Client Update:: Vicki’s Kitchen Remodel Progress

Yesterday I paid a visit to my client, Vicki, to see how her new kitchen is shaping up. The cabinets were installed on Monday, and I was excited to see how they turned out.

First, let me back up and show you how the kitchen looked the first time I saw it. They were already well into the demolition phase, so all of the old kitchen was gone, walls had been removed, temporary support “walls” were in place, and the old flooring had been removed.

But now, major progress has been made! There are still no lights in the kitchen, and it was pretty dark by the time I got there, but I managed to get a few decent pictures. The color is off, but you can still get an idea of what the kitchen will look like. Here’s the kitchen from the same angle as above…

Wow! What a difference!! I’m absolutely thrilled with how everything is turning out. And that kitchen island has to be one of my favorite things ever! The color doesn’t show up very well in these pictures. It turned more blue in the pictures, but it’s really a very pretty light aqua color. When the lights are hooked up, I’ll be able to get much more accurate pictures.

Hopefully the granite will be going in next week!

There’s still lots of work to be done, and plenty of decorating ahead, not only in the kitchen, but also in the family room, breakfast area, and dining room. And I’m sure there will be a DIY project here and there that I’ll be sharing with you. I can’t wait to see these rooms finished!!



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  1. Wowza, that turned into a huge space for your client. How fantastic. Bet she gains 20 pounds cause she spends more time in there cooking!


  2. My kitchen was designed by a man,,one that has never cooked or washed a dish. I love the windows. Mine is to high about the sink to be really nice.