Roadblocks and Frustration

Update 6/16: My rug finally arrived! And now my computer decided to die. It’s in the computer hospital now, so hopefully it can be revived. I can’t blog on an iPhone, so I’ll be back with a better update when my computer situation gets resolved.

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I had high hopes that I’d show up today and have some beautiful and colorful home gym walls to show y’all. Well, things didn’t really work out that way.

I worked hard on Friday and Saturday getting the ceiling and walls in that room primed and painted so that the walls would be good and dry on Sunday afternoon, when I planned to add all of the beautiful colors. So by the end of the day on Saturday, I had a white ceiling (Behr Ultra Pure White), and white walls (Behr Polar Bear), and a blank canvas for Sunday.

home gym - white walls and ceiling

I took that picture when the walls were wet, which is why you see that shiny spot. I always use eggshell or flat/matte on my walls, so when they’re dry, you don’t see any shine at all. After I got all the walls painted, I brought in my fan (that sounds like a jet engine and circulates a ton of air) to make sure the walls would be ready for lots of painters tape the next day.

So yesterday afternoon, I was so excited to get started on the fun stuff. I started by taping off the main section between the two side windows where the darkest teal color would go (i.e., where the Swedish ladder will go), and I painted two coats of paint (Behr Summer Dragonfly). And then I peeled off the painters tape, and it took the wall paint right along with it.

home gym - walls with first color - painters tape ripped paint off of the wall

Y’all, I could have cried. And it was not small area, either. No matter how slowly or carefully I peeled the tape, it took the wall paint with it. That’s a good 18 inches, at least. It might be as long as 24 inches.

That painted section of the wall looked great, and I loved the color.

home gym - walls with first color

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home gym - walls with first color 2

But with that long section of wall paint peeled off, there was no way I was going to proceed with taping off the rest of the design. I think the problem is that it’s been incredibly humid here lately (as in, the kind of humid where you walk out the door and the humidity hits you in the face like a ton of bricks and makes it very hard to breathe), so things like paint and paint stripper are reacting in ways that aren’t what I’m used to at all. I’ve never had paint peel off like that with painters tape like this, not even when I’ve painted a wall and taped off a design on it within the same day.

So that has caused a setback and a huge disappointment. I sure was hoping to have lots of beautiful color on those walls by now, but all I have is one strip of color and a wall in need of repair. *Sigh* And I don’t know how y’all handle it when paint peels off of the wall, but I don’t ever like to simply paint over it, because when paint peels, it creates a texture. If I simply paint over it, I’ll always be able to see those ridges around the areas where the paint peeled. So I find it’s idea to fill in those indentions with drywall mud, let it dry completely, sand, prime, and repaint.

Anyway, it’ll get done, but just not on the timeline I had hoped.

But now let me tell you about another frustration that just about has me pulling my hair out.

Remember that new rug I ordered for the breakfast room?

Let me back up. I’m turning our breakfast room into a sitting room. Now before anyone gets onto me about how I keep redoing projects, let me just remind you that this is being done at Matt’s request. If you want to know why, you can read about that here.

So at his request, I ordered a recliner for him (and a matching one for myself). Then because I’m a decorator and can’t just throw two recliners in a room and call it done, I ordered a rug. Then the rug came, and I wasn’t satisfied with it.

So I ordered another rug (which I ordered from Pier1, and then found for $50 less at Overstock), and that’s where things kind of hit a roadblock.

I got a notice that the rug was shipped, along with the tracking number. So as I always do, I started tracking the number obsessively until Friday, June 4th, when it said it’s was out for delivery. We’re always at the end of the UPS delivery route, so I expected to have it between 7:00pm and 9:00pm. Well, 10:00pm rolled around, and I still didn’t have a rug.

I was disappointed, but I understand that sometimes there are simply too many packages to deliver in a day. No problem. I’d just have to wait until Monday.

So the tracking was updated to tell me that the rug would be delivered at a later date, and on Sunday the 6th, I got an email saying that it would be delivered the next day.

