A2D Open Auditions (Would You Like To Be An A2D Contributor?)

Hello all!  Well, as you can tell, I’ve kind of been taking it easy for the last couple of months.  After working so long and hard on John & Alice’s house, I decided to give myself a break over the summer.  I didn’t take on any new clients, and I haven’t really been gung ho about working on my own little condo.

I definitely needed the break, and thoroughly enjoyed my slower, more relaxed schedule this summer.  However, summer will be officially over in a few short days, so I’m gearing up to get back on track with my projects, my condo, my decorating, and my blogging.  Full steam ahead!

I’ve also been considering the direction I want to take this little slice of virtual space called Addicted 2 Decorating, and I’ve decided that I want to give other homeowners, decorators, and DIYers the opportunity to share their knowledge with the A2D crowd.



I’m looking for contributors!

Now you may think, Oh, I’m not qualified to be a contributor.  Nonsense!

  • Do you own or rent a home?
  • Have you ever done a DIY project for your home?
  • Do you enjoy gathering decorating ideas online?
  • Do you enjoy writing and sharing ideas with others?

If so, then perfect!  You qualify!

Here are a few basics and guidelines:

  1. There’s no obligation to write a certain number of articles.  Want to write just one?  Fine!  Want to write 100?  Fantastic!
  2. Each article will have a short paragraph at the end with the author’s bio info.  Up to three links may be included (e.g., website, blog, Etsy store, etc.).
  3. And most importantly, you’ll make a little spending money (notice I said “a little”, and some restrictions apply).

So if you’re interested, just send an e-mail to [email protected]  with “Contributor” in the subject line and I’ll send you the details within 48 hours!


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  1. That would be so fun to contribute to your blog!  But I would be intimidated that your readers would feel gyped because you are so good at your tutorials and content.  You have set the bar pretty high, and that is meant as a compliment!