Great DIY Coffee Table Base Ideas

Thanks for all of the great DIY coffee table base ideas! 🙂

On Tuesday I asked y’all to help me come up with a creative way to use these old, worn fence pickets as a coffee table top…

cedar fence pickets
cedar fence pickets 2

Well, I asked, and y’all provided! I’ve seen some really great ideas!!

First up, there’s this coffee table made from two old crates and a window.  If I used this idea, I’d replace the window with the fence pickets.

DIY coffee table made from two old crates and an old window

via Shelterness

Another idea was to create a top with my pickets, and then add wheels as the base, similar to this table…

horchow coffee table with wheels

via Horchow

This idea would require actually building a base, but the design looks fairly simple.

DIY coffee table made from palette wood

via Esprit Cabane

This next idea is similar to the Horchow coffee table, but the wheels are the same size.  This one actually has a weathered wood top, so it’s easy to envision how this might look with my fence pickets.

coffee table with wheels


This next one couldn’t get any easier.  I watched the video, and she made this coffee table in just a matter of minutes.

via Lowe’s Creative Ideas

This is another idea with a wood base.  This one would be super simple to create.

coffee table with wood base

via My Home Ideas

And then the last idea submitted with a link is this industrial coffee table, with a metal base made from slotted angle hardware.

via Lowe’s Creative Ideas

In addition to these links, y’all provided lots of other great ideas, including:

  • creating a base out of copper or steel plumbing pipes;
  • using a metal shelving unit as a base, cut down to the appropriate height;
  • using stacks of old books to create table legs;
  • DIYing a base out of 2” x 2” lumber, and then painting it with a metal finish paint;
  • building a chunky wood frame, wrapping it with metal flashing, and giving it a patina with sulfuric acid;
  • using a couple of metal wine racks as the base;
  • using old metal bistro chairs with the backs cut off;
  • using an old radio flyer wagon as the table base;
  • using a salvaged patio table or kitchen table with the legs cut down to size;
  • using a storage trunk (or trunks) as the base;
  • crating a base using inexpensive metal lanterns;
  • building little sawhorses to use as the legs;
  • using purchased hairpin legs;

I mean…WOW!!  Those are some pretty amazing DIY coffee table base ideas.  Y’all are so creative!!!

I haven’t made the decision yet, but there are a couple that I’m definitely, seriously considering.

Thank you so much to those of you who contributed an idea!!  And if you have an idea and haven’t submitted it yet, please click here and leave a comment on that post.  Remember, if I use your idea, you’ll get a handmade gift from me!

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