I Have A Sink!

I have running water in my kitchen, y’all!  We’ve been just over three months without running water in our kitchen.  Three months!!!  But now, I have a real, actual kitchen sink with real, actual running water plus a garbage disposal and a dishwasher.  It’s a glorious thing.

sink installed 2

And my cat Peeve is as obsessed with it as I am.  😀

sink installed 3

After three months without a kitchen sink, I can tell you that this is the most beautiful sight I’ve seen in a very long time.  I was beginning to lose hope that it would actually happen yesterday, though.  The plumber said it would be “sometime after lunch.”  Well, at 3:45, he texted me and said they were still coming, but other things were taking longer than they had planned.  So I waited.  And waited.  By 5:00, I was expecting him to text and say he needed to postpone.  I was so sad.  But they showed up at 5:30, and got everything done in just over an hour.

Installing the sink, faucet, garbage disposal, and dishwasher came to $300, and that included all of the parts.  (Obviously, that didn’t include the actual sink, faucet, garbage disposal, or dishwasher, but it did include all of the pipes and doodads needed to hook all of those things up.)  Best money I’ve ever spent.  Plumbing is kind of like drywall.  I could have done all of that myself, and could have saved about $250 (since I’d still need to buy the pipes and doodads), but it would have taken me two days to do what they did in an hour.

sink installed 1

The dishwasher is a GE Artistry in white (obviously) that matches my refrigerator and range.

The faucet is a Delta Lakeview in stainless steel from Home Depot.  Quite honestly, I didn’t purchase this one because I absolutely love Delta (I have no allegiance to any faucet brand, frankly), or because I just really loved how this one looked.  I bought it because it was literally the only faucet that Home Depot carried in stock at my local store that would fit the configuration that I wanted and that I thought was pretty.

I had a four-hole sink, and I knew one of the holes needed to be used for the garbage disposal push button, and I really wanted one of the holes to be used for a soap dispenser.  So that left me with two holes for the faucet (which needed to include a sprayer).  That greatly reduced my options, so of the options that would fit my “wants and needs” (I think there were two or three that fit), I chose the one I thought was the prettiest.  🙂

The sink is the one that I bought couple of months ago at the Habitat For Humanity ReStore, and I paid $35 for it.  I wanted a white cast iron sink, but I had no idea at the time that I was purchasing a Kohler Hartland sink that costs over $600 at Home Depot.  Of course, when I bought mine, it looked like this…

Kohler Heartland sink purchased at Habitat For Humanity ReStore for $35 - before

It was filthy, but also had some rust spots and dark marks all over the bottom of each basin.  I was pretty sure that most of that would come out with some elbow grease, though.  And sure enough, all but just a couple of spots came out completely.  The ones that remain are greatly diminished, and would probably come out completely if I’d just keep on scrubbing.

sink installed 4

But that’s not too bad for a $35 cast iron sink, right?

sink installed 5

To remove all of the stains and marks, I used this Kohler Cast Iron cleaner that I bought on Amazon.  Many of you suggested it, and it works really well.  Several of you also suggested Barkeeper’s Friend, so I plan on getting some of that to see if it’ll take out those last couple of spots.

sink installed 6

There is one tiny chip on the right corner that obviously I can’t do anything about.  But at least it’s on the far side of the sink as you walk into the room, so it’s not immediately noticeable at all.

sink installed 7

I’m on the home stretch with this kitchen remodel!!

sink installed 1



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  1. how exciting!!! Since I can’t start my kitchen renovation until my bathroom is fixed (water leak, sigh) I’m living vicariously through your renovation! 🙂

  2. ooooh I have the same faucet! 😀 I was hesitant about the included sprayer but it’s cool now that I’m used to it. I like that the disposal access is right there. Mine’s under the sink in the cabinet. At least it’s not that confusing ” is it a light, is it the disposal?” switch on the wall. OMG! I love that sink. I had that at my old house but not the cast iron version. THAT was a MAJOR score!!! I think I could live with the tiny imperfection on the corner. 😀

    1. I didn’t realize there was a non-cast iron version of that sink. The cast iron one is heavy!!! It weighs 130 pounds. I had a little freak out moment the other day wondering if my countertop would actually hold that much weight…plus water…plus dishes. 😀 Of course, I came to my senses and realized that concrete countertops will hold that plus much more.

  3. Darn, you did good, girl!!! Loving it and am so glad that Peeve is happy too!! I look so forward to your ongoing posts regarding your progress. Keep it up! You are one in a million, Kristi!