The next day came and went, and at 10:00pm, the tracking had been updated to tell me that the rug would be delivered at a later date.

Then on Tuesday, I got a notice that it would be delivered on Wednesday. On Wednesday morning, I checked to be sure that it was out for delivery, and sure enough, it was. So I waited. And once again, I was disappointed. By 10:00pm, there was still no rug, and the tracking had been updated once again to show that delivery would occur at a later day.

By now, I was irritated. So the next morning (Thursday), I checked the status of the tracking once again. Nothing had changed. It still said that delivery was scheduled for a future date, but no date was given. So then I started filling out online forms and making phone calls. At first, I was only getting the automated customer service system, which is less than useful. It’s just a voice that tells you exactly what the computer says when you type in your tracking number. Why do I need an automated voice reading that to me, and calling that customer service? I can read it myself! *pause…deep, calming breath*

Anyway, I finally figured out how to talk to an actual person, and she told me that she would contact my local distribution center and have them contact me directly regarding the location and status of the rug. Well, I never got a phone call from anyone, but about an hour later, I got online to view the tracking status again, and this time it said “preparing for delivery” with a delivery date of that very day by 7:00pm.

Well, 7:00pm came and went. No rug. Then 9:00pm came and went. Still no rug. I checked the tracking again, and it said that delivery was rescheduled for a future date.


I was hopeful once again when I woke up on Friday morning, checked the tracking number, and saw that it said “out for delivery”. I thought for sure that this day, the fifth day that I was being told it would be delivered, would be the lucky day. Surely they must have found my rug by now (and seriously, how do you lose an 8′ x 10′ rug?), made sure it actually got on the truck, and updated the status to show it was out for delivery. Surely, after all of the online forms and speaking to an actual customer service person, this new status was very deliberately and accurately updated and I’d get the rug by the end of the day, right?


Day #5 of a promised rug delivery came and went with no rug being delivered to my house.

So that brings us to this morning. I woke up, grabbed my computer, and checked the tracking. There was a note on the top of the screen that says, “A claim has been made with the sender. Please contact the sender for more details.”

Okay…FINALLY they were admitting that the rug was lost. It’s not what I had hoped, but at least with this admission of a lost rug, I could move forward and get a replacement. So I called Pier 1 and told them about the notice, and the man said that he would “escalate my claim” and they could probably send a replacement out within the next 48 hours.

48 hours?! *pause…another deep, cleaning breath*

Evidently, that was the best they could do. I asked him if they could just refund my money, and he said that all he could do was escalate my claim, and he couldn’t tell me whether or not they could refund my money. (And that’s the last time I’ll ever order anything from Pier 1.)

So that’s where we left things. My issue was being “escalated” and he may or may not be able to send out a replacement in 48 hours, and they may or may not be able to refund my money. Clear as mud.

Then about an hour later (again, just this morning), I got a phone call from this same man at Pier 1, and he tells me that evidently everything has been cleared up because he just checked the UPS tracking number again, and lo and behold, my rug is out for delivery!

Y’ALL!!!!!!! I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. I tried to tell him that this is the SIXTH time — the SIXTH day — that I’ve been told my rug is out for delivery, and it never shows up. Call me cynical, but I have some serious doubts that it’s actually going to show up today. Quite honestly, I don’t think there even IS a rug at this point! I think the rug has been long gone — lost, accidently destroyed, something — and what’s left is nothing but a number in a computer system that keeps cycling through with each day’s updates, but there’s no actual rug or any other package attached to that number. It’s just a number caught in a computer system, which keeps me caught in this never-ending loop of being promised a rug that never gets delivered.

But he was like, “Well, let’s give it a few more days. It looks like it might be there today. If not today, then maybe tomorrow. But let’s give it a few more days. It’s out for delivery right now.” *Sigh*

So I’ve got a number attached to a phantom rug that probably doesn’t exist, but keeps showing “out for delivery,” and because it shows it’s “out for delivery,” Pier 1 won’t refund my money or ship out a new rug. I’m caught in a never ending loop, and I don’t know how to get out of it.

