This And That (Paint Chip Cabinet Color List, Baseboard Question Answered, and Products Page In Progress)

Well, y’all, it happened again. I woke up yesterday morning with sciatic pain. I was so frustrated and just wanted to cry, not because of the pain, but because of the fear of having to relive the most painful 10 days of my life.

Fortunately, the pain isn’t anything close to what it was before, and it seems to be a bit better this morning. Unfortunately, it was bad enough that it kept me from getting any work done on the studio yesterday. And that was incredibly disappointing because my schedule was a bit different this week with things being rearranged and regular weekly things being cancelled, so I had the potential of having four whole uninterrupted work days in a row. I can’t even remember the last time I had that! But now one of them has been wasted away, and today is questionable. I’m just so frustrated. (But to be clear, I’m also not looking for medical advice. 🙂 There was plenty of advice on previous posts about this issue that I can refer back to.)

So while I’m back to relaxing for a couple of days, I thought I’d get caught up on a few requests and answer a “most asked” question about my last project.

First up, the paint swatch cabinet. I did make a decision about cabinet door pulls. I went with an idea that several of you suggested — cheap wood knobs painted to match the colors they sit on. I worked on this Monday afternoon and posted an update on Monday’s post, but just in case you missed that, here’s another peek.

I think it’s the absolute PERFECT solution! I’m so glad some of you suggested this. These knobs were incredibly inexpensive, and while they did take about four coats of paint to get them just right (and that took way longer than I thought it should 😀 ), the end result was well worth the effort.

And I love that they’re very clearly visible in person (although in pictures they kind of disappear) so that it’s obvious that these are cabinet doors, but the pulls don’t demand attention. You can see how all of them look below. In person, they’re subtle and yet hard to miss. In a photo, a couple of them are hard to see.

I had quite a few people ask me about the baseboards, and if I would need to move the cabinet out from the wall to add baseboards behind it. The answer is no. I’m not going to move this cabinet away from the wall.

I did say I wanted it to look like a freestanding cabinet, and a freestanding cabinet would naturally have baseboards continue behind it. But after I got this cabinet completely put together and realized just how tall it was going to be, I quickly realized that it needs to be sitting against the wall, and it also needs to be secured to the wall (which I still need to do).

The cabinet is so tall and thin that I’d always be worried about it tipping over. There’s probably a zero percent chance of that ever happening. I’ve tugged and pulled on it to see if it moves away from the wall easily at the top, or feels top heavy at all, and it doesn’t in the least. But I’d rather be safe than sorry. So it will continue to sit flush against the wall, and I’ll just put baseboards around it on either side rather than behind it. So in the end, it’s a built-in cabinet and not a freestanding cabinet. And I’m okay with that. Safety is a higher priority.

And now on to the paint colors. I had a few people ask me for the paint colors, and since I’ve already done the work of organizing these colors into a gradient, I’m happy to pass that along so that those of you who want to do this project (or a similar project with these colors) don’t have to start from scratch.

I ended up laying out my color gradient on a diagonal. You can see how I arranged my colors in the picture below.

To keep from clogging up this post with a huge list of 72 different paint color that many people don’t want or need or care about, I put the list on a separate page. You can click here to find the list of 72 paint colors that I used on my cabinet. All of these color names are Behr paint colors from Home Depot. On the list of paint color names, the ones I mixed myself are indicated with an asterisk. So while I did use the Behr paint color name on my label, the actual paint color may not be a perfect match. But the ones I mixed are pretty darn close to the actual colors!

And finally, I have people ask me on a pretty regular basis about products and tools that I use. I’ve written past posts about certain categories, like my favorite paint products, but I’ve had a request for a comprehensive page of products that I use and suggest for my DIY projects, expanding beyond just products for painting.

I think that’s a great idea! I’ll also include my “can’t live without” tools so that you don’t have to search for those, either. So to help me in making that list as comprehensive as possible, I’d love to know if y’all have any questions about products or tools that I’ve used for specific projects. I’ll try to include everything I can think of, but your suggestions/questions may help me remember things I’d overwise forget.

Well, here’s hoping that I can actually get some work done today. I had gotten everything in the back entry of the studio cleared out on Tuesday evening, and had the walls all prepped for paint (which mainly required a lot of dusting).