      1. The dishwasher probably uses the sink drain. And I’m pretty sure that my local code requires that the sink drain be vented.

        1. Yikes, that sounded so bossy….I had attached a link, but it disappeared. I also said that maybe they aren’t needed anymore, but that didn’t post either. Hmmmmm
          I love watching your progress!

        2. Oh, I see what you’re asking. Yes, the sink and dishwasher are vented under the sink. There’s a special way to vent a sink when it’s located on an island or peninsula and you don’t have wall access to vent up through the roof.

          1. An airgap is a thing that sticks up on the sink next to the faucet to not allow dirty water to flow into the dishwasher if the sink gets clogged. You can put in a “high loop” under the sink to replace it. We chose this route cause I didn’t want that ugly thing on my sink. You should double check with the plumber that he configured the dishwasher this way when installing.

            Looks great!!

        3. I just looked up “air gap vent dishwasher” and found a YouTube video. They are those little things that stick up on people sinks. I don’t know why I have never had one, but I think they’re kind of gross and I’m glad I never had one. I would much rather have a cute button to run my disposal! Kristi, you and your family enjoy that beautiful kitchen!

  4. This post actually made my heart sing…lol. Isn’t it amazing how much we can appreciate the most mundane things in life when we’ve had to go without them for an extended time? You couldn’t have found a better sink for your kitchen!…at ANY price. Now, paint the cabinets!! LOL!! 😉

  5. Yippee! So happy for you and I love how the sink turned out with some elbow grease. It looks brand new and blends well with the countertop. Congrats and enjoy a nice soaking bath, now that you have the tub to yourself! : )

  6. Kristi…if ever there was a person for whom I would be so very happy this day it is you! What an awesome find and now that it is all set to go…what a blessing. Incredible sweet friend…just incredible. So happy happy happy for you…doin’ the happy dance for you….Matt and Peeve as well. Enjoy it today…enjoy it to the max!

  7. Your patience is inspiring. I’m not sure how you can live in the middle of a remodel with the mess and inconvenience that comes with it without going crazy! I know I would not be able to endure! I tip my hat to you!

    Congrats on the beautiful sink and faucet! This kitchen is really coming together and I can’t wait to see your next accomplishment.

  8. Kristi, I am lovin your countertops! Well done! The sink is perfect. I would imitate Peeve and sit in an enchanted state admiring it lol. Once again, you are ahhhhhmazing

  9. I love the way your kitchen is shaping up. I love that you are not afraid to use, used things. I love my Kohler cast iron sink. when we installed it my dad complained about me buying a 500 pound sink. It wasn’t actually 500 pounds but he had to lift it by himself so he felt like it was, especially as he was in his 70s at the time.

    1. Wow, I can’t imagine one person lifting that sink all by himself!!! It doesn’t weigh 500 pounds, but it does weigh 130 pounds, and it’s very big and bulky. When I was needing to check the fit of the sink in the hole before pouring the countertops, I had my brother come over and help me lift it, and I almost couldn’t lift my side up high enough. And it took both plumbers to lift it and put it into place. I was holding my breath, just praying that they wouldn’t drop it on my countertop. I know concrete is tough, but I don’t know if it would have survived a 130-pound cast iron sink being dropped on it! 😀 They got it installed without incident, but it did take two of them, and it looked like it was a bit of a struggle for them.

  10. Score on the sink! Be careful with Bar Keepers Friend. It can scratch if you use anything abrasive to scrub with. I learned that the hard way…

  11. Absolutely gorgeous, Kristy! I just love the look of your counter tops, and this sink just adds to the beauty of it all. Just a thought, touch up your nick on the sink with White-out. Yep, I did this on my tub I had painted,(from blue to white) I dropped the shower rod and it put a tiny nick in it.

      1. Kristi, I had a chip in the enamel on my stove, and I found a little bottle of touch-up appliance paint at Lowe’s. It looks like a bottle of nail polish, with a little brush just the right size for those touch-ups.

      2. My spot on the tub is up out of the water, but I also used it on a tiny spot hubby made under the faucet, and water runs over it all the time. I just figured it looked better then the blue peeping out. Appliance paint sounds good , too. Good luck.

  12. I am so happy for you that I would do a happy dance if I knew one. Count the chip as character. The sink is beautiful and truly looks vintage even though it is still made. It fits with your appliances so well. I could care less about when your cabinets get painted, you have a functioning kitchen. Well, except maybe the range on a dolly. LOL. Just take a look at what you have done! I would tell you to rest on your laurels, but since that isn’t going to happen, keep up the good work.

