Home Gym Crown Molding: Yes or No?

I’m still working on trim in our home gym while I wait for the walnut lumber to arrive for the bathroom vanities and storage cabinet (which should be here tomorrow afternoon), and I keep going back and forth on whether I want to install crown molding in this room.

It seems like a natural “yes” to me just because I have crown molding in almost every other room/area of this house, including the hallway. The exceptions are the kitchen (because the really wide cased opening between the kitchen and breakfast room is too high with the trim and doesn’t leave enough room for crown molding above) the pantry (which has an angled ceiling and no room above the window trim) and my studio (which has a vaulted ceiling).

Other than those three rooms, the rest of the rooms have crown molding. Of the rooms in our house that have standard, flat, 8-foot ceilings, the kitchen is the only one without crown molding all around the room, but I did put crown molding at the top of the kitchen cabinets at the ceiling.

So naturally, I planned to put crown molding in the home gym as well. In fact, I purchased it a while back, when I purchased all of the rest of the trim for the home gym and bathroom, and it’s been stacked on the floor with all of the rest of the trim just waiting to be installed.

But I’m hesitant to install crown molding in this room for one reason — the WALLS! I went to great lengths to pick out the perfect (for me) paint colors, consider the perfect order and arrangement, and then actually paint all of those stripes.

And then, because I’m me and I can’t leave windows fabric-free, I purchased some really pretty sheers for the windows. Obviously, I’m going to wait until all of the trim is finished before I hang them, but I did unpackage on of them and they’re kind of a substantial sheer fabric. So they’re sheer, but not too sheer.

So combine that with the fact that I always hang my curtains high and wide, with the curtain rod brackets just under the crown molding, and what I end up with is whole stripes of color being covered up. I did a quick mock up to show you what I’m talking about…

So I honestly can’t decide if having full stripes of color covered up is going to be a big deal to me or not. If I forgo the crown molding in this room, and keep the curtain rod in the same place (just about four inches from the ceiling), then at least there’s a tiny peek of al of the colors above the curtain rods. So none of the colors are completely skipped or covered up.

When I painted these walls, I didn’t take great care to paint the stripes perfectly where they met the ceiling. So either way, it’s going to take time to get a finished look. I’ll either have to go back and touch up the paint along the ceiling, or I’ll have to install crown molding and do all of that finishing work. So leaving the crown molding off isn’t going to save time. The time issue isn’t even a factor here.

The only factor is whether or not I want whole stripes of color covered up, which is what would happen with crown molding, or if I want to leave just a few inches of color peeking out above the curtain rod, which would mean leaving off the crown molding.

I know it seems like a small detail, but it’s these small details that I wrestle over. Those small details all add up! So what are your thoughts? Add the crown and be okay with whole stripes of color being covered up around three windows? Or leave the crown off so that all of the colors can peek out above the curtain rods? (Edit: I’ve considered all of the window covering options, and I chose the sheer curtains. Those aren’t optional at this point. I’m very excited about them. 🙂 )



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  1. I vote crown molding. I question curtains in a gym. It would seem like they would cover up your beautiful paint job. I wonder if you have considered blinds or shades. Just a thought.

      1. I think you have come up with the only thing possible if you want to use the curtains. However, I agree with Janet, that a solution which only covers the windows might be another way to go. Since you are planning other renovations to your house, possibly you could use your new curtains there? Just a thought.

        1. Okay – I like the idea of the molding more on the ceiling with maybe only an inch of it covering where the walls meet the ceiling – after all, when you’re doing your floor exercises, you’d have another lovely finishing touch to look at up there!
          Also, regarding any kind of rod, it throws a big horizontal up there on top of your vertical stripes…
          And, the curtains, properly installed as you have done them everywhere else in your home, cover up a majority of the lovely teal and green stripes that are the ‘cool’ to the warmer colored stripes you painted…I loved how you centered those cool-toned stripes to frame each of those two narrower windows – now, with those curtains covering that beautiful color-plan, there would be an unbalanced color plan in the room – and t h.g e room will say primarily ‘warm’ – the gym needs those cool colrs to fully show where you planned them…framing the green outdoor art thru the windows…

          1. I agree that a trim on the ceiling could work for several reasons. It would cover the top of the stripes, add intrest to the ceiling as viewed from the floor and provide more room to hang the curtain rod. I’ve seen some interesting use of ceiling trim in old houses.