All of that to say that the pictures I had hoped to show you a week-and-a-half ago of our finished sitting room are on hold indefinitely. And without that room finished, I don’t want to take all of those wide angle pictures of all of the rooms together that I had promised you, either. So those are also on hold indefinitely.

Have any of you had this happen? And please, for the love of my sanity, tell me how you got free from this never ending loop and actually got a package delivered into your hands!



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  1. Our Pier 1’s closed and I thought they were closing all their stores and filed bankruptcy a while back. Not surprised there are delays with them. Never had luck when they were going strong. So sorry for the frustration.

    1. They did close all their stores, someone just bought the name during bankruptcy. They only have and online shop. The junk they sell you can buy at any $$ store or local wally world, but theirs is marked up 5-10 times over.

  2. If you paid with a cc just contest the charges and go order it from overstock. You get your money back from Pier One and get the rug.

      1. I recently ordered a pop up canopy and went through three days of “out for delivery “ nonsense before it finally showed up o the fourth day.

    1. Yes, go the credit card route. I went round and round with Macy’s over an item that was delivered to SOMEONE ELSE, who returned it for store credit, and then Macy’s wouldn’t refund me because the item was delivered. I finally wised up and disputed the charge with the cc company, got my refund, and bought the item elsewhere. Lesson learned.

    2. Agree! Most CC’s only allow a certain amount of time to get a refund. I did hear that Pier 1 filed bankruptcy a while back. I had an issue a while back with an item I ordered through Amazon. Same story, I kept getting a new delivery date but the item never showed up. I spoke to a human, very helpful guy, but was on the phone for over a half hour, explaining several times what was happening. I finally said he was telling me everything I’d already seen online! So long story long, we cancelled that order, he submitted a NEW order and put a rush on it. I got the item two days later, after waiting initially for two weeks! I will say that there were a couple of truck accidents in the news during that time, and one was a fire that happened on a truck between the said “distribution site” and our state. I had seen that and at the time wondered if my items were on that burned truck! We’ll never know.

  3. You may be able to deal with this through your credit card company. I had a similar issue with a place setting of china that wasn’t delivered within the stated time frame and no luck contacting the company by phone or email requesting they cancel the order. They also did not respond to the credit card company which said would remove/block the charge for the item. I ordered it from another website. Low an behold the china showed up the next week! The credit card company told me I did not need to return it and I was not charged for it.

  4. AUUGH! How frustrating! I had that happen to me with a Fed EX. the tracking system kept telling me it was out for delivery and it never happened. I tried calling Fed EX but got the old run around.
    Finally I went online to their facebook page and left a concise, not too whiny, but almost nasty, note and low and behold, I got immediate attention.
    Why? Because all of a sudden it was in a public forum.
    Good luck! Try Facebook.

  5. First, I gasped out loud at the peeled paint picture. I definitely would have cried if I were you. But at least you know how to fix it right and have a plan to move forward!

    On the rug, I’d call Pier1 one more time and explain the situation (again!), if they try to give you the same run around again I’d let them know that they need to cancel and refund today or you will be disputing the charges with your credit card company.

  6. I’ve had the same thing happen TWICE with Home Depot this summer for my patio chairs. Three sets of two were ordered and one set was in a never-ending loop. Great customer service guy resolved it and cancelled the order since I went ahead and ordered another set (that were delivered in 48 hours while the first set was still in a pending delivery loop). Unfortunately, they arrived damaged so I had to order ANOTHER set. Those got stuck in the delivery loop for days. Next customer rep wasn’t as nice and kept saying to wait. I ordered another set for store-pick up and got them immediately. In the meantime, they had charged my card for the “pending delivery set” and I wanted a refund. I went into the store and the worker in their returns’ dept called the online place for me and after 30 mins of arguing got me a refund. So I FEEL your frustration on several levels. I wish Pier One hadn’t closed their physical stores so you could do the same in-person. Just keep calling until you get a rep that handles it! Best of luck to you and I know the gym will be great. It has to be this awful heat and humidity right now!

