The Concrete Floor Diaries, Day 3 (and hints of what’s to come)

Well, there’s a reason that I’m posting this at 12:45am. Yes, I just got through painting my floors. I’m beyond exhausted, but only a few touchups, and then the clear topcoat to go. I’m so ready to be finished!!

If you missed the first two days of this project, you can click the links below to get caught up…

So after Day 3, here’s the progress:

The paint is still wet (and drying randomly in places), but you can at least see the color.

And here’s the hallway…

Some paint is wet, some is dry, so it looks a bit blotchy right now.

And the living room…

You can see hints of what’s to come. I had wanted the difference to be more subtle, but got tired of messing with paint. Oh well.

So that’s it so far. I’m really ready to be done and move back in. I miss my little condo!!


This project is finished! Click the links below for the rest of the project posts…



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