      2. Having lived in older homes most of my life, I’m alert to small imperfections where wall meets ceiling.

        That being said, I depend on some sort of moulding to cover the imperfections.

        Would a smaller moulding work to make the ceiling line crisp, yet still allow the stripes to show above the window?

        If not, I would vote for no moulding, because I like the symmetry of being able to see all the stripes.

        1. I was wondering the same thing – is there a smaller narrow strip you could put up instead of the heavy moldings to just finish it off, without covering up so much color and stripping – which we all love. I kind of feel the same about the windows – just cover them more for privacy at night, and leave them open all day for the sunlight – with blinds or shades. But I know you already want sheers – so I do understand. The walls are so unique – I hate them to be covered in anyway. ?

      3. Different window treatments was also going to be my suggestion. For me, I figured the sheers might get in the way or feel fussy when I was trying to work out so I’d probably opt for something simple white venetian blinds (or your fav wooden ones) that would blend with the window whether closed or open and let the stripes shine.
        I think it would be nice to let the stripes breath by not having the crown molding, but my only thought would be whether it feels like it’s MISSING relative to the rooms around it. We have a room with a coffered ceiling and the next room they didn’t put any crown molding on and it looks so naked!

      4. Kristi, you always make good choices and the sheers are what you want, so do as you like. It just makes me sad to see those lovely, colorful stripes interrupted by the white curtains. I agree with the majority who say something confined to the interior window area would be preferable.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I love crown moldings and think blinds or shades would look better and you could see the great paint colors.

    2. I agree. I like curtains, but a ‘gym’, plus all of the straight lines of color…..my first reaction was ‘no curtains, and possibly crown molding….or very plain molding’. Just my 2 cents worth. 🙂

    3. Just to add my 2 cents, I’m wondering if crown would add to the flow of the rooms since crown is in the master bath, also wondering what window covering you’re going to use in the MB. It’s nice to see the same coverings from the outside for unity. Just a thought.

  2. A black curtain rod seems jarring as well, with all the white trim. I don’t know what your feelings on this style of blinds/shades are, but what about yes crown molding, but with those paper-like white fold-up blinds? The kind that are a little translucent and fold up like a long piece of paper.

    1. I agree with you. I have those accordion pleated shades that fit inside the window. they’re there but there *not there* meaning not a distraction to the rest of the room. My personal opinion is “no” on the curtains. If I were on a treadmill or elliptical machine I wouldn’t feel energized looking at curtains ? Curtains or sheers seem to give a relaxed feeling to the room ??

  3. I vote “no” on the crown molding for now.

    Looking at the 2 mock-ups, without the crown the stripes draw the eye up, making the ceiling appear higher and the room more open and larger. The crown seems to truncate the stripes and makes the walls seem shorter/ceiling lower.

    1. Agree 100%. Normally I would vote for something to “end” the vertical stripes, but in this case, the stripes look so beautiful without anything more added. Less is much more in this case!

    2. I agree with Michelle. I also think that the stripes look lovely meeting the ceiling- interesting shadows and elongates the height of the room. The molding would counteract the effect of the stripes.

  4. My gut says go for it.

    You like trim & got it already, go for it.

    Two details to test and look at: 1. I’d say trim out the bathroom door first then decide. It looks like the bath door opening is taller than the windows and the opened closet. If you are happy with the door having crown over it, you can handle the windows.
    2. The sheer may reflect the wall color a little upwards. The more height from the top of the curtain to the ceiling will control that some.

  5. I would normally say add crown molding, but in a comparison of both photos, no crown molding makes the ceiling look higher. So, my vote would be no crown molding.

  6. You know, this is where you trust your gut.. and it’s telling you ‘no’
    Your hesitation was the exact reason I’m saying ‘no’ to the crown. The paint job! It’s too gorgeous (and intricate) 🙂

  7. That’s a tough choice. My immediate inclination based on your mock-ups are no to crown moulding. I love the full height of the ceiling being noticeable.

  8. I”m gonna have to go with the no crown molding camp. Although an avid fan of it myself, it seems like it would shorten the walls and reduce the impact of all the beautiful long lines of color work you’ve done … just my nickel!

  9. I usually love crown molding in a room, but because of the beautiful stripes, I would opt for you NOT to install it.

  10. I was leaning towards crown until I saw the photo mock up—now I’m strongly in the no crown camp. If you weren’t having floor to ceiling sheers, I would say crown—bit in my own home I love the look of the drapery rods next to the ceiling sans-crown. It will be beautiful no matter what you choose!

