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Craigslist Dresser Makeover

Virginia at LiveLoveDIY found a $50 Craigslist dresser and gave it a fresh new look with paint. It turned out beautifully…

But Virginia took her dresser makeover a step further than I usually take my furniture makeovers. She actually painted the drawers! I guess I never thought of what a difference that might make, but it certainly does take this dresser makeover up a notch. And I love that she used a slightly different color for the drawers.

That’s a day and night difference from how this dresser started out…

To see more of this dresser makeover, head over to LiveLoveDIY.

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  1. Beautiful. But the symmetry-lover in me is kind of freaking out that there’s only one lamp on a dresser that is clearly crying out for two. ;P

  2. Very nice makeover. The dresser isn’t really my style but I LOVE that she painted the drawers inside and out. Very fresh and clean look. Love the asymetrical look of the decorations on top of it.

  3. What a difference a bit of paint makes – great that she painted the insides of the drawers too.

    Many moons ago, when I was pregnant with my girls, I painted a tall chest of drawers and painted inside each drawer too – who wants to open up and beautifully painted piece and see that dark wood staring back at them.

  4. Don’t ever open the drawers on dressers I do! They are nothing to write home about. Those ones look nice and fresh and new, I’d store my grundies in there. Or china depending on what room it ended up in.