Inspiring Design:: Vanessa de Vargas

Oh, I’m sure you’ve heard of LA-based interior designer Vanessa de Vargas of Turquoise. Or if you haven’t, you’ve most certainly seen her work. I don’t remember where I first came across her designs, but I’ve had some of her rooms saved to my “inspiration file” for well over two years now, and I still don’t tire of looking at them.

If I had an office like this, I’d wake up
every morning excited to get to work.

One of my favorite offices….ever!

Beautiful mix of colors and patterns.

This kitchen layout and size is similar to mine, and if I could start
over with brand new cabinets, THIS is how mine would look.

One of my favorites!!  The sofa with the red stripe down the middle…I want it!

Beautiful use of color and pattern.

A red, black, and white color scheme can be one of the most
difficult to pull off, but done right, it’s one of my favorites!!

Want more inspiration?  Click here to go to Vanessa’s website.  And she has a blog, too!



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  1. The office with the yellow and aqua tones is absoutely stunning. I love how bright and inviting it is! It would not only make me eager to go to work everyday but I think I would enjoy my day more as a whole. Thank you!

  2. Wow. The interior of the house is so great and I absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing this article. I love your blog. I got many ideas in decorating my house. Keep posting!

  3. they all were so beautiful images…i really like the this house..thanks for sharing this post