  11. It is absolutely marvelous just like it is. The crown molding is distracting. The sheers with the stripe above looks so good. You made the right chose!

    1. No crown and no sheers, it is an exercise room. A nice clean look would be shades, which you can get in lots of colors or blinds. Quarter round would not be as abrupt and just give a finished look if you need to cover up any paint mess ups where stripes meet celing.

  12. I love crown mounding so it’s always a good idea to me. I know you want your curtains, but I would do shades inside the window frames. I wouldn’t want to hide my stripes or the mouldings around the windows. But the best thing about having a home is we get to do what we want in our homes that makes us happy, so do what makes you happy.

  13. If you are not sure, I’d say no molding. If you change your mind after you have lived with it, adding trim is easier than to tearing off trim and repairing walls.

  14. Having just ready your previous post I vote no crown moulding as it would also reduce the amount of stripes you see above your doors. With the stripes being such a fun and contemporary look you can get away with no moulding and as its the gym it’s not likely to be a high traffic area for guests.

  15. This is a gym, not a living room. I like the clean no trim at the top of the walls. It shows off the stripes.
    For the same reason I would not hang curtains. More stripes show, the pretty window trim shows and it’s a cleaner look. Just imagine being all sweaty in there and then have all that extra curtains and trim surrounding you.

    Let the stripes shine!

    1. My thoughts exactly! I am Team No Molding-No Sheers.

      I have double-honeycomb blinds in my house that add insultation and filter light. I only wish I had paid the extra money to have them operate from both the top and bottom, to allow me privacy and view (even if just of trees or the sky). When closed, they fold up to just a few inches and are hardly noticeable against the white window trim. I had planned to put up drapes but decided I liked the clean and simple look of the wide trim. They also give me a few more inches of wall space in a home with little of it.

      That said, if sheers are non-negotiable, could the Lucite rods originally purchased for the living room be used here? It would allow a bit more of the stripes to show at the top of the windows.

  16. Based on your photos, definitely no to crown molding.

    I also think the black rod is jarring but maybe it matches some of the exercise equipment or hardware planned for the doors. If not, I’d go with a white rod.

  17. I agree that it actually looks taller without the crown. My vote would be for a very small piece of trim at the top. That would make it look finished and relate to the rest of the house but still give you what you want.

  18. First of all, I love the stripes! And, I say go for the crown. I don’t think you’ll miss the stripes that will be covered…you see stripes everywhere!

  19. I vote skip the crown. Maybe a vey small piece of trim (quarter round?) just so you have less paint clean up (although that might create more work with the caulking and what not). But either way, I think it looks better with more stipes showing.

  20. Here’s another option. Hang the curtains above the window (at 84”, which is “normal” curtain height) and not to the ceiling. Then put your crown molding and you have your curtains, you have your crown molding and you can also see all the stripes.

  21. I like the idea of a very thin molding (I have a 1” in my finished attic where ceilings are low and I love the little separation between the wall and ceiling without the bulk of regular molding). But knowing your love of symmetry I suspect you aren’t keen to use a different trim here, it’s probably all or none. I appreciate the stripes and think you’ll be sad to lose them so vote no molding if you’re against thinner trim. Can you use the clear curtain rods you had in the living room at one point to keep more stripes visible with the curtains too?

  22. I’d vote no on the crown molding, because your stripes are just to beautiful to cover up, and I’d consider using loovered shutters inside the window, instead of shears. Let the stripes shine, and close the shutters when privacy is needed, and pull them open, or just flip them open when light is wanted. Don’t cover those stripes!!!!!!

  23. Sorry Kristi, another vote for no crown molding to let more of the stripes show. Also another vote for an alternative window treatment rather than sheers. Even sheers will cover up those stripes you worked so hard on. Also think of the windows being open and a good breeze blowing and your privacy may be compromised!! Hang the lovely sheers somewhere else but if you must have sheers, the black curtain rod seems to jar.

  24. I vote no crown molding. It’s just too pretty to cover it up. If it was a solid color it would be different but I think this is the exception for crown molding.

  25. I definitely vote for crown. Maybe not as deep as you have shown in the mockup but to me, it looks unfinished without some kind of trim. I also hang my curtains high and wide, and I know you have your heart set on the shears, but I feel it is the curtains blocking your gorgeous walls and not the crown.

