A Much Better Use For My New Favorite Fabric

Yesterday morning, I was determined that I was going to use my new favorite fabric on my desk chair in the studio. This is the fabric I’m talking about — this amazing velvet stripe from Kovi Fabrics.

But then I had lunch with my mom yesterday. 😀 Our lunches last for four hours, so we have plenty of time to talk about a lot of topics. If I’m in the middle of a design decision, that will always come up at some point. And as I was sharing my idea of using that fabric on the desk chair, I thought to myself (and shared out loud) that it kind of felt like a mistake to use such an incredible fabric on a chair in my studio. After all, I’m hoping that I’ll eventually have three new rooms to decorate (a family room, laundry room, and master bedroom), and that fabric seems more fitting to use in a prominent place in one of those room.

At first, I thought about using it on an ottoman or a chair in the family room. Then I thought that if I go through with the plan to turn our front living room into a dining room (after the addition is built), that fabric would be beautiful on dining chairs. I could do two captains chairs in that fabric, with coordinating fabric on the others. Or I could use it in the breakfast room (when I turn that room back into a breakfast room). The possibilities are endless.

And then last night, as I was standing at the vanity in our bathroom, slathering my face with castor oil 😀 and getting ready for bed, I was admiring the reflection of the beautiful mural behind the bathtub in the mirror. That bathroom has been finished for about 18 months now, and I still love to stare at that mural.

Then it dawned on me. Those colors! Look at those colors! They are the perfect complement to the colors in that gorgeous fabric!

It’s not a perfect match, but it doesn’t need to be. I’m not planning on using it in the bathroom. But what about our future bedroom?! Wouldn’t this be an amazing fabric to use as a jumping off point for our future bedroom?

I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind, so I got up early this morning and started dreaming about the possibilities. And then I started doing a little mock up to see what I could quickly come up with. My thoughts immediately went to using the fabric on an upholstered headboard, and possibly even a whole upholstered bed. And I’ve been dreaming of having a bedroom with teal walls (because, of course I have). So with those two details in place, I started filling in the details, and about 45 minutes later, this is what I had…

I borrowed some cream linen draperies from Pottery Barn, some natural wood bedside tables from Home Depot, some lamps from Lamps Plus, an olive tree from Amazon, a rug from Ruggable, and a camelback upholstered bed from The Inside. This was the very first time I’ve given any thought at all to what our bedroom might look like, and it’s the very first time I’ve put any ideas together. So this might just be a first very rough draft, and what what I end up with when we finally do have a bedroom might be drastically different from this. But what I’m about 99.9% sure about is that that amazing fabric needs to be used in a prominent place in our future bedroom.

So I’m going to save this fabric for a much more prominent and special place in the future. But I’m also not going to go with a green chair in the studio. I just wasn’t thrilled with any of the green fabrics, and quite honestly, once I saw the greens, I realized that I wasn’t really excited about the idea of a green desk chair at all. But my mom and I came up with a pretty great alternative. I’m going to go ahead and order new fabric, and I’ll share those details once I start on that project.



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  1. Please tell me you are going to order up your mural pattern in velvet from Spoonflower to do your chair.

  2. It is a beautiful fabric so good for you for coming up with another way to use it.
    Look forward to seeing the completed chair and eventually whole new desk area.

  3. I wonder if a gold velvet would work on the desk chair. Perhaps you could even skin a vintage piece that would cost less than buying new? Or maybe even find some velvet curtains on sale and use them to upholster.

  4. That striped fabric is just so YOU, Kristi! It includes all your favorite colors and ties together just about everything in your home. Now I can’t wait to see what you do for your studio chair, lol. After thinking about it, have you decided whether you want to do the pendant light over your desk in rainbow layers, or an hombre style in your favorite color? I personally would love to see the hombre in teal, just sayin’.

  5. Yes, as you say, that fabric is meant for grander things. I would hope visitors would be able to see it too, that is, used in a common area like your family room. Or on dining chairs. OR😉?
    Keep those creative juices flowing. As for the office chair: the green swatches didn’t talk to me, so I will wait to see what else you have found.

  6. Oh, my gosh, that future bedroom is divine. LOVE all the colors and the lamps just pop! I can’t wait to see what you’ve chosen for your office chair.

    1. I used Canva to remove all of the backgrounds from the items I wanted to use (they have a one-click background remover, which is super handy), and then I used my photo editing software, Paintshop Pro, to layer all of the items into one photo. For the bed, I just pasted the fabric over the image of the bed, and the erased the areas of the fabric image that were outside the lines of the headboard and upholstered bed. I’m not sure if I’m explaining that very well. 😀

  7. I loved the bed in that fabric, but……. will it still be around by then. Maybe you should buy some and have it on hand!

  8. I tried reading yesterdays’ post on my old Kindle (before bed) but all the ads kept making the page freeze up, so I wasn’t able to make a reply. But I LOVE your idea for the bedroom! I had planned on mentioning that the gold stripe in that fabric drew my eye to the gold on the cabinets. So I thought why not gold paired with the stripe for the chair? Now that you aren’t using it, I still think gold is a good choice, since the chair will sit in front of the cabinets. If it were sitting on the front wall of cabinets, I could see using the teal or plum or some color from the mural. But since there is no mural anywhere near your desk, I can’t imagine any other color but gold. Looking forward to your new samples to see what you chose!

  9. I love that fabric too. I think it would be a good idea to make a guess of about how much you will need and order it now so you will have it when you get to that idea. After looking at the green swatches laying on your chair, I agree that none of the greens would compliment your beautiful studio.
    Hurry up with the new fabric order. I’m anxious.

  10. Oh, to have a wonderful mom to bounce ideas off of…I DO miss that. I love what a help she is sometimes…you get some of your excellent instincts from her I think! I’m excited about a different use from that gorgeous fabric. I hope to order it sometime in the future too. There’s just something beautiful about it! Looking forward to seeing your new choice.

  11. You are right about using that stripe elsewhere. Maybe even on a lovely chair in the new family room. It is very attractive fabric. So anxious to see what you went with. I would have used the eggplant color.

    Glad you have your mom to bounce ideas off of. Have a great weekend.

  12. What a wonderful idea. I love the fabric also and agree it should be used in a much more prominent way. A headboard would be a stunner!

  13. I just ordered that same ruggable in a sample size and it’s as nice in person as one would hope.

  14. Hi Kristi,
    This post is timely for me. First, I’m painting my bedroom teal this week.
    And also I want to make an upholstered bed. I’ve made many upholstered headboards in the past. But never a full bed.
    I know you won’t be making yours anytime soon. So I guess I’ll have to find someone else’s tutorial. 😉