Sherwin Williams’ Chip It! Tool

Have you seen Sherwin Williams’ new Chip It tool? It turns any photo into a color palette, and it even gives you paint colors! I only recently found out about it, and I’m hooked. I just want to find pretty, colorful pictures and chip ’em! Here are a few I did last night…

Photo credits:  (1) A2D (2) Alice B. Gardens Photography (3) Flickr (4) Tumblr (5) Piccsy (6) Honey Of A thousand Flowers (7) The Cool Hunter (8) Baskey Studios (9) (10) Honey Of A Thousand Flowers (11) Flickr (12) Flickr

Isn’t that fun?!  I thin this one is my favorite…

(photo via Flickr)


I wish I had a room that I could decorate in those color!  I also really like this one…


photo via The Cool Hunter


It’s super simple to use.  Just go to the Chip It website, drag and drop the tool to your Bookmark Toolbar, and when you see a photo with colors you like, just click the “Chip It!” tool on your toolbar, mouse over the photo like, and click “Chip It”.  Once your chip card is created, you can save it to your ChipBoard (and you can create many ChipBoards to keep them organized by category).  You can also share your chip cards on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest with just the click of a button.  Give it a try!  It’s really fun, and kind of addicting.

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  1. I don’t know if I should thank you or curse you!!! I have a feeling I’ll be over at Sherwin-Williams’ website for hours on end now…

    😉 Jessica

  2. I’m completely in love with it. I had compared Colortopia to Chip It on my site and there’s just no comparison because Chip It is so good at what it does.

  3. They have a very similar tool that’s an app for iPhones – “ColorSnap”. Also, Benjamin Moore has an app called “Color Capture.” Both are so much fun to play with!