Mix & Match Chairs:: Yes or No?

Remember the cute little Craigslist chairs I bought a few days ago?

chairs 2

Well, I asked what y’all thought about the idea of mixing and matching the chairs so that I could keep two of the new ones for myself.  The mix and match idea seemed to go over pretty well (with a couple of exceptions), so I took my two chairs, along with two of the “new” chairs, over to John & Alice’s house to see what they look like.

j and a kitchen breakfast table

Now of course, you have to look past all of the mismatched colors and the faux wood grain on the laminate table top.  Imagine all of the chairs painted the same color, upholstered in the same fabric, the table base painted black, with a new real wood table top.

Can you picture it?  Do you still think the mix and match will work?  Or should I keep all four of the “new” chairs together.

I definitely have an opinion, but I’m curious to know what you think.

On a related topic, I was shocked to see how pretty the teal chairs looked in the room!

j and a kitchen breakfast table 2

I do think that color (which is the color I used on my own kitchen cabinets) is a bit too teal for the room.  I actually have a slightly different paint color that I’ll use on the chairs.  But it was fun to be able to immediately see how painted chairs will look in the room.

I actually really liked the one with the dry brushing against the draperies and walls.  And considering that I’m going to paint the table base black, I think this paint technique would work well on the chairs.

j and a kitchen breakfast table 3

So back to my original question.  What do you think of the mix and match chair situation?


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  1. Hi Kristi-

    I like the mix – it creates more interest and personality in your room.
    My best- Diane

  2. I LOVE the idea of mix and match chairs. I think it adds a level of interest and sophistication somehow…..

    By the way, you must never sleep! Between the work you do and the posting and the facebook-ing…..wow! You're Superwoman! 

  3. I like all the chairs the same… in this case.  I have mixed chairs before, but I think the heights should be more the same.

    On another note…. what is the fabric on the curtains?  I just ordered something for my bedroom that looks exactly like that.  It's backordered until June 25th but that's ok, I need to paint the walls 1st and it might take that long to get it all done ;/ 

    I got it from fabric.com and it's called Premier Prints Ozbourne in Robin and White.  If that's what this is PLEASE share the wall color.  I'm torn between going towards blue or towards green since the "robin" color has a little of both in it.  And I love the walls with that fabric, so soothing… just so hard to tell on a computer screen what the true colors are.

  4. With such a small table, I would keep all 4 chairs the same.  If you were to extend it to seat 6 (assuming that it extends), then mixing would look great, with two more substantial chairs on the ends.  I love the faux bamboo regency table…. don't know how I'd like it black, though!  Curious to see what you come up with.  Will you paint the chairs black also?  I'd love to see you find four faux bamboo regency chairs to match the table.

  5. I love the mix and match chairs!  You will be pulling it together with the fabric so I think it will be an interesting change in the room! 

  6. I think the mix & match looks really good. I was one of the "exceptions" (haha) but that wasn't because I didn't think it would look nice. (I have mismatched chairs in my own dining room.) It was only because I didn't want to split up such a lovely quartet. But you know what — spread the love! They look great mismatched, and you'll give the other two a good home, so I'm no longer worried. 🙂

  7.  Looking at the height of the chairs(from what I could tell), I think it would work and look nice.

    What I'm most curious about is how you're going to replace the laminate top with a real wood top. Looking forward to that tutorial.

  8. I LOVE the look of mismatched chairs!! It looks so much more casual, and is so perfect for a casual, cottage, country look.  Those chairs you found a beautiful, by the way!
    The chairs in our dining room are the same style, but I painted two of them dark blue, two of them light blue, two of them red, and two of them white.  I love the mix of colors, and I think it added a bit of fun and whimsy to our dining room. I don't like a dining room set to look matchy-matchy. I think it's boring. So I would definitely keep the mix of chair styles. It's cute! 

  9. That's exactly what this fabric is!  What a bargain, right?  And their backorder dates are never accurate.  My experience is that they fabrics generally come in way before the backorder date. 

    The paint color is called Rainwater.  It's a Martha Stewart color from Home Depot. 

  10. I love the mixed chairs.  Are you planning to use a print on the upholstered seats?  I was wondering what it would look like to have a larger print on two chairs and then a smaller, color coordinated print on the other two.  Or, maybe use a floral and a coordinating stripe.  Just a thought.

  11. I think mix and match, with chairs of a similar height, can be really nice when done well but in this case the table may be a little small too pull it off. Besides, it would be a terrible shame to split up such a lovely set of chairs.

  12. Oh, I'm so happy to hear that about the back-order dates!  I went to Home Depot yesterday and got several paint samples, I think Martha and I have similar taste because wow, she has about 5 colors that look awesome with the fabric!  Thanks!