how much thickness the foam core board added, but it is styrofoam, so it’s very easy to cut.

Using a metal straight edge and a brand new razor blade in my utility knife, I began cutting away the excess foam core board.

I went through three razor blades to do all 12 months because I wanted these super clean cuts. I didn’t want to take a chance at the blade getting dull and tearing the foam core board. But as long as the blade was new and sharp, the cuts were clean and easy.

After I got all 12 mounted and trimmed, I added four 3M foam sticky squares to the backs of each month.

And that’s as far as I got. I thought I had a plan, but then I realized that I didn’t like my plan at all. My original plan included a 55-inch TV centered on that wall between the front of the mural wall cabinets and the door casing (which hasn’t been installed yet) on the right. I haven’t bought the TV yet, but this is what a 55-inch TV would look like on that wall.

With the TV in the middle, I then planned to split the calendar into two sections with six months on each side of the TV. But the more I thought about it and pictured it in my mind, the more I wasn’t sold on that plan.

And then I wondered if I even need a TV in this room. Back when I was planning the room (way before the drywall even went up, which was several years ago), I planned for a TV on this wall, which is why there’s an outlet right there in the middle. But I just don’t watch much TV anymore. I listen to podcasts and YouTube videos just about all day long as I’m working. So now I’m second-guessing my plan to put a TV in here at all.

So because I don’t really watch TV at all during the day, and I don’t really have a need for it in here, plus the fact that I can’t figure out how to work it into the wall design, means that I’ll probably just forgo the TV altogether. But then that leaves the outlet that I have to work around. The position of that outlet makes it very difficult to center the calendar on the wall.

So now I’m considering something like this arrangement, with the calendar offset on the right side, and some shelves on the left to balance things out. (Note: I don’t have two calendars. The one “hanging” on the wall is a copy and paste from the Kaleidoscope Living product listing, which is why there are two random plants along the bottom. 😀 The ones lined up on the floor are the real ones that are actually sitting in my studio right now.)

Out of the options that I’ve considered for this wall, this one is my favorite so far. But as usual, I’m open to ideas. If not shelves, what else? I’ve decided not to use my Spoonflower color chart, either. At least, I think I’ve decided that. It seem to be bordering on square/rectangle overload with the calendar, the paint swatch cabinet to the right of the door, and then the color swatch chart. So I’m needing some other ideas.



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  1. Would it work to hang the spoonflower color chart where the landscape plan is and hang the landscape poster to the left of the calendars? Perhaps put the calendars on the left and the landscape poster on the right?
    What about using picture ledges — then you could change artwork whenever you liked!

    1. I, too, thought about using picture ledges. In fact, I thought the last picture was a mockup using them! LOL!

    1. I don’t plan on it. It’s actually in a very convenient place to use with my work tables. Plus, all I could really do is remove the outlet and place a full cover over the junction box, so it would still be visible, and would still stick out some from the wall. I can’t remove the junction box or drywall over it since it’s a violation of building code (and very dangerous) to have wires connected behind drywall. So I either have to live with the outlet, or live with a junction box cover. Those are the only two options. I’d rather keep the outlet.

  2. The room is really coming together!! That is a very cool calendar idea! Are they dry erasable? If not, can you put something clear on the tops? I like how you have them in a grid, but as a vertically challenged senior, I would be concerned about reaching up or bending to write on or see the calendar. What about a straight line across the middle covering the outlet with shelves on top? I’m not sure of the outlet height.

    1. They’re so big that the wall actually isn’t long enough to have them all in a straight line. And that’s a pretty long wall, too! 😀 It’s just a very big calendar.

      You’re supposed to use chalk pens on them, and they’ll wipe clean.

      1. You could use plexi over the calendars in whatever layout you decide and use beautiful gold fasteners to attach it to the wall to make them more decorative/art-like. Then you could just write on the plexi like a white board.

  3. I LOVE the calendar but that plus the shelves feels just a little crowded to me… Would two rows of six calendars work for spacing (and covering up the outlet)?

  4. I love all your choices so far, but I do think that maybe some gold leafed trim
    along the front of those shelves may bring in some brightness over there? Also I do
    like the idea of as mentioned by another poster above, of swapping your landscape
    print to this big wall, it would give an random organic flow, to break up some of the
    rigid lines? If that makes any sense? LOL I ramble. I just love all the color!

  5. Isn’t it a “function over form” decision if you are going to write on the calendar? If you place it on the wall with the top row too high to reach for not-very-tall you, are you up for standing on something to do it? I would think that would be a pain in the neck—literally.

  6. I just watched Rinske Douna do a glorious botanical painting on YouTube. It is painted with awesome large curving swaths of paint that would definitely balance some of those rectangles. You could do a similar thing as a wall treatment beside the calendars and leave it as a feature or attach shelves onto it. Moshe has done many of these paintings in various colourways for inspiration.

    1. I love this. I immediately thought that a large, hand painted arrangement of some of the flowers in your wallpaper would be a beautiful counterbalance to the calendar grid.