  26. Crown. It adds to the crispness of the room, and it keeps your home more consistent. Your choice of stripes in this room is bold (I love it) and could easily look “silly” but crown elevates it to a more upscale look. I can’t wait to see it all done.

  27. If it were me I’d not be putting curtains in a gym but would use a blind of some sort. That way you could have crown molding without a problem and have the color visible above the window. I’d go with crown molding either way.

  28. I say yes to crown (for a finished look) but put it on the ceiling or some sort of trim on the ceiling that doesn’t block all or most of the stripes.

  29. I lean towards the crown because it’s such a pretty detail.

    But I’m wondering of maybe doing lucite curtain rods would give you an almost not there feeling and still allow some peakaboo of the colors?

  30. Random thought…I’m totally inspired by Rachel at Banyanbridges on IG. She is a muralist and paints right over the trim with the mural design. I think since you’ve got a fun, quirky design happening in here, it might be an option. It’s a bit out of your style but this might be a fun place to incorporate something like that. My thought is you would install the crown and continue the stripes over it…maybe even the window trim too?? Anyway, just a thought.

    1. That’s exactly what I was going to suggest. I think you can’t go wrong adding crown molding to a room, anytime you add that architectural detail it’s worth it. But why not continue the stripes up the crown molding? It’s kind of quirky, and will make the ceilings seems taller, and you’ll continue the color around the room. It’s up to you, it would be a lot of work, but I know you are up to that sort of challenge. Personally, it’s what I would do, but but you always make great decisions, and it’s not my house. But later, if you want to change things up, you have that crown molding installed and ready for a new look.

      I know whatever you choose to do it will be fabulous! Love reading your blog!

  31. Personally, I vote no on the ground molding. I know you say you considered various window treatments before deciding on the shears, but did you consider doing white fabric roller shades and adding fabric medium to your paints to continue the paint colors down the window when the shades are down?

  32. No to crown moulding. I love the look of the gym without.
    I have crown upstairs in my home bedrooms, but not throughout my home. I felt the same way, but 18 years in my home I never say “ wish I would have put crown in this part of the house.”. Crown is a look, but your room with the glorious stripes looks great without.

  33. I know others are saying it looks “unfinished” but honestly, how many of us actually have crown in every room in our house? I don’t – so I’m not seeing an unfinished look. The stripes are great and the curtains are a “given”, so I vote no crown. #my2cents!

  34. To me, the problem is not the crown molding, but the curtains. they are the items covering up the stripes and will do so with or without the crown. As I think them too stylish and too little utilitarian for a gym, I would say goodbye to them and would install your beloved and beautiful wooden blinds instead. But as you are so in love with them, I’m pretty sure you are coming up with a different solution and will persevere until the result fits your style – and that’s exactly why I love reading your blog!!

  35. and a PS: I would still omit the crown molding as I like the crisper look of the stripes meeting the white ceiling… sorry if that is not really helpful.

  36. Crown, but lower the curtain rod to just cover the window trim. That would leave a peek of all the colors.

  37. My vote: No crown. The stripes are beautiful and add the illusion of height to the room. Combined with the other trims, adding crown would detract from that and cause your lovely gradient to look choppy. The last image you posted is my favorite and seems the most balanced. Also, since it will be your gym, a less formal look could be the way to go.

  38. My vote is for no crown molding as the room is now. The only exception to that would be if you think you’ll ever change the room to a guest room or something other than a gym, you will appreciate having put in crown molding. It will look wonderful no matter what you choose.

  39. I very much like the crown molding, I think it finishes off your striping work beautifully and I have always felt it needed the trimwork. How about just in this room, hanging the rod for the sheers lower than your usual preferred height. This way you get all your colors in view with only this minor compromise in design. Your house is so beautiful!

  40. Do it. The room/house needs it. I would maybe reconsider the hanging of the sheers. Since it is a gym maybe shorten the sheers and hang them with a tension rod i/s the window frame? Still have the fabric but not hiding the beautiful work around window and crown moulding.

    1. The tension rod inside the frame is a good idea. I’ve done that with some sheers in my house. But they also have either a valance or drapes over them.

  41. Kristi, please, no crown molding, which I feel you really want or you wouldn’t question your decision. Love the sheer curtains!! Black rod doesn’t jump out at me. I wouldn’t want a gym room look austere like gyms you pay to use…I’d want one that has the feelings the other rooms in my home give me.