  13. Your blog is the first thing I look for every morning ! You can repair that ding in the sink, just google it. I did a cast iron bathtub ding, and it turned out great! Absolutely love everything you have done!

    1. POOH Flinging Monkey alert!!!

      Perhaps you should find a PRO website/blog to follow! You DO understand that, this LADY has done 99% of this ENTIRE kitchen redux by HERSELF!

      AND furthermore – if this would drive YOU crazy – I suggest not following anymore – because the ONE thing that drives ALL of us absolutely C.R.A.Z.Y here, is when people like YOU come on her blog, and leave comments like that to a person that does not deserve (nor WANT), comments like that, being left by a snooty newbie!!!

      Mind you that you are entitled to an opinion, but NAME CALLING like you just did, is a big NO NO for all of us “Addicted to Decorating” FANS!!! You will find out very quickly that, we will stick up for our interior hero on ANY given day! So be prepared for an influx of be nice comments in return for your rather nasty one!

      1. Hear, hear C.B.! You said what I was thinking so well! WE fans love what you do, and more importantly we love YOU, Kristi, for the kind, creative, genuine, sharing, awesome interior decorator that you are.

      2. Now, now, CB. We’ve got a person here that probably leaves nasty comments throughout blogdom. She’s unhappy and sad (not to mention, downright mean). Let’s give her a big sendoff and hope her cursor never touches Kristi’s site again.

      3. Funny, I guess I am one of those Pollyanna’s who almost never see the bad side! I thought Shady Shull was speaking to her own inability to be anything more than an amatuer, duh, dummy me!

    2. The name says it all! “Shady”!! Take your negativity elsewhere, this blog site is nothing but “Sunny”, inspiring, encouraging and creative.

    3. Two things:

      1. There’s not a single bit of chrome OR nickel in my kitchen. That stuff with the silvery finish? It’s called stainless steel. And all of the silvery stuff is stainless steel, and they all match each other.

      2. Welcome to the new millennium where mixing metal finishes in a room is not only allowed, but it’s very common, and very much a DESIGNER thing to do. The amateur is the one who thinks that all metal finishes must match. I’m guessing it’s been a few years since you last cracked open a shelter magazine. Here’s a link that’ll help you ease into this new modern world of decorating. Welcome! Sorry it took you so long to arrive, but at least you finally made it!


      1. Yea Kristi for taking the high road…people like “Shady” atre just jealous. I LOVE all you have done and are doing and did my own happy dance when the photo of the sink showed up. WOOT WOOT! happy happy happy for you! <3

      2. Kristi you are such a PROFESSIONAL! Way to take the high road and be polite but also teach “Shady” how designing is done in this century. Love, Love, Love all that you do, you are my inspiration!

    4. Go spread your nasty vitriol elsewhere. Being malicious under the cover of anonymity is an act of cowardice. You should be ashamed of yourself, but I have a feeling you’re the kind of person that has no shame.

  14. Okay so how many of us are singing the gospel song “OH HAPPY DAY,,,Oh Happy Day!” It is literally ringing thru my head as I read the status update!!!

    I am so freakin’ happy for you,,, I just can’t STAND it!!! 😀

    They sell little tiny porcelain “fix it kits” that almost looks like a small bottle of nail polish, and you can touch up that corner. It will also help it from getting bigger (I learned that one on my old stove top). It helped out immensely!!

    Wow – I seriously can’t believe how happy I am for you!!!

    Keep it coming! You are doing phenomenal! 🙂

  15. O-M-G!!! WASH AWAY!!!

    (I’m very happy for you, I was beginning to become obsessed with this sink myself!!!)

  16. Generally when you install a overmount (?right term?) sink you put caulk under the lip to keep water from going under it into the cabinet…Do you do that with the concrete countertops? So exciting to see it all come together! I think we are all waiting (not very patiently 😉 to see your cabinet reveal!!!!!!

    1. Yep, you have to do that with concrete countertops as well. I’ll be doing that today. I asked the plumber if I should put caulk around the lip before they dropped the sink in, but he said it could be done afterwards.

  17. I love your enthusiasm! I can relate to the little victories that bring so much joy. It’s because of your vision, your patience and your ultimate excitement of accomplishment, that I can’t wait to read your blog everyday!!! Thanks for sharing your highs and lows during your home transformation.

