The Concrete Floor Diaries, Day 4 (and taking a much-needed break)

This has been the never-ending project. I’m exhausted, and my hands are so sore. If you missed the previous posts on this project, you can get caught up here…

Yesterday (Friday) I went to the condo and pulled up the tape on the floor to reveal my “area rug” design in the living room. I was very pleased, but the tape pulled up some of the base color, so now I have about a thousand little touch-ups to do. I stayed for a while to do some of them, but honestly, I was too exhausted to continue, so I took the rest of the day off and took a much-needed nap.

I’m about to head over now and finish up. I’m excited to be finished with the painting today, and to be ready to do the clear top coat tomorrow. I’ll share a photo with you later today.

P.S.–Did I mention that my cabinets are NOT staying the color they are now? I just looked at the photos, and realized how TERRIBLE the floor color and cabinet color looks together. I just didn’t want y’all to think I’ve lost my mind!! After this weekend, literally the ONLY project that will be finished is my floor. I have a long way to go!!!

UPDATE: This project is finished! Click here to see the final post on this project, and to see how the floor turned out.

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