  42. I’m a big proponent of crown molding – but in this case I understand your dilemma. Instead of leaving it crown free or having to go back and touch up all those stripes at the top of the wall – why not use smaller crown or just a piece of cove molding? You’ve already established the precedent of having some areas with nothing and some with crown – and crown seems a little formal for a home gym to me anyway. Just a thought.

    1. I’m also in the camp of putting blinds in the window – I think the rods and sheers are too fussy for a gym.

  43. I would hang plantation shutters. The curtains cover more than crown molding. That is,if it was my room.

  44. I love details like crown, but I think I’m in the no crown camp here. However, an alternative might be something similar to your music room, but without the crown and maybe a narrower piece of trim. It accomplishes covering up the top of the walls and adds some interest without being overly formal or fussy.

  45. I would not do crown and I wouldn’t do the shears either. Just doesn’t fit with the gym feel to have whispy shears hanging down. Love seeing the stripes to the ceiling. Makes the room look taller.

  46. For some reason the idea of having crown molding in a home gym seems wrong. You have done those gorgeous stripes and the whole room is going to be crisp and no-nonsense and the crown molding just seems to be contrary to that mood. Just my opinion, anyhow.

  47. I think the tiny peek of color would bug me more. I like the consistency of having crown molding in the gym.

  48. I know you said curtains are a done deal, but I can’t help commenting that fabric Roman shades inside the window frame, perhaps made with the same material the curtains are made of could be lovely and still give the feel of curtains without blocking out your lovely stripes of color.

  49. I like this idea of putting trim on the ceiling instead of the wall. Also, would you consider putting the rod for the sheers midway between the window trim and the top trim? Because you are using sheers the stripes behind them will still be somewhat visible and not completely hidden. I, personally, hate blinds and have eradicated them from my house.
    I’m a huge fan of crown molding and think it makes a room look finished. My downstairs rooms all have crown but the upstairs rooms do not. This is a tough call. I agree with those who say the ceiling appears higher without it, as well.
    Curtains in a home gym are fine. I have a home gym with a big window. My room is painted a solid color so I used a curtain with workout graphics to give the room some personality. My husband likes to workout during the day with the curtain open so he can look out. I workout before dawn and don’t like the idea of our neighbor watching me on my cardio equipment. This is a second story room so the window is very visible to those across the street.
    I think ultimately you should go with your gut. Maybe start out without the crown and see how it feels. You can always add it later.

  50. I think the black curtain rod is distracting. I know your mind is firm on the curtains. They seem a bit out of place for that room. Too billowy, too floaty, too feminine. I suggest keeping the window treatment as simple as possible and stay with white.

    I would vote “no” on a regular crown molding. Who would even notice or analyze that the gym treatment is different compared to other rooms? Besides you and Matt, who is going to be in there?

    If you must, and the fact you are asking tells me you are wavering, maybe a very narrow strip to even out the top of the wall, but otherwise, let the stripes shine in all their glory. They are the fun feature of that room. Let the ‘eye’ see them as the focal point and smile at your ingenuity.

  51. I’d put in the crown molding, then use a tension rod inside the window sill/frame to hange some cafe style curtains. I am a ninny, though.

    1. Yes to crown molding. Yes to lucite curtain rod or IKEA type wire rod that disappears. It could be hung from the ceiling too. No to floor length curtains, that length seems distracting from your great stripes. I too wonder about inside mounted sheers or sheer roman blinds. That gives you privacy when desired. I also thought about the way your hall bathroom ceiling was designed & wondered if that would be a better way to ” frame” the walls instead of crown molding.(maybe not the stained insert but simply white.). I do just love this room & don’t want to see the stripes hidden either.

  52. No crown molding. I like the stripes going up to the ceiling. The crown molding adds a layer of “color” that compromises the detail of the stripes. Secondly, it’s a gym, crown molding seems too formal for a gym. Last thing, you need the sheers, even if they are thin, this room is on the front of your house, so regardless of what others are saying, keep the sheers. If you are still in doubt. Ditch the crown molding and live with just the stripes. If you decide over the long haul you don’t like it, you can always add the crown molding.