  18. My Hartland was on sale all those years ago but not nearly the bargain you got ! I just called my tile guy for an estimate but still waiting your blog after you do yours. I want to take out the faux 3″ backsplash that comes with most formica counters so the tile goes all the way to the counter. I think it looks more modern. Will probably hire it out as working f/t and reno is a bit much for this Golden Girl!

    1. I agree with you about the backsplash looking more up-to-date without the little backsplash that matches the countertop. I call those little 3-inch or 4-inch backsplashes “apartment backsplashes” because that’s what they remind me of. I much prefer a backsplash to go from right under the upper cabinets all the way to the countertop.

  19. Thank Heavens! Now I can go about my day, LOL. I have been waiting to hear from you all morning, half of which you were probably still sleeping, given the time zones! The sink looks about as good as you can get without paying $600. It cleaned up beautifully. Love the faucet and DW. Now for the color and SHAZAM! ….Kristi’s got her kitchen. It may have taken some time, and seemed a lot worse for you living there, but for those of us watching and reading you make it sound remarkably straightforward and while maybe not easy, certainly doable with the right tools and the right manpower. I can see myself being general contractor on the interior of my retirement house. Just slap up those walls and roof and give me a few handy guys and I will have it covered! You light the fire under all of us. As always….Blessings

  20. I am so happy for you. It is coming along so nicely. I love the faucet. I has a feeling of elegance that fits right in with your kitchen. I also love the finish. I keep noticing the green on the clapboard wall behind the sink. I know it is not the green that will be on the cabinets, however it really makes the countertop pop! It is a glimpse of what the finished product will look like. AND I LOVE IT! Looking forward to the finish line as I am sure you are. Hmmmmm, where are we going after the kitchen is done???? LOL

    1. I’m torn on that. I REALLY want to work on our bedroom, but I also want to finish up the living room. Now that we’ve had the house leveled, I can do the projects in there that I couldn’t do before. BUT…I’d also like to do the breakfast room, because I’m going to have this pretty (to me) kitchen, but each time I’m in there, I’ll have to look at that ugly breakfast room until it’s done. 😀 So much to do!

      1. That’s the project I was hoping you’d tackle next. It seems like it would pretty quick to complete. ourse, I’m a huge baker and love to cook so standing at my sink looking at the unfinished room would drive me absolutely mad.

      2. Those are hard choices! The way my brain works I tend to want to work on what I see. So the breakfast room would be next. But the idea of a Master bedroom oasis is hard to resist. (You do deserve a nice place to rest at the end of your long day) But I would then want to finish the master bath….. Oh what a conundrum!

      3. Gotta do that breakfast room! I think it’s a place where you and Matt can really spend time together, amid any other chaos. You’ll have a beautiful space for your meals, and you sitting area at the other end will give you time to catch up. You can even put a flat screen on the wall so you can watch the news or Jepoardy together. Maybe even relax with a movie! I would leave the living room for later. Do the breakfast room, then the master bedroom, that ought to give you plenty to think about. I’d like to know how you manage life when you seem to devote every day to your diy work. How does the laundry get done? What about grocery shopping? I seemto have so much to do that I can never get startdd! What’s your secret???? Please don’t say you are related to the energy bunny, I know her, she is my cousin, LOL

  21. AWESOME!!! So happy for you! My daughter just had her sink installed yesterday too!!! After 3 months from moving in to her home and immediately starting her kitchen reno. She also ran into unexpected issues and is so thrilled to finally have a working kitchen!

    I have a suggestion for the stain that remains in your sink. I have a friend who also has a white cast iron sink and she fills her sink with water and adds clorox and lets it sit for a while and it bleaches the stains right out!

    Good luck! And hope you have many wonderful memories made in your new kitchen!


  22. Oh my goodness its lovely! I’m really looking forward to seeing the tiled walls and green cabinets. Matter of fact, I look forward to reading your blog everyday!

  23. Love, love, LOVE! I can’t believe what you accomplish, then find the time to take pictures and blog about it! I read every post you publish, excited to see what you’ve done next. I’m in a similar situation as you where I do all the home improvement, so you are an inspiration. 🙂

    On a side note, that last picture made me giggle because you’ve got nearly everything finished and installed, yet that small drywalled wall still sits there, unfinished. I have to jump around with things too or I get bored, I actually used you as a scapegoat not long ago when my hubby was asking why I didn’t finish one thing before moving on to the next! “Well Kristi does it on her blog I read, I’m the same way!” haha!

  24. Absolutely love it!! I am like the rest…can’t wait to read your blog…it is as important to me as…brushing my teeth… Love the picture of the Peeve watching that faucet waiting for it to spout water???? You are a phenomena to women kind!! This last week reading your adventures has been like running a marathon…so glad you survived!!!

