Side Table Makeover

Even though I’ve seen it a thousand times, I’m still always amazed at the difference that some primer and paint can make on an outdated piece of furniture. This side table makeover from Domestic Imperfection is a beautiful example of how paint can update a piece of furniture.

The white paint went a long way to brighten up the table, and the hand-painted design on top is the icing on the cake!

Here’s how this side table started out…

To see more details of this transformation, visit Domestic Imperfection.

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  1. SO true! We talks about this all the time… No matter how many times you see it and do it, it’s still a “That looks SO much better” moment when you see the difference!

  2. I literally just pulled one of these little odd shaped drum tables from the trash yesterday. I am inspired to do something with it now! Thanks for sharing the link.

  3. Love your site Addicted to decorating. The spoons wreath is beautiful. Love the blue. You make it look so easy.. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!