Painted & Stenciled Plywood Subfloor

Are you tired of your carpet, but don’t have the budget for hardwood floors? Not to worry! Carrie at Lovely Etc. has proven that you can still have fabulous floors. She painstakingly sanded, primed, painted, and stenciled her plywood subfloor. Hard work? Indeed! But the result is nothing short of stunning!

Amazing, right? And it really is plywood subfloor. Here’s how it started out (after she pulled up the carpet and all of the tack strips)…

If you want to see more pictures, be sure to visit Lovely Etc., where Carrie also shares the steps that she took to transform her floor from bare plywood to a work of art.

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  1. says

    Thanks for posting this! I just went to Lovely etc. and read her post on painting this floor. I have been contemplating painting my floors for months now and I am about to take the plunge. The more examples of painted floors I see, the more I like the idea. It is sooo much cheaper than hardwood or carpet, too.

  2. Nany MacDonald says

    Hi Kristi,
    Gorgeous floor! I am going to paint my first sub-floor in the next few weeks. It will be in my home office. Wondering how your floor is holding up? I will be rolling a desk chair around on it. Any suggestions? I won’t be making it as spectacular as yours. I would be thrilled if I could manage to paint a nice border.
    Thanks for sharing your awesome talents with us!

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