  25. Great deal on the sink, Kristi! And, now you can use it too. God bless the plumbers, as they have to be contortionists to complete their jobs Love this blog and almost as much, your exceptionally loyal followers, too. If anyone cares, the air switch was first used for Jacuzzi whirlpools.

    1. Duh, again dummy me, I use one everyday in my bath tub! I was thinking it was a new invention, LOL

  26. WOW and WOW!
    So happy for you. As in stand in line with the rest you are amazing and I can just feel your joy and celebrate with you. Blessings.

  27. Looks beautiful! You could maybe dab a bit if appliance touch up paint on the chip in the sink.

  28. Can’t wait to see how that green will look on the cabinets. I think that Ruby Tuesdays has that same green on their walls.

  29. I know just how happy you are to have a sink again, it’s the most inconvenient thing about a kitchen remodel. You might consider getting grids for the bottom of the sink, they really protect it, plus you can drain stuff on them.

  30. Now, break out the bottle of bubbly and prop your feet up–oh, for at least a day. The sink is marvelous. And I love the garbage disposal button (I just hate the wall-mount because, as mentioned by another person here, I never can sort out what’s light switch and what’s not.) I’ve known of the technology but have never seen one in action.

    Good job!

  31. Love watching all the progress you have made. Can’t wait to see your finished kitchen. BTW you might try white touchup appliance paint to cover the chip on your sink. It works great on my chipped floor tiles. I believe I bought mine at Home Depot. It comes in a small bottle with a brush (kind of like nail polish). I usually have to mix almond and white to get the right color.

  32. Wow, Kristi, the whole set up looks beautiful! That faucet is gorgeous, the sink looks beautiful and I am in love with your appliances. Those countertops are just amazing, the finish is just so lovely. I cannot wait to see the whole thing finished, it’s going to be really spectacular!

    1. Kristi, I forgot to add this yesterday: Bar Keeper’s Friend is an amazing product. I use it with just a plain sponge on my sink (not one of those abrasive, “scrubby” sponges), and I also used it on a friend’s bathtub that looked very much like your sink did when she moved into her new place. It was an old clawfoot tub that needed a serious scrubbing, in fact, I thought it might need to be re-porcelained it looked so bad.

      Anyhow, I wet the entire tub down, sprinkled the BKF liberally all over and let it sit for a while to let it work on the stains. Then went in and scrubbed it down, and I didn’t even have to use extra elbow grease or anything. Rinsed the tub, it looked almost new again! On some of the extra tough spot, I made a paste of water and the BKF, applied to the spot and let it sit and work its magic, then went in an scrubbed again, rinsed, et voila – stains gone! She was *amazed* at the difference. So, I highly recommend BKF, and I bet it’ll get out any remaning spots in your sink.

      Lastly, I had a chip in my sink and used the porcelain glaze product you can get at Home Depot that looks like a little bottle of white out or nail polish. It has a tiny brush inside, and you can use it to fix chips in your porcelain. I used the Porc-A-Fix product and it worked realy well: http://www.amazon.com/Aluminum-Stainless-Porcelain-Repairs-Enamel/dp/B008BV1DC4/ref=sr_1_1?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1404433836&sr=1-1&keywords=PORC-A-FIX

  33. Yikes, I’d go crazy w/o a sink for so long. Congratulations! I can’t believe the deal you got on that sink, too. That is amazing and you deserve it. So impressed w/ your progress. It looks fab!

  34. Love everything you have done!! My husband and I are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen/ dining room. We knocked down walls and removed doors to open the space between them. We started in February and you have passed us by miles lol. However we both work two jobs and raising twin 16 year old girls lol. So,in our free time we are remodeling. We just finished hanging dry wall and installing new exterior doors. I have purchased my lighting and I have choosen a copper farm sink and I love it!! I can’t wait to see it installed. I watch for your blog and can’t wait to see what you have done lately. Your vision is finally coming into place!!

  35. Love the new sink, Kristi- we had a similar one put in our house- just before we put it on the market. Drat, I hate when that happens! By the way, I love that you have a pet Peeve! If I ever had a cat (not going to happen, allergies), I always wanted to name it Bang-Bang. Too obscure?

