Master Bathroom Plans – The Overall Look

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As you’ve probably noticed, our master bathroom project was delayed, but it looks like we’re on track to start very soon. I’m actually glad it was delayed, because that gave me a bit more time to nail down the design plan for the room. I had been collecting all of these ideas and specific products on the browser on my laptop, and then when my computer crashed last week, I lost all of it. So it’s taken me a while to locate everything again, and while I’m still missing a few key elements, I thought I’d share with you the direction this bathroom will be taking. Here’s a general overview of my selections to show you the overall look…

First of all, most of you probably already know about the mural that I purchased for the wall behind the bathtub. This is the jumping off point for all of my other selections for the rest of the room.

On the rest of the walls, I wanted something that would give color and texture without taking away from the mural. I considered things like grasscloth, but in the end, I decided to try to do Venetian plaster. It has been well over a decade since I’ve done a Venetian plaster wall treatment, so I’ll kind of be relearning how to do it, but I’m excited to try. And because I love my colors alongside lots of white, I’ll be doing this on the upper walls only, and using white wainscoting on the bottom parts of the walls.

master bathroom plans - venetian plaster walls
Venetian plaster wall treatment

I changed my original selection for the bathtub and opted instead for this freestanding tub with some gentle curves. It gives a nod to the traditional style that I always seem to gravitate towards.

I originally chose all of the faucets (sink, tub, and shower) in matte black. But based on the comments I received from several people who had terrible experiences with black faucets scratching, chipping and peeling (a recurring theme I saw in customer reviews as well), I decided to switch directions and go with the Delta Trinsic faucets in champagne bronze.

I haven’t found the exact floor tiles that I want to use just yet, but I do know I want a porcelain marble-look tile in a creamy white and very light gray. I found these tiles on the Home Depot website to give you a general idea, but I think these are too off-white. I’d like something a little brighter white, but not stark white. Also, these are 10″ x 10″, and I definitely want something either bigger or a rectangle shape.

master bathroom plans - floor tiles

This mirror was a must-have item as soon as I saw it. I knew I didn’t want to use rectangle mirrors because they’re going on a wall with a rectangle window in the middle. Three rectangles in a row didn’t appeal to me. But I didn’t think that a circular or oval mirror would work well for Matt since the optimal viewing area on an oval or round mirror is in the middle and not towards the bottom, but it’s hard to see in the middle when you’re sitting in a wheelchair.

So when I saw this mirror, I knew it was perfect — squared off on the bottom for wider viewing area, but curves on the top to break up the rectangles on that wall.

I lost the link to the chandelier that I had selected to go over the tub when my computer crashed last week. I’m still searching, but it looked almost identical to this one, but without an identical price tag. I could have sworn it was about half the price of this one (more in the $200 range). So I hope I can find it again. I’ve searched and searched, but so far, no such luck.

master bathroom plans - bathtub chandelier
Bubble Glass Sputnik Chandelier from Heparts Home

This is not the vanity I’ll be using, but I’m showing you this one because the color is pretty much spot on. I’ll be building the vanity for the bathroom since ours will be 12 feet long and must accommodate a wheelchair user on one end. That obviously requires a custom design and build, so I’ll take on that challenge myself. I’ll be making the vanity out of white oak, and using a white quartz countertop on it, so this is a pretty good representation of how that will look.

Vanity from Amazon

I still need to finalize the floor tile selection and find shower faucet hardware that I like in matte black. That’s presented way more of a challenge than finding the tub filler and sink faucets for some reason. I also need to find the correct (much cheaper) chandelier, and also select wall sconces for the vanity wall. I’d like to find something that’s a bit on the modern side and incorporates both brushed gold and black. But so far, I haven’t found anything that fits the bill that I actually like.

But I think I’m well on my way to creating a unique and colorful master bathroom that has my Kristi stamp on it. 😀

If I happen to find the perfect wall sconces, I’ll add them to this post, and to my little collage, so that we can see how they’ll work in the room.


I think I’ve found the perfect sconces! I edited the collage picture above to show the sconces.

Tracie curved arm classic sconce from Shades of Light



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  1. The bathroom is going to be beautiful. This is just from my experience, but the black faucets scratch so easily. We bought some quite expensive ones for our bathroom and regret them. They look horrible and they are only 3 years old and now look 20. We will be replacing them next year when we remodel the bathroom.

    1. I agree 100%! They scratch and seem to dull. I’ve had mine about 3 years also. I know I paid quite a bit for them so need to wait a little longer before replacing.

    2. That’s interesting; my matte black kitchen faucet looks new, three years in. I love how it hides hard water stains in between cleanings, too.

    3. This is going to be beautiful! Have you thought about using a pinterest board to save your selections? It’s nice to have them all in one place without slowing down your computer or potentially losing links…

    4. I’m wondering if the way to go with black faucets is not so expensive…lol I have had mine almost 12 years, and they look brand new. they were just the stock items from Lowe’s, and ones I found online…not expensive at all. Now, granted, it is just me and the hubs here, but I went with black everything knobs, doorknobs and hinges and I love it! But Kristi, I also love the color you picked!