  7. What about two rows of calendars (and I love another poster’s suggested of putting gold foil trim on them!) at heights that are convenient for use (if you plan to actually use them). And do an artwork above them which features circles/curves? I’m imagining something that has a flowing movement/shape to it, like an asymmetrical (but balanced!) collage of plates/mirrors/embroidery hoops. Something that could bring in a natural wood would be nice with all the painted finishes in the room.

  8. I would put a smaller TV to the side of the calendars and set it up with a cable that hooks to your laptop as well as a DVD player. That way you can be working anywhere in the room and be able to see the podcast or YT from anywhere in the room. I have lots of How-to videos but can’t actually do the stuff and watch a laptop at the same time. This was my answer.
    BTW, I’m assuming that the calendar is erasable? You can get clear contact paper that can be used like a whiteboard or spray it with polyurethane?

    1. If a smart TV is purchased (like a Roku TV), YouTube is an app on the TV itself. So you just sign in and all the YouTube channels you are subscribed to are right there. Just click on the one you want to watch/listen to and it’s visible from anywhere in the room. A cleverly placed sound system allows it to be heard from all corners as well. There are ways to use TV’s for online meetings also, which could be helpful if you ever wanted to remote meet with a contractor to discuss plans.
      I would keep the TV in the room if it were me.

      1. I was going to say the same thing, about using a smart TV, and having it function as a monitor. If you ever decide to go back to the decorating business, a large TV screen will be the perfect place to show your project boards and plans. Looking very pretty – I love the bunches of colors on all the walls.

  9. My thought is center the calendars, divide 6 months on each side of the outlet and put a wall sconce in the outlet area. Something long and narrow in gold tone.
    The shelves seems too much for me with everything else going on in the room.

  10. Just wondered if keeping a TV in the plan would be potentially beneficial down the road if you ever decide to hold any classes.

  11. When we moved into our new build apartment all the rooms have a TV outlet. I have actually hung pictures over the outlet, using two picture hooks near the corners to avoid a nail in the wiring.

  12. I think the TV will have more potential use than you realize. You can stream YouTube from your laptop using Chromecast or YouTube app on your TV or Roku etc. You’ll be able to review videos for your blog before you upload them. You can follow along with classes for a group or just yourself. (I see your studio as a room where you could give art, sewing, jewelry etc. classes.)

  13. I’ve always liked workroom with tools accessible. Have you thought about decorating with your tools? T squares, jigs, etc and having outlines for those items?

    My friend did jewelry making
    and she has a lattice board to hang her pretty necklaces, bracelet, earrings, etc. for display.

    Just some thoughts around practicality and inspiration.

  14. Shelves look like they could box you into that far corner, no matter how much (or little) they jut out. Whatever you do to accompany your calendar, I vote for something flat’ish and round-edged — except for your flower wall and the slant of the ceiling, it’s a very linear space. The jewelry-display idea is interesting.

  15. Personally, I think you should keep the TV as a possibility. My TV is probably used to watch YouTube videos more than anything else! It’s a pleasure to be able to view it from anywhere in the room, using the remote to rewind if I happened to miss something. I love the calendar in the more vertical orientation next to the door. It seems like there would still be space for a TV, admittedly not centered on the wall.
    I would not put anything above the TV. I’d use the top of the door trim as the high tide line and not hang anything above that. At least for now, I’d let that be breathing space. I can see a shelf below the TV for the remote, maybe a sound bar (for those podcasts or music) and a jar of pens and an eraser for your calendar.

  16. I do a lot more podcasts & YouTube’s also. I have discovered that I do enjoy running them on my Smart tv for the following reasons: I can mindlessly continue tasks without earbuds, I can occasionally look up & follow along when it has some important “how to” element if it’s cooking, DIY, art project or perhaps speaker or slide of interest. Perhaps get a smaller tv, mount on the side with something else above or below if you have an interest in this also.

  17. Might you someday want a TV screen for teaching, inspiration, studio events, watching YouTubes, programming photos and art to show?

  18. A huge, round, graphic clock on the calendar wall would be a great way to add a bit of curve to all your linears…

    1. Yes, or if a clock is not needed, a large circular mirror to bounce the light around a bit.

      YHWH Bless You : )

  19. I love the calendar. I also agree that the room is bordering on too many squares.

    Would you use a planning/drawing board? Dry erase, green/black board? What colors of chalk paint are available?

    Or perhaps a space to display some of your projects?

    I know you will make it beautiful.

  20. I’m another one in the “love watching my YouTube videos on my TV” camp 😅. It allows me to watch thing easily from where I am working without having to endanger my laptop. lol I have learnt the hard way having a smart tv that listens to my spoken instructions doesn’t get paint/resin/spilt on it.

    1. Plus one more! We recently moved and bought a smart tv with a dedicated YouTube channel. We used to only use a tv once a week on Friday nights to watch a movie, but now my husband watches YouTube every night. It’s very convenient, in other words 😉.