  36. As a plumbing contractor we always coat the edge and underside of the cast iron sinks etc with acrylic spray paint. It helps so the rust doesn’t come thru on the edges. Try putting a little on that chip once in a while to protect the rust from coming through. I use soft scrub liguid with bleach on my cast iron sink and it always gets every little mark out. I think you are doing an awesome job!!! Can’t wait to see the finished kitchen.

  37. Kristi, I am so dang proud of all you’ve accomplished! Congrats on the running water and the gorgeous sink. Your pet’s name certainly matches your creativity! Years ago, I had 2 cats named Huntley and Brinkley to honor the news reporters that I grew up listening to each night.

  38. Awesome, and on behalf of all your avid readers, thank you so much for sharing your remodeling and DIY journeys. Like others, yours is the first blog I check daily. I love seeing what you do. And am so appreciative that you still find time to write it up and share it with you. I’m a little late to seeing this post today and laughed out loud when your loyal and admiring fans took down the negative commenter. I’ve never seen that happen before, but my dear, your readers “got your back!” Have a great Fourth of July weekend and be sure to have some fun family time with Matt.

  39. Yea! Congratulations! I too have a cast iron sink. I just clean it with baking soda. I however have a kind of gouge deep enough that staining occurs on the edges of it in the bottom of the basin. I would like to fill it with something to make it smooth. Any ideas? Would that appliance paint people were suggesting above suffice?

    And I can’t get over those counter tops! Georgeous!

  40. Gahhhhhh! I LOVE those concrete counters! I could barely take my eyes off them to look at your sink (which is lovely)!!

    We had a flood-induced reno a couple of years ago, which meant we had no sink for about 4.5 months….right through Christmas! I remember turning on the new tap the first time & you’d think I’d never seen water before, I was so excited!

  41. Kristi…FYI…I have often used White-Out …for disquising chips…for touching up white paint…for even filling tiny holes in walls too!…I used some not long ago, on a spot, in white grout, that would not come clean!… I have rental property and this trick has saved me, many a time!

  42. I may sound dumb but are bath tubs cast iron? I have some spots that I have not been able to remove in my tub and I am thinking maybe I need to try these cleansers. Your sink looks amazing!!!

  43. Hi Kristi,

    There a two kinds of The Barkeepers Friend; one that is a blue and gold bottle, and the other is a white bottle with a silver label that is made for cleaning cooktops. Both are liquid, not powder. The cooktop one is amazing! I thought I was going to have to replace my fiberglass shower because of the yellow tint from rust in the water. I had just finished a cosmetic upgrade on my bathroom and the tub/shower surround was so dingy. I cleaned the shower with the cooktop cleaner and I’m telling you it was like brand new. Well after I ran out of it, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I thought, no problem I’ll just use the regular blue and gold BKF. It did not work anything like the cooktop cleaner. I was sad…and began searching locally at ever store I went into. I finally found it at my local small town grocery store! I bought all five bottles!

    Keep up the inspiration you provide to all of us. You are very motivating and I really enjoy your approach to your projects and how you let us all in to share your experiences. Thank you!

    1. Vicky, there is also a powdered form of Bar Keepers Friend. It is the original, before the liquid form became available. I have used it over 20 years on my cast iron/porcelain sinks. Just be careful and not use an abrasive scrubber with the powdered form.

      1. I also use the powdered form on my stainless steel cookware I have had over 43 years — cleans them up as if brand new.

  44. Gorgeous! Love the new sink, Love everything you have done! Whole set up looks beautiful! That faucet is gorgeous, the sink looks beautiful and I am in love with your appliances. Those countertops are just amazing; the finish is just so lovely.

  45. What is your professional opinion on acrylic sinks? We’re about to re-do our kitchen, and I desperately want a white apron front, double bowl kitchen sink, and the cheapest one I can find that isn’t acrylic is $700! The acrylic ones I’m finding are $300-$400, but I wonder about the quality/scratch resistance of those. :/

    1. I don’t have any personal experience with one, but from what I’ve read, I wouldn’t buy one. Acrylic is plastic, and spending several hundred dollars on a plastic sink just doesn’t sit well with me. And plus, I’m just not very careful. I have a tendency to take pans right off of the burner, empty the contents, and put the burning hot pan right into the sink. Plastic can burn, so if I had one, it would be scarred and marred in no time.

      I also use my kitchens sink to clean paint brushes, and while I generally use latex/water-based products, I do occasionally use oil-based products, and those oil-based products and the petroleum-based cleaners that are used to clean oil-based products would also damage an acrylic sink.

      Those are just two of the “cons” that would affect my personal decision, but I think in general, there are way more “cons” to an acrylic sink than there are “pros.”