  2. I am loving the design elements you have chosen. I also chose matte black for all of our fixtures in a bathroom reno. I went with this shower set up from Delta with this tub set up the shape very reminds me of what you picked for the sinks. I believe it also comes with an adjustable shower bar option something like this I had really wanted that so my kids would start to take showers instead of baths. but it doesnt work with our tub.

    1. That chandelier for me is $439 but doesn’t the price adjust if your computer knows you’re looking for an item doesn’t the price go up? Maybe Kristi the same chandelier you looked at before now the vendors website charges you double because of cookies or something. Is it called price phishing or something like that?

  3. Venetian plaster would be gorgeous in the room. I also haven’t done that technique in years. Now I’m wondering where I could use it in my current home!

  4. Have you considered putting a door into the laundry room from either your room or your closet? It would be so much more accessible than walking all the way around the house. Im loving watching you transform this house into your home

  5. I was just thinking this morning about a cream venetian plaster look in the house we just bought. Hopefully that is coming back.

  6. You won’t see the shower head from room so I wouldn’t spend the money on black. They also spot a lot.
    I had a painter do the plaster on my walls but she used a plaster that had ground up glass in it. It has a little sheen to it but is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  7. Wow, Kristi! That is going to be one gorgeous bathroom! And I totally love that soaking tub! I sure wish I had had the space in my master bathroom for a tub like that. I cannot wait to see the finished room! xo

  8. Are the marble floor tiles going to be slick ? I worked in an office that had marble floors and if any water was on them, you busted your butt everytime. I just want to be sure you are both safe !

  9. Love your mural. It’s like walking into spring and will be so tranquil and magical, especially on dreary days. I can’t wait to see the updates. It’s going to be stunning.

  10. Beautiful choices, Kristi. The mural is a stunner. Such a relaxing view. Since some commenters have had questionable experiences with black fixtures, I will be interested to see if more chime in with similar stories.

    I am looking forward to the final result.

  11. This is going to be a bathroom that you definitely want to spend time in, gorgeous. Did you decide about whether to keep the walls at either end of the bath?

  12. Love the entire look!!!!! Can’t wait to see you execute it! You take my breath away with all you can accomplish Kristi!

  13. That mural is stunning…take a bubble bath and enjoy the view! I LOVE the wall color and that Venetian plaster-type look you might go for. It is stunning. I don’t know anything about black fixtures but it seems you will need to read lots of reviews before the purchase. Those fixtures are all so darn expensive, and I would hate if they don’t hold up! And definitely look for something non-slip for the floor. We have shiny tile in our house – did not pick, and I almost break my neck or wrench my back when something gets wet and I don’t know it…it is WAY too slippery! I am getting so excited to see the work in progress!

  14. When I am doing online shopping, I create a document with all the links in it. I save it on my desktop, so it’s easy to access while I’m working on that project. Hope that helps with future projects.

  15. I love the way you are doing you master bathroom. I do have a question for you.. I read that you are putting a Chandelier above your tub. I to want a chandelier above my tub. I live in North Texas area and I have been told my 2 different Electricians that it is against city code to do so… do you know anything about that?

    1. Your electricians are correct. If you put a chandelier above a tub, the bottom of the chandelier has to be eight feet above the highest point on the tub. That means that most people can’t (shouldn’t) have a chandelier above their tub unless they have incredibly high ceilings. And people with eight-foot ceilings can’t (shouldn’t) have one above their tub ever.

      I was thinking about this just yesterday as I was looking for that chandelier. This is probably the one building code that is broken the most. You can look on Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram — anywhere there are lots of photos of bathrooms — and you will see thousands of examples of people violating this building code. I knew my contractor wouldn’t do it for me, but initially I was going to do it myself and then install the chandelier when they were finished.

      But yesterday as I was searching for the chandelier, I actually changed my mind. Knowing that something is against building code, and having an audience of hundreds of thousands of people (including my blog and social media accounts), it’s incredibly irresponsible for me to go full steam ahead with something I know full well violates building code in the entire country. I tried to convince myself it was okay because thousands of other people (homeowners, designers, decorators, and probably even some contractors) do that and share their photos online, but I felt really bad that I had suggested it. So instead, I’m going to be putting the chandelier in the center of the room. That way I can have my pretty chandelier without flagrantly violating building codes.

  16. Instead of black fixtures, I used rubbed bronze. It looks matte black. I’ve had no problems with it.
    Love the plans!

  17. Your bathroom design looks lovely! I feel compelled to warn you about your tub filler selection, though. We have the same one (in a different finish) and it is not great. The handheld sprayer leaks continuously when the water is running. We even contacted the manufacturer who sent us replacement hardware but it did not help at all. When we fill the tub we have to dangle the handheld sprayer over the side of the tub to catch the water trickle. I wish someone had warned me because I would have definitely gone with a different brand/model.