  21. If you do decide on a TV in the room, Samunghas a line called “the frame” and it allows you to show artwork when you aren’t watching it. Might be a nice idea on this wall. It comes as small was 43″ and as large as 85″. I agree with many of the commenters of watching YouTube videos on TV. I do it all the time.

  22. Most smart TVs do have the YouTube video app on there.
    No reason you couldn’t keep it set up and a weather app of your choice for your area on there for easy visuals.
    You can also have music streaming or just background scenes for large gatherings or to act as a virtual window on the wall. I found plenty of 8-12 hour video scenes on YouTube.

  23. I think you need more white space to rest your eyes in your colorful studio. I would cover the outlet with a flat cover, paint it with the same wall color, and then ignore it. And then I would hang the calendar in two rows 6 over 6 centered on the wall. It would fill the space without needing more.

    1. I like Rachel’s idea of more white space. I don’t know the ins and outs of electronics but I know you can utilize the white space using a ceiling mounted projector and a remote controlled screen for your tv needs. You can even project on to the wall without a screen, I just don’t know if the picture would be as crisp. I would use a paintable outlet cover that is solid except for the slots. It will disappear but you would be able to use it as needed. I like the two rows of six calendars centered on the wall at a functional height.

  24. I think a covered project/inspiration board (used with pushpins, etc.) would be so nice on this wall, either a large one to fill that part of the wall by itself, or a smaller one that shares the space with a TV (or maybe even as a frame around a TV). These are easy to make a custom size. Not sure how you feel about a controlled space with random things attached–could look a little messy or busy–but it might soften all the straight lines.

    In any case, I know what you decide on will be lovely.

  25. One thought I had re the TV – would you possibly be doing any teaching sessions that might use a TV/video display in the future? Something to consider.

  26. The tv would give you an opportunity to show clients your ideas on an easy to view screen opposed to a computer screen.

  27. I would keep the tv up there. You can watch so many channels. I’m not a big tv watcher, not much, but you can watch pbs, prime amazon, YouTube, tons of channels, hgtv, etc.

  28. Maybe just have 6 months at a time on display on picture ledges: the current month and then the following 5? The other 6 can be behind them and you just swap them around at the end of the month (like the old desktop calendars they used to have in banks where they changed the wooden blocks to show the right day/date). That way you can see the next 6 months in order (so if it was October, you could see Oct-Nov-Dec-Jan-Feb-Mar) and it doesn’t take up as much wall space as all 12 would.

    1. Or even just 3 months. We have calendars at work that are last month, this month, and next month. Plus, in November and January, do you erase the beginning of the year and start having room for next year? I guess the main question is: is this for decoration and will never be filled in, or will you actually be using the calendars to life plan and put in deadlines and activities? If the latter, you need to be able to reach it and use it.

  29. You could display the calendar on those floating shelves. That way, all twelve could be on the wall at the same time while being easily accessible to you. You could just take down whatever month you want to write on whenever you like. I would definitely keep the tv. If there are a lot of squares and rectangles in your studio…so be it! It’s gorgeous!

    1. I think this idea – calendar on the picture ledges – is super smart! I think I’d be way more apt to use them if I could take them down and write it all horizontally.

      I too would try and keep a tv, although I wouldn’t center it on the wall if you can’t fit the grid of calendars on the one side all together. As you are looking at it, I would keep the calendars on picture ledges on the right hand side (like the last picture). Then TV in the middle, off center to the left if it has to be to keep the calendars together. Then to fill the space on the far left I would do a large bulletin board – use it for a vision board or project board (or one for a while then another for a while). I make large bulletin boards out of 8ft x 4ft sheets of homasote covered with fabric and I LOVE them.

  30. You could hang the calendar in a circle like a clock face and put the color chart in the middle of it would fit. That would take up a lot of wall space and not be square 😀

  31. I have a large TV mounted in my office.
    I watch YouTube on it or display tons of art offered through YouTube (free) most of it comes with somesort of music track.
    I can also browse the internet on my TV – I can still work at my desktop while having the option of music, documentaries and whatever else seems worth my time 🙂 I love the 55″ screen (probably because I’m older haha) 🙂

  32. I would definitely keep the tv. Smart tvs are multipurpose (YouTube, music, movies, computer screen, etc.) And I’d be sure you get one that’s fairly large. Your room and that wall are BIG so you don’t want it to look puny and out of scale. Someone suggested using the calendar squares in a way that can be rotated and I think that’s a great idea. It’s quite possible you’ll decide you need to move them around based on how you end up using them. And from personal experience, I know that what you think you’ll do now often ends up not what actually happens.

  33. Do you have an area in your home that you display family photos? This could be a good spot to do a gallery.

  34. I know you think you won’t use the tv but if you watch YouTube videos it could be useful to have those cast onto 55 inches. My brother had a tv mounted in his garage workshop for just that reason. It’s a great way to watch the video and work at the same time without having to stare at a small screen

  35. I think a TV might still be a good choice. You can watch YouTube on the TV and plug in a laptop if need be for a really large display. If you ever decide to have clients again then it might be useful.