    1. I had this exact thing happen with a small garden shed from Overstock. The oversize items are in a different place and the team pulling the deliveries were not loading those items. I got it eventually, but I ordered it fron somewhere else to cover myself. You should order it from the other place and when if it comes take it up with your CC. They kick butt.

  7. Go through your credit card company and have them cancel the charge. They’re usually very willing to take care of it. Then order your rug again from Overstock. Hopefully, you’ll get it in a few days. For some reason deliveries are disappearing in route. I ordered something from Amazon that “got lost in transit”. They refunded my money and sent me another one. And THEN they both showed up on the same day. Got one free, so there’s that. 😁

  8. that out for delivery loop happened to me, i documented everything…..called my credit card company and filed a dispute and told them exactly why with the back up proof
    they refunded my money

  9. Call your cc company and have pmt stopped. If the rug comes decide if you want it and if you do keep it and if you don’t send it back. At least you won’t lose money.

  10. The best advice is to file a claim with the credit card company now. I am not sure they will care at Pier One as they are closing, but you will get your money back.

  11. I would like to add my two cents worth about Pier 1. It is not the same outfit it used to be. It is now apparently a mail-order company based in Miami. I used to be a good customer when we had stores all over, but I often had issues with orders online even then. I would be very leery of ordering anything from them now. I have had very bad luck with rugs from Pier 1. It was great for candles and porch cushions and napkin rings — things like that. Sorry about your paint — I know that makes you want to scream your lungs out! It is very hot and humid here in Birmingham, too. That’s life in the South, I guess.

    Do file a complaint with your credit card company, and then I would report this mess to the Better Business Bureau.

  12. I’m going to take a different approach for my 2-cent opinion 🙂
    We own a business here in Texas. We order material from manufactures every week and have, on average, two semi’s deliver material to us weekly.

    Pre-Covid minor issues.

    Post Covid major issues – it’s a train wreck every week. The lack of material/products across the board is real. The lack of employee’s to either make or stock those same materials/products is real. UPS, Fed-Ex, USPS and any other carrier you can name are having major employee issues; namely, no one is working. I absolutely feel your pain and frustration as a consumer (we just purchased a second home and can’t get furniture delivered to us until Sep)but please understand every single company, whether large or small, is dealing with daily complaints from consumers asking where their order(s) are. Many of the people you may be talking to are newer employee’s too, not fully knowing how to adequately help you.
    If I were in your spot, I would cancel through your CC company and re-order through OverStock only because with P1 filing Chap 11, they may not have the resources, namely employee’s to fill your order. As for the shipping updates you were getting – they’re only as accurate as the person running the program 🙂

  13. Sounds like a dehumidifier would be useful for you to continue your project. Maybe renting one would be possible. Sorry for the frustrations. No fun!

    1. Good idea! When our house was being built, they had to rent dehumidifiers for the big part of summer, due to humid conditions. Joint compound wasn’t drying, then paint, then they couldn’t lay the hardwood until the moisture content got below 15% in the house. I think part of the issue we had was the workers were keeping doors and windows open when working, even though they had the AC running! MEN!!!!!!

  14. All forms of shipping have been a nightmare, I presume due to COVID and the number of people who have ordered online int he past 15 months. Many of my orders have been delayed significantly or lost. In one case, I used a prepaid shipping label an on-line company provided to return some items, dropped the package off at my local post office and POOF, the package completely disappeared. It was never even scanned once. I had to open a dispute with my credit card company for a refund since the company never got the return to refund me. In fact, I’ve opened several disputes with my credit card company in recent months for lost items but in order to win (get a refund from the credit card company) you have to provide the credit card company solid and thorough documentation of anything and everything you possibly can (i.e., names of people you talked to, dates, tracking #, and hopefully screenshots or some way to show your credit card company all the rescheduled delivery dates). Also, if you are going to open a dispute, don’t wait. Start the process now because there is a short window of time to file. And if your credit card payment comes due before you file a dispute claim, don’t pay the rug amount. You can’t dispute something you have already paid. (The credit card company will not charge you interest on an unpaid charge that is being disputed.)

