A New Color For The Pet Station:: What Color Should I Choose?!

I love my pet station, but I’ve decided that it needs a new color.

You see, when I made it, I was determined to bring that pinkish red color into my little condo. Well, since then, I’ve realized that perhaps I’m not really a pinkish red kind of person. So I switched to orange–turquoise, apple green, yellow, white, and ORANGE. Yes, that suits me much better. And as you know, my dining chairs are temporary. I still haven’t found any replacements, but I’m looking!!

So far the orange is just in little tiny doses, but I promise it’s there. See here on the hand-painted family name sign?

Then there are my little chalkboard basket tags, accented in orange.

And then it’s here on the tree mural also. Can you see it?

And of course, in the whole “master plan” for my little condo’s “public spaces”, I plan to bring more touches of orange here and there.

So, since I switched out the pinkish-red for orange, my thought was naturally that I’d paint the pet station some shade of orange. But when I told my mom what I was planning, she looked at me as if I had lost my mind.

Now I realize that orange is one of those colors that people either generally love or hate. I happen to love it. But now I’m doubting my decision.

Well, perhaps she’s right. After all, looking back at my “roadmap” for my design plan, there’s really not much orange at all. I suppose a huge orange pet station might be a bit much for the room.

Oh mercy! Will this thing EVER get done?! Anyway, the roadmap has changed a bit. I’ve decided to get new chairs (if I can ever find them!!), and I’m still going to do a floor cloth, but it probably won’t be stripes. But this is still the general feel that I want in the room.

So what do you think? What color should this pet station be?

(photo by Ben Sklar for the NYTimes)

We tossed around some other ideas, like apple green or black. One color I know for certain that I don’t want is turquoise. I already have plenty of turquoise. I don’t know…I still like the orange idea, but would that be a huge mistake?

Give me your thoughts!!



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  1. Why not paint the exterior in the green and the interior orange (or vice versa) and use the valance fabric for the cushion? It would be bold for sure! Or black exterior with the green or orange interior?

  2. I would paint it a brown (same tones as the curtain and countertop) and then accent it with orange on the inside. It would blend in then but give some zing with the orange. I wouldn't add anymore green, it could be too overpowering

  3. I like it the way it is – I don't think everything has to be the same colors, does it? Could you incorporate some of you other room colors in a cushion cover? I'm not a fan of the white.

  4. Well, I'm going to express my opinion again, Kristi. 🙂 Turquoise is your main color, number one. To me, if you paint the pet station or any other piece of furniture orange or even green, it would look like it is fighting to be number one. Well, maybe that's a little dramatic. Anyway, I say leave the orange and green for accent pieces, not painted furniture. I still say it should be a neutral color, like black or even brown that would continue the color of the counter tops, but leave the white area to lighten it up. You could put something on the wall over it that has some orange, green, yellow, etc. I just think that orange should be used only for very small accents. Could you find orange bowls to put in it?

  5. For what it's worth (two cents or less?) I immediately thought of green at the beginning of your post.

  6. I def wouldn't use the turquoise….. it would just blend in and not be such a POP…. I think orange may be too bold but I do like some of the suggestions to paint it black on the outside and use your pop of color inside… then I think orange would work well.

  7. I vote for a smoky/slate grey. Something that totally sings with the turquoise but remains very grown up and gorgeous. but I looooooove the idea of the orange on the inside!! What a fun surprise as you actually turn the corner and see that pop of FUN!

  8. I'm liking Michelle's idea of doing the outside black and putting the orange on the inside. I found a pic of a black antique secretary that was painted a brilliant corally orange on the inside…just stunning! My post yesterday was all about orange. Maybe it will give you a few ideas.

  9. I think the pretty green you have on your walls, with the orange at the back, on the beadboard. That way, you'll get your pop of orange as a surprise, but the station will blend in more.

  10. Personally, I LOVE orange, but maybe pull in some green or yellow from the sign and the rug in your mock up? I love what people are saying about painting just the inner panels of it orange with the outside a more subdued color.

  11. I love orange. My living room has orange walls. Two different shades of orange to be exact. Two in a lighter color and 2 in a darker tone. The curtains are velvet. Orange velvet. Sounds crazy? Together with the off white woodwork and furniture and little splashes of olive green and red in some of the accessories it's gorgeous! So I have to vote orange! But..the exact same shade of orange you have used for the berries in your mural. With a different color on the inside. The same as the wall you have painted the birds on perhaps? Or you could wallpaper the inside. Do what YOU feel makes you happy.
    And just suppose just for the sake of it that it looks awful when you have painted it in whatever color.. Just paint it again!

  12. I'm with those who want to paint the outside black and the inside orange. I think it would not be overly bold but the orange would pop against the black and pick up some of the other orange accents to tie into the room.

  13. It may be too late for me to chime in my 2 cents worth, but I was envisioning a bluish-green paint color, sanded down and white-washed (similar to your family name sign). Pick a fabric for the cushion with subtle colors – voila! I really enjoy your site!

  14. I’d pick out a shade of green from your curtains. i think the blue/green effects of sea glass tones would be wonderful!

    Good luck!