  53. I say, “Skip the Crown!”
    The colors are the main design feature in this room – therefore, a sin to cover them up anywhere…this room is a less formal room as well…i don’t think anyone would miss the crown here as the colored stripes are so lovely – and, vertical, visually heightening the ceiling…
    I AM intriqued that you chose to put formal curtains in this room…is that for a cohesive appearance from the outside? I would have expected sheer, light-defusing blinds in an elegant home gym…

  54. Ah, your last phrase cut me off at the pass! I was going to suggest bamboo shades for the windows (or even white mini-blinds) to keep your stripes on full view AND give you and Matt the option of a little privacy if you don’t want your gym exertions on full view. Your home gym is an animal all to itself and will be filled with utilitarian equipment that it’s a stretch to call “pretty.” The consistency of crown might be good for resale purposes (room could readily be adapted to another use) but perhaps a little formal for a gym.

  55. I’m team “having it both ways.” Use a much much smaller molding, even something as small as quarter round. If that is not a suitable idea, then I vote with the no group.

    Re: the curtain decision, if it were my room I would put plantation shutters on the windows to keep from detracting from the beautiful stripes. However, it’s not me, so you do what makes you happy!

  56. No crown moulding… and the sheer curtains seem out of place in a room with exercise equipment. The walls are very very nice.

  57. I vote for crown molding because I like that it does bring continuity and flow throughout your home. Even though the colors in your house I would not consider traditional you still have a traditional style.

  58. Kristi, have you considered putting a tiny piece of lattice moulding around the perimeter to cover up the stripes at the ceiling line? You could even paint them one of the colors you used already! I truly love crown moulding and have it in my home as well, but this is a gym with a funky, colorful vibe! Crown moulding adds a certain gravitas to a room, which is counterintive for the look you have envisioned.

    Also, I know you are excited for the sheer curtains, but please reconsider for the same reasons. A Roman Blind trimmed in one of the colors from the walls would also extend the vibe as well. Even some 2” blinds from Home Depot or Lowes, topped with a colorful valance would look great! Leave the sheers for your new master bedroom!

    Good luck with finishing up and I can’t wait to see your vanity build!

  59. I vote NO on the crown moulding! It’s a gym. Not a room for guests! I also don’t mind the sheers. It’s a home gym. Not a Planet Fitness! I know you’ll figure it out, but go without moulding for awhile and see if you can live with it that way. You can always add it later if you feel the room needs it! But your stripes are much more important IMHO!!

  60. What about using a clear acrylic curtain rod like you did in the living room(?). The stripes would then show through as opposed to being covered?

  61. Well, first of all, my apologies for insisting. But curtains next to that machine seem a recipe for disaster to me. In a gym you move, stretch your arms out without watching very much, light curtains tend to move more, I don’t know… It seems to go against the, let’s say “dynamic” nature of the space. I can easily imagine myself going to get the rowing machine and bringing the curtains down with it (I’m not assuming you will be storing the machine there, but the principle applies to anything).

    I also want to point out that it’s the curtains that are hiding the stripes, not the crown molding, the latter kind of seems too small a difference… You are punishing the wrong suspect for the crime, lol! So I’m voting in favour of the crown, regardless of what you do with the curtains. It is innocent!

  62. I had an immediate reaction. No crown molding. There is something about the idea of using vertical stripes, which help to visually stretch the wall height, and then cutting that height back down by chopping off the top few inches with molding, that doesn’t appeal to me personally. Use your new soft sheers mixed with the clean abutment of wall to ceiling, and I think you’ve got a good combination for a home gym!

  63. Love the boldness & energy of the stripes. I’d pass on the crown m., pass on curtains/rods. If window treatments are needed some kind of shade….. transparent or roller. The trim seems to drop vertical feel & drop the height. Curtains seem to soften the energy too, A workout room can feel different than other rooms in the house. I think the kitchen trim being the same color maintains the visual height.

    But always do what you want.

  64. I think a simple smaller moulding would be nice. The size of the crown moulding is a little large I think. And as someone else suggested, maybe a shade so the wall is not covered. I think blinds would be a bit much with the horizontal lines. You’re pretty darn good at this so I think your decision will be great.

  65. Because I’m not as invested in the stripes as you are I’d put up the crown, mainly because I love, love crown in a room. I think it finishes it off and adds that special touch. Those few inches peeking out if there isn’t trim up there don’t thrill me; I think the curtains hide more of them than the crown.
    But you have a track record of making good decisions that make you happy in your home.

  66. What about placing molding level with the closet and window molding and painting above it the same color of the ceiling.