  15. When I was working for a state agency, we contracted with LoneStar for package deliveries. At one time, my tracker just showed “Arrived at Ft. Worth facility”, then no movement. So, contacted the company, they said they would look into the problem, and a week or so later, the receiver reported it had arrived.

    Fast forward a year or two later, now we contract with FedEx. Package never arrives to location. The best they would do is pay for the package they lost, or up to $200 since I didn’t increase the value when shipping. However, since it was client files, $200 didn’t come close to recreating what was lost! FedEx just didn’t care. Sure glad those days are behind me now. 😄

  16. Contact your credit card issuer and initiate a charge back. You will get immediate provisional credit and Pier 1 will be charged. It is quick and effective.

  17. At Christmas my parents mailed a package from Northern MN to Denver. It should take 5 days max. It took 7 weeks. It went from Grand Forks ND, to Des Moines, to Denver (where it sat for a week – 10 miles from my house), to San Francisco, to Hawaii, to Alaska & finally Denver. I am not kidding.

    A friend of mine had a similar experience with some coffee pods that she ordered from Ohio, that took a detour through Guam before they got to Denver. Took almost a month.

  18. So sorry…I had almost the opposite happen… I ordered a 5X8 rug from Amazon, and I kept getting notices that they were sorry it was late, and then that it was lost and I could get a refund. Which I did not do, because I had received the rug right on schedule! I kept trying to tell them I had the rug, but I just didn’t get anywhere with that. Anyhow, I did pay for it, so I just let them keep telling me that. Lol

  19. I’m sorry this is such a hassle for you and hope you can get it resolved. Many others had some solid ideas on getting a resolution.

  20. I concur with all those who advised you to contact your CC company with the details. They will move your refund forward. That leaves you free to find a rug to purchase elsewhere.

  21. I can’t tell you how often something similar has happened to us lately. The item eventually arrives, but not at all when promised/predicted. Hope you’ll see it soo!

  22. As others have said it seems the package gets caught in a loop of some sort and although the updates are promising the package never arrives.
    I ordered something in Early November
    and the FedEx computers showed it was at the facility 20 miles from my house. The next day it appeared that it was put on a truck that took it to another state and the next day another state. I called customer service and they started tracking on their end.
    A couple days later the package came back to the facility that was within 20 miles of my house and I was informed it would be here the next day. This happened again two more times as it left that facility and again went out of state. The theory is that somehow the shipping label had been damaged and it was just in a crazy rotation. It never did arrive. The company sent the package again in January and it came with no problem. However in February another package arrived with the exact same products. May have been the package from November but no one knew for sure. It was a frustrating and vicious cycle and you may have to ask for a customer service supervisor and explain you no longer believe the rug is coming and you wish to cancel the order. If that doesn’t work then contact your credit card company as others have suggested and move on to Overstock. I sure hope no matter when that rug comes that it is everything you want it to be.

  23. Aw, Kristi, DIY & weather – unpredictable! Placing a dehumidifier in there may very well help. I vote with everyone else to contact your credit card company and contest the payment. Pier 1 also closed out here last year.

  24. I made a trip to UPS and talked to a manager. I showed him what I saw online, but still no rug.

    The next day I had my rug by 8am. My usually delivery time is 4-5pm. It was worth the trip to stop the circus.

    1. Pam you just reminded me of what my friend did to get her missing mattress that was supposedly arriving every day for almost a month. She drove to the UPS warehouse, barged in and got her order!! She’s a ballsy girl who was fed up with the run around. Lol!

  25. I’m waiting for delivery promise #3 for my new refrigerator for the house I’ve been renovating (mostly DIY) for 3 years. Home Depot. It’s annoying, especially since the house is live is a 2 hour drive from the house I’m renovating. I’m getting sick of 4 hour round trip drives only to be told half an hour from the latest delivery time that it’s not coming.

