No Sew Fabric Pocket Wall Organizer

If you love simple, pretty, and practical projects, then this no-sew fabric pocket wall organizer from Abernathy Crafts is just for you! There’s no sewing required, and each one will only take a few minutes of your time to put together.

Brilliant, right? The possibilities of fabric combinations are endless!

See the details of this project at Abernathy Crafts.

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  1. Yleihs says

    You are such a genius. I am a DIYer, repurposed, recycler myself but your ideas just blew me away. I can’t wait to do some of your projects for myself! Great job! Thanks for sharing all your projects and ideas.

  2. Norka Mora says

    Hi! when i click in the link to see details of this project at Abernathy Crafts it takes me again to this same page. I think its broken and i really wanted to see the details. Can you fix it? Thank you!

  3. lisa says

    you do know that the link for the project is not working…..
    just an FYI………

    Great , easy project tho. thanks for sharing.

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