Home Gym Status & Closet Wall Decision

I heading towards the finish line on our home gym, although if you were to see the room today (which I’m about to show you), you would never think this room is near completion. Let’s just say that over the last three days or so, the room looks like a tornado went through it.

I still haven’t installed the Swedish ladder, so it’s taking up a whole lot of floor space. Then I had to buy some trim and bring it in. There’s remnants from the closet flooring project, and the dresser makeover project. It’s a mess, but I’ll get it cleaned up today. I have to because Matt needs to have access to the bathroom tomorrow morning, and through our home gym is the only access to the bathroom right now.

I had ordered four frames from Michael’s to go with the two that I purchased in the store so that I could hang six prints on the long wall to the right just inside the door. The four frames arrived, and all four were broken or damaged. The glass was broken on two of them, the frames were broken on three, and the fourth frame didn’t have corner protectors on it, so while it didn’t break in transit, the corners were all banged up. I think if I mix and match the pieces, I can salvage one whole frame with glass and mat, and that’s only if I’m willing to wood glue one of the broken frames back together. So that was incredibly disappointing.

The plywood cutout that I ordered for the opposite wall is supposed to be here today. Hopefully, it will arrive in one piece.

I spent a lot of time reading through all of your comments on yesterday’s post, and coming up with a plan for the closet area. And I have one! I think it’s a very solid plan, but it wasn’t any of the three that I proposed. It’s actually a different plan that many of you suggested, and that I hadn’t even considered. That’s why I love crowdsourcing for ideas! 😀

The plan is to paint the whole closet — side walls, main wall, and maybe even the ceiling — a solid color, but not a color selected from the strips in the main part of the room. It’ll be a different solid color that may of you suggested.

So I headed to Home Depot to pick out a paint color based on the suggestion that many of you gave me, and I ended up with Limousine Leather. Yep, that’s right. It’s black. Actually, it’s blacker than black. Literally.

I had narrowed it down to Black and Limousine Leather, and I asked the guy at the paint desk if he could tell me the difference between the formulas for the two colors because they looked so similar. He said the difference is that Limousine Leather has more black in it than Black. 😀 I thought that seemed a little ironic, but there it is. Limousine Leather is blacker than Black.

But before I could paint, I had to get in there and do some sanding. Since I had taped off and painted stripes on the side walls, I couldn’t just paint right over those because the taped off areas (i.e., the tiny white stripes) would show under a solid coat of paint. So before painting, I had to sand those smooth. I made quite the mess, as you can see from the carpet, but I have full confidence that all of that will vacuum up easily.

And also before painting, I had to install the ceiling lights. I still had to cut the holes in the drywall for the lights, so creating drywall dust absolutely had to be done before painting the walls black. Could you even imagine the mess if I had painted first, and then created drywall dust right next to a newly painted black wall? Anyway, I’m glad to finally have these lights installed!

Here’s what the lights look like when they’re on, at least for now. I’m sure painting the walls black will have an effect on how bright those lights look.

So that’s as far as I got yesterday. You’ll have to check in on Monday to see how this looks once it’s all painted. I think it’ll look great! It’s the only solid color that made any sense to me, and I’m so glad that so many of you suggested it. That teal didn’t work for me at all, and it’s the only one of the stripe colors that I could imagine using in such a large quantity. But the black just seemed to work in my mind. I sure hope it turns out as great in real life as it looks in my mind! 😀



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  1. I’m curious, will the closet lights be on a dimmer? Do you put most of your lights on dimmers? Just seems to expand options for uses & ambiance of rooms.

  2. Although I was on team wallpaper, I think the dark black will look great, especially since it will be darker than the floor. This past week has also been a great experiment to see how well the new floor holds up and how easy or difficult to clean. Looking forward to seeing the black and looking forward to seeing it complete with all accessories!

  3. I didn’t get a chance to reply yesterday but the all black decision would have been my choice too. We painted the interior of a built in tv cabinet all black and we’re very pleased with the look. I wonder how that wall would look with the trim surrounding the closet painted to look like walnut wood. I think it would be nice to tie that trim into your black/walnut theme.

  4. Glad you liked the black idea, I think it will look great, especially when you hang the neon light (and it’s very fitting of a gamer’s space, too). Just make sure it’s a black that matches your carpet (that’s why I suggested blackboard black, for its’ texture)!

    Though I’m not sure if black can clash with black the way other colours can, is this actually a thing?

    What will you do about the legs of the drawer chest?

      1. I don’t think I commented on the new legs, but was going to say I liked the previous base better, but would have put an angle on the legs, so they didn’t look like a 2×4 chunk of wood. Glad you chose black for the closet, I think it will be awesome, esp. with a neon light on there! Just like a commercial game room! If he needs more light, some tape lights would be fun too!

  5. OOOOhhhhh! I love the idea of that neon light against the black! I mean I am just all too excited to see this all set up!

  6. I like your willingness to experiment with dramatic ideas. I’m wondering if the closet will look like a black hole, if the dresser will disappear into the back wall and if the carpet will look faded. I’m anxious to see how it looks and paint can easily be changed.

  7. I love that you take us on the full journey of the projects you create. I love the black paint idea and I’m trying to picture how the dresser and shelves will look. Probably, it will be amazing

  8. Glad you chose to go with the black Kristi! Can’t wait to see it all put together. Thanks for including us on your journey! You are a true inspiration 😊

  9. Great idea can’t wait to see it. Also I think that black is a better background for TV watching than bright colors.

  10. If you don’t mind, Kristi, when you cut the ceiling drywall, how did you install the lights? Were these lights you already had on hand, or inexpensive ones you purchased? It’s actually my favorite part of your post, believe it or not.

    I do not mind if you post a link to “How I Install My Ceiling Lights.”