  26. You think coming out of the pandemic things would get better but they seem to be temporarily getting worse. I think a lot of businesses are having trouble hiring people. Many nearby restaurants are closed on Mondays due to a lack of staff.

    I had some art supplies shipped from Sweden on May 18. They have been stuck in New York with the US Postal Service and have gone through four NY distribution centers (ICS, Queens, Jamaica and Metro) two times each. No news since May 31 and suddenly they broke free and got all the way out here to the West Coast in two days. Supposedly out for delivery today but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  27. Here in the northeast it would be death to use even the mildest painter’s tape on a suface that was painted less than 48 hours prior, even on a dry winter’s day. Sometimes though, humidity or paint curing rate isn’t even the biggest issue; it’s dust. If the drywall hung onto some sanding dust, adhesion of the primer will suffer. Hopefully, with all the tape you’ll be using, it’s just a matter of waiting it out a bit more before trying again. I’m sure you know all this, but just in case, I hope you don’t mind my throwing that out there. You are an experienced painter and I’m confident it’ll all turn out great, once you get past this first snafu!

  28. Make a claim against your credit card or PayPal, whatever method used to pay. WATCH THE TIMING & days lapsing very carefully as there are limits and deadlines for making said claims. I got burned by a vendor (that I thought was domestic) shipping from China. Product arrived months later, wasn’t as desired, they offered me $20 of $75 because I would have to pay for shipping back to China that they said would be astronomical. By then PayPal said too late for a claim through them, as did Visa. It was a win for charity that I gave it to.
    Just happened again, I filed a claim. Same thing as you, told to wait, wait some more. At a month place it still wasn’t here. I escalated the claim at PayPal. I thought was domestic, but wasn’t, even had paid fast shipping. It clearly wasn’t.

    Last year during covid I had a RUG go missing in shipment. UPS admitted that they had so many packages they were leaving big things like my rug off the truck & in the warehouse. It was probably there but they wouldn’t even look as too much stuff to go through. UPS & Fabhabitat quickly paid the claim. Fabhabitat put me on the short list for the rug when it came in again, and I eventually got it.

    Good luck

  29. Hey Kristi, don’t forget to take screenshots of the changing delivery times. And definitely go through the CC route.

  30. This happened to me recently two different times from two different companies. But what my two “phantom aka missing orders” had in common was Fed Ex!!! It was Fed Ex not fulfilling their deliveries but continually posting out for delivery every day just like you. I had a missing 65″ tv for over 1 1/2 months!! I had a 7′ stainless steel island missing for two!! Both companies refunded me with zero problems. When both of my orders eventually arrived they looked as if they were dragged to my house chained to the back of the truck. I returned both without ever opening them…..it was that bad!! I agree with all about disputing the credit card purchase and order with Overstock. Pier 1 doesn’t even have a credit card anymore so who are they to tell you what to do???

  31. Just tell whoever finally delivers it that you refuse it & have them return to sender. I’m currently dealing with this problem right now, but not with a rug. On May 2, I ordered clothes online at the store I always order from. It stayed “in processing” so I called 3 wks later to cancel since I was going on a trip at the end of the month & knew it wouldn’t be delivered in time. Guy said I had to wait 14 business days to cancel. Called back on the 16th day & was told I couldn’t cancel. Called 2 more times & 2 more folks said I couldn’t cancel. So I called the store credit card bank customer service, told them what had happened (the last guy I spoke with actually yelled at me) & they were appalled. I canceled my credit card & asked if the store could still put charges on it. She wasn’t sure but she’s the one who suggested that if & when I got the package, do not open it! If it’s delivered when I’m not home, simply mark through my name & address on the label & write “refused, return to sender” on it & take it to the source of delivery (in my case USPS) & hand it to them. They won’t charge you as long as it’s not opened. I’m 200 miles from home visiting my son & my other son called to say the package arrived 47 days AFTER I ORDERED IT! He’s coming here to visit tomorrow & bringing the pkg & I’ll take it to the PO asap since I only have 60 days to return. What’s aggravating is I’ve shopped there for years, I’ve canceled ordered, esp backorders, THEY’VE canceled backordered items without my permission, etc. (What’s funny is that after the original 5-2 order, I placed 2 other orders & received them both within 10 days)! I’ve again called my canceled credit card bank & sure enough, the store has put charges on a canceled card! The lady told me they would file a dispute immediately but that I should make the minimum payment to them so it wont affect my credit & that after they straightened out this mess, they would refund my money via check. I hated to cancel that card, but it was just a matter of principal!

