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Horchow-Inspired Natural Cane Lampshade

Last Updated on January 8, 2016 by Kristi Linauer

Mary at At Home On The Bay found a Horchow lampshade that was perfect for her home, but she didn’t quite feel up to spending $225 for it. So like any good DIYer, she decided to make her own lampshade using woven natural caning (the kind you see used on chairs), and the result is amazing!

DIY lampshade inspired by an expensive Horchow lampshade with woven natural cane texture

I see DIY projects that are inspired by items from really expensive stores all the time, but usually those DIY projects don’t look quite like the inspiration item. However, this time, Mary nailed it! I mean, her shade look almost identical to the inspiration Horchow shade!! (You’ll have to click over to see the comparison).

To get the details of this project, head over to At Home On The Bay.

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