  67. I know you’ve bought sheets already, but why cover up even a little of the stripes you worked so hard to create.? A gym doesn’t need curtains. Wooden blinds or maybe even white ones would add privacy and light control. Remember how amazing the entry hall credenza looked with stained wood? I vote for a simple molding like others have mentioned.
    You’ll make the right choice ! You always do! Can’t wait to see the gym finished!

  68. I vote crown molding. Everyone will know that you painted the stripes because it’s on every wall (and looks great)

  69. Girl, I so get it! I would not be able to cover up an entire stripe of color either. It would throw the whole look of the room off for me. But I also would be bothered by no crown molding. It is just such a nice finishing touch. AND I also love the idea of the sheer white curtains. They will make the room feel light and airy, especially with the darker gym flooring and work out equipment. I am not crazy about the dark horizontal line of the curtain rod in the mockup image you included. What about using an acrylic curtain rod that would allow the stripes to still be seen? Or if that seems a bit too fancy (which it might, but then again the curtains themselves could be considered too fancy so. . .), you could try a tension rod mounted inside the window frame for the sheers. That would be a simple and clean look. Maybe more fitting for a home gym than floor to ceiling panels? But would still give you the airy feeling of the white sheers. Just my thoughts. Your spaces always look beautiful and so professional. I have no doubt this room will as well. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  70. I’d go with crown molding, but with just the bamboo blinds. Fabric drapes, even sheers seem a little out of place in a gym–but that’s me. You could try it without the crown molding and see if it bugs you and add it later… The room looks so pretty either way.

  71. I don’t know if it’s because you have crown molding in all the other rooms, and I love it, that the gym room without it looks unfinished.

  72. I love the idea of sheers to soften the look of all the gym equipment. What about using something like scribe molding instead of crown, and hang the sheers just a tad lower than usual?

  73. I’m no decorator, that’s for sure, but I could see white wide blade blinds and go with your crown molding. I just think the curtains take away from the awesome paint job. No matter what you decide, it will be beautiful.

  74. I struggle with the little details as well. My opinion would be to not install the crown. Live with it and see how you like it. You can always install it at a later date.

  75. since your asking, I think adding molding is Overkill. I enjoy looking at the clean joint at ceiling. As you say it must be cleaned up but I’d rather look at stripes than having eye drawn to molding, JMO

  76. I just have to say, “I’m amazed at all the work you do”. I’m a do-it-yourselfer and I’ve been working on our home for a while. I just wished I had more time. Your home is really looking great.

    As far as the ‘home gym’ room is concerned. I think I like the looks of a white strip of paint at the top of the wall. I’m assuming that your trim around the windows and closet will be white. I would just make it match that.

  77. Team crown molding here. I think for continuity you should do it; you have repeat stripes in the home gym so hopefully there will be at least one place where every color is shown, even if it’s covered up on one of the window areas.

    You’re making great progress. Every room in your home is so lovely and alive!

    Have a great day!

    YHWH Bless You : )

  78. Your paint job is beautiful, and I understand you questioning covering it up. When I am confronted with a situation like this, I make a mock up and attach it to the wall. I would cut strips of heavy white paper (no color bleed through), tape them together and put up where the crown molding will go across the whole wall. I would leave it for a minimum of one week. At some point you will forget that it is there, go into the gym and you will know immediately how you feel about it. It sounds like a lot of unnecessary work, but this strategy always works for me.

  79. No crown molding. No curtains.

    Do crisp white roman shades – or – continue the stripe pattern on the roman shades. They’d be involved to sew, but no more so than the wall painting.

  80. I am Team Moulding, whether it’s crown or a more simplified trim. I actually think it “frames” the walls and draws attention to the stripes! I have to agree with many here that a roman blind seems more fitting in an exercise area than floor-to-ceiling sheers, but regardless, I think some trim with sheen really sets off the stripes nicely.

    1. I was also thinking – since warm-toned bamboo blinds are consistent throughout the home – what if you did bamboo blinds but chose a white-washed look? I have ordered through blindsgalore.com based on your recommendation, and I noticed they have some lovely white woven blinds.

  81. Since you asked – this is a special function room and doesn’t necessarily have to match all the others. I would vote for a smaller molding (maybe just 1 x 2’s, or quarter-round as suggested earlier), and perhaps a different mounting for your beautiful sheers, so that one stripes of color can be appreciated. Maybe even a tension rod within the window frame. Too much? Just a thought. So weird about that board in the floor. Wonderful that you were able to close the gaps and make AC more efficient.