  32. We just had HUGE issues with UPS. They lost an overnight package in Texas with my husband’s passport (going to a passport agent his company works with) … FOR A MONTH. It was just delivered at the end of the week. So now what do we have? A lost passport claim, and because we then had to handle it on our own, the expedited fees with no new passport for 4-6 weeks (for EXPEDITED service). UPS in TX is having huge issues/

  33. Kristi, what a frustrating week you’ve had! I feel for you, girl, but just focus on the dream and breathe.

    Here’s my tale of torture, although if you’re like me, it’s a bittersweet time, to be reading of someone else’s woes. I had a microwave from Sears and it quit working within the warranty period. A nice technician came out, id’ed the problem easily and put in an order for a replacement, which he said should be a week or less. I also did the waiting and checking on the internet. It was still listed “on back order” after 3 weeks. I called and insisted on talking to the supervisor. In less than two minutes, he’d located my order- and my part! It had been sitting on the shelf for most of those 3 weeks!! The person who ordered my part included it with another person’s part– that had to come from Japan– so mine was stuck with the back order label, too. Living without a microwave shouldn’t be that hard, but I like my coffee hot, not room temperature, and the frustration was too much to stand. I still hate Sears. I feel like my negative feelings personally caused its demise!!

    It’s the feeling that there’s just one more thing you can’t control that gives us the worst headaches!

  34. I bet the issue is not really pier 1 it’s probably UPS or FedEx. We have a terrible time with both. uPS knocked over my mailbox and then denied liability and Fed Ex always delivers my packages to my neighbor. Maybe your rug is next door.

  35. I so sorry about your frustration over the paint and the rug. As an art teacher here in southern Louisiana I’ve had students use a blow dryer on acrylic paints to dry them. What happens is the outside of the paint forms a skin that looks and feels dry but under that the paint is still tacky and tape or another layer of paint will pull up the skin and the damp paint under it. The humidity is horrible here too! Just an idea what might have happened. You know how paint is as well as I do. Love your post and have learned so much from you!

  36. If you paid with PayPal you can also file a claim to get your money back. Had to do this after an order was lost in shipping.

  37. Many, many good comments here. Number 1 lesson is get the word out that a company is not providing good customer service. One would hope if that message is sent multiple times a company will wise up and fix it.

  38. We. have been having as similar problem with a protein bar company. The order is sent to the post office for delivery then it is “lost”. This has happened 3 times. I truly believe someone in the post office likes the bars-which are wonderful- and just takes the box. Who can prove anything? I keep checking the tracking number and it is always “awaiting label”. I am going to suggest the company use plain brown boxes.

  39. Did you explain that having this rug and taking photos of the completed room is your job, and you believe in leaving honest reviews about your purchasing experience, which is not looking very well for them right now!! 🤨

  40. Happened to me with Lowe’s and Amazon but I got a refund in less than two das initiated by them.

  41. I ordered a set of refrigerator drawers on Amazon… a month later it still wasn’t delivered. The same thing happened with the, “Out for delivery” and then an hour later it would change to, “Delivery postponed”… for an entire month! Amazon finally updated my order themselves and changed it to LOST and CANCELLED. I called them and the customer service person said it was lost so she was refunding my money and giving me a $30 Amazon credit to use. I asked what I should do if it ever showed up and she said I could donate it or keep it. It finally came almost a week later on my birthday- exactly one year ago today, lol! Nice gift!