A Look At Our New Home Gym Flooring (FLOR Carpet Tiles)

I generally don’t have time on Wednesdays to work on any home projects at all, but our boxes of FLOR carpet tiles for the home gym were delivered yesterday, and I was so anxious to see what they were going to look like. After all, I didn’t want any more delays on finishing the home gym, so instead of ordering samples, pondering the options, sharing the options with you, wrestling over a decision, procrastinating because I’m stuck between two or three options, and then finally selecting an in-hand sample, I just went on the website, picked the one I thought would work the best, and ordered enough for the room. Yikes! 😀 It was a risk, but that risk paid off!

We host a group from our church every Wednesday, and about 15 minutes after everyone got here, the UPS guy delivered the flooring. Y’all have no idea how much I wanted to tear into those boxes right then and there! I managed to exercise some self-control and wait. But as soon as everyone left last night, I dragged those boxes inside, cut them open, grabbed some tiles out of the box, and headed to the gym. I was so anxious to see what they were going to look like!

As soon as I moved my rebounder out of the way, it became obvious that the original foam floor mats that I had chosen were just not what I needed. And while I had still considered keeping them as a carpet padding and putting the FLOR tiles over it, seeing the deep dents left behind by my rebounder made that decision pretty easy. I’d be better off taking up the foam floor mats and putting the FLOR carpet tiles directly over the hardwood floor.

After I got the rebounder out of the way and threw a few tiles onto the floor, the first and most obvious thing that struck me was how black they are. Wow! I thought the original foam floor tiles were dark and black, but they look so washed out and dull compared to the FLOR tiles. I love the richness and depth of color of the FLOR tiles! But I also love that they’re not a solid black. They have small stripes that gives them some visual interest and subtle variation.

The style I chose is called Rush Street in the color Black, and they’re meant to be installed in this parquet pattern.

I really love the ways these look! I was hoping to get them installed properly today, but evidently I haven’t yet received the FLORdots that are supposed to come with each order. Those are the sticky tape circles that you put on the corners to connect four FLOR tiles together at each corner. My order consists of five boxes, and so far I’ve only received three. Hopefully I’ll get the FLORdots in the two boxes that will be delivered today. Until I receive those, I can’t really install the carpet squares properly.

I was very anxious to get up this morning and see what the black tiles look like in the daylight. Unfortunately, we don’t really have much light today (it’s very overcast today and looks like it’s about to rain), but there was enough light to see how amazing these tiles look!

I really love that subtle striped design, and the parquet layout that they suggest to use with this design. And I still can’t get over how much darker and richer these are compared to the original foam floor mats.

Each FLOR tile has a directional arrow on the back so that you know which direction to lay the tile. There’s no guess work at all with these, and they fit together perfectly.

And while the tiles are thin (which will be great for Matt maneuvering his wheelchair over them), they feel very substantial and durable.

Time will tell how these hold up to our daily use, but I feel very confident that they’ll work out just fine. And they’ve already far surpassed the foam gym floor tiles. There’s just no comparison between the two (which is why FLOR tiles cost many times more than the foam floor tiles 😀 , but you get what you pay for).

We also received our Swedish ladder yesterday, so just as soon as I can get the carpet tiles installed, I can install that as well. Then I just have a few more projects to do in the room before I can call this room finished.



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  1. I totally understand the desire to put those tiles down even while you had company!!! They look fab, and the article on the water rower was great! THANKS!

  2. oh dang. I had posted about using horse stall rubber mats in our home gym… These are making me really want to put these tiles over our rubber mats. They look so good and they seem like they’ll be easier to keep clean!

  3. Wow! The FLOR tiles color is so much richer and deeper than the rubber mats! It looks so much better with the colorful stripes on the walls, and the contrast really brings out those colors. This is going to be one cheerful workout room! Looking forward to seeing it completed.

  4. The deeper color of the new carpet tiles looks so much better than the foam tiles! Looks like more of a neutral to me than the foams “black” which really is a grey in comparison. Hoping the rest arrive today and you can mix them up just in case there’s a difference. 😉

  5. Kristi I think you are going to love your new carpet tiles. I have them in my sewing room and have fallen in love with them. I’ve had mine for about 5.5 years now and they have held up very well. Unfortunately mine are mostly white with different values of gray throughout. I have a cat and dog and unfortunately they have found their way into this room to do their business a few times. Even though I cleaned the tile with my green machine they still were stained. So I purchased two extra boxes so I could replace them when I’ve needed to. I also wanted extra so that I could keep them in the same dye lot and to be safe incase they discontinued my pattern. The squares I pulled up came out without a problem and the new ones went right back down. I did need to replace the dots with new ones when I did this.

  6. Cheers for the Flor tiles. I wondered why you didn’t go with these first since fitness centers use them but you must have weighed the cost and chosen the foam. I, too, used foam tiles in my very damp, cold Ohio home in my craft room and it was perfect for that application. But the Flor tiles you chose are a 100% winner!!!

  7. Love the new carpet squares! I was never in love with the first choice and I’m glad that wasn’t expensive so you could pivot and get something that’s a better fit for you in many ways!

  8. The colours on the walls look so much richer with the darker flooring. The new floor tiles make all the work of taping and painting the walls worth the effort.

  9. Shoot, I guess I’m too late! I found out the place I’d mentioned in a previous post. It’s called RUBBER FLOORING INC. and they have tons of different flooring, even commercial rubber floors for gyms and such!!! They have an offer of 28% off when the page opens. But if you like the FLOR product, and it works well, that will be great. They both come in squares and can be replaced easily. I have a feeling the gym flooring would be better, but it’s your home and money. The FLOR squares are better looking than your other ones! The kind I found also is nicer looking in my opinion.

  10. We’ve used Flor tiles in several high traffic areas and they are incredibly durable. I think we’ve only ever had 1 tile show any damage. Seems like you’ve made a super smart choice for your space. (looks great too!)

  11. They look SO nice, and now you will have the option to change out a few if they become damaged or stained. They look like they will hold up SO much better than the foam…looking at that dent from your machine…oh boy…how long before that gets punctured! I think you did great with the choice! A few more days and THAT will be done as well. Can’t wait to see how Matt’s area turns out and how he likes it. You guys will be able to spend time together in that awesome room very soon. Wonderful for both of you.

  12. The floor looks great. Hope you get the other boxes and the dots soon so you can get the floor finished. The darker floor looks so good against the walls. I know you are excited to get everything all finished in that room and on to the next room.

    Your blog is the only one I have ever read, and I enjoy it so much. Thank you for your time.

  13. My Flor tiles are 10 years old and look brand new. I think this floor will tie in with your black door and ceiling light nicely! (For others: Flor tile is super easy and fun to install – you cut them with a utility knife and straight edge. If you can measure, you can install them.)

  14. By the way, I bought the Eufy robot vacuum you recommended and I love it! Our carpets have never been so clean — love that feeling of getting housework done while sleeping.

  15. Love the look of those Flor tiles–a much better choice! I know you were worried about your dog’s toenails, but I gotta say, our CAT is a far greater threat to those foam tiles. We have them installed in front of the workbench in our garage and every time the door is open, our cat will sneak inside to ‘scritch’ his toenails in the foam. They are in a place where looks don’t matter and he doesn’t usually have access, but nonetheless, he has done a number on them!

  16. Looks great! You might keep the foam tiles to create some cushion in “standing spots”. Will you be doing any floor aerobics or yoga? The tiles might be great to create a cushion “area rug” for those activities. They could also make a great anti-fatigue mat at key spots when you get your workshop set up. If those don’t sound like options I’m sure a daycare or nursery would love to have them for the crawler rooms.