My plan was to get the back entry painted yesterday, but then I woke up in too much pain to do any work at all yesterday. I’d love to paint those walls today, but only time will tell if I’ll be able to get any work done.



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  1. Poor you, that is such a miserable feeling! I would suggest going easy on the work in the next few days and def not painting that room, because reaching up and down with a paintbrush or roller might be too much exertion on your back. I hope you get well really soon and can take the time until then to do something less taxing (or enjoy some leisure time).
    I love love love the painted wooden knobs on the cabinet, the solution and execution is simply perfect!

  2. Try taking 1 Naproxen & 1 500 mg Acetominophen every 12 hours. Works like a charm for me. Hope you feel better soon!

      1. Kristi, including you in my prayers!
        A couple of suggestions for equipment I’d like to see:
        Spray painter
        Small sander (electric? battery?)
        Portable air compressor
        Table saw
        I know you’ve mentioned them before, but it’ll be nice to have a convenient list
        “Wish” list for me, I also have chronic back issues from multiple vertebrae fractures, so always looking for light weight tools

  3. So sorry about the pain!
    I have kept many of your recommendations for products and tools for when I need something.
    I would like info about top coat finishes – especially for stained wood.
    Our cherry kitchen cabinets have quite a fading problem in places. I would like to lightly sand, use gel stain to even out the color, then use an easy-to-use, durable top coat. I would do two coats if necessary. Matte. I don’t want anything shiny! Satin finish as the most shiny. I would like to know what products you use and how you apply them. Thank you for sharing your experience and expertise with us.

  4. Hello Kristi–I hope your product page has affiliate links so that those of us who want to support you can do so if we buy something you recommend. And I LOVE those cabinet knobs–totally genius!

    1. I just used one of her links yesterday to order the small steam cleaner she used to clean the tiles of her guest bath. I’m so excited to get it!!!!

  5. So sorry you are down again. That is no fun. You need to go to my back doctor for an MRI to see what is pinching what. I’ll get you his name and number later.

    The painted knobs are perfect. Such a good idea. I’m totally in love with the cabinet now. It just had to grow on me!

    The doctor’s name is Brett Dietze, neurosurgeon, 254-537-6565. His office is on the second floor at the hospital. 405 Londonderry Drive, Suite 200. Super nice doctor.
    I had so much pain before the surgery. The surgery fixed what was wrong and my recovery went very smoothly. I don’t even remember the previous pain. Do yourself a favor and find out what is causing this recurring pain.

    Oops. Now I remember you saying no medical advise. Sorry, I could not help it.

    Again the knobs look wonderful.

  6. Really like the painted wood knobs for the cabinet. I didn’t like the other choices so didn’t comment but I’m glad some readers had such a great idea.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  7. So sorry about your back pain, I too suffer from sciatica from time to time. Take the time you need to feel better.
    The cabinet knobs look so good, really finishes off the whole “art piece”. Beautiful work!

    1. Lolol, great detective work, Janice! Those nefarious platform sandals—a symbol of all the hidden dangers in life that we’re drawn to like moths to a flame!

  8. I’ m sorry to hear you are in pain again. The older we get and the more we have abused our body when younger and without knowing, the more it says “ok, let me show you what I can do now” I know you will take it easy for a bit and that is ok we would rather have you free of pain no matter how long it takes.
    I love the knobs that was a brilliant idea from those that suggested it. Take care and sending prayers for healing.

  9. I am praying for a quick recovery and that this terrible pain never comes back to you.
    I am so grateful for how much you taught me and the joy your blog has brought me.

  10. Kristi! The painted wooden knobs are perfection! You always surprise me in the best possible way. I didn’t think your paint swatch cabinet could get any better. But those knobs are so darn cute & clever that they take the cabinet to the next level. Budget-friendly & practical—the ideal finishing touch! Keep on being YOU!

  11. Oh I think making the studio cabinet to be a built in cabinet with the base boards going around it is a really good idea. Anchoring the cabinet to the wall is really better because as you say it is better to be safe than sorry. I should have guessed that your genius had planned that out already.
    I like your idea of getting all of your ‘go to’ tools, paint, and such, together and posting it for us to see and refer back to is a wonderful thing for you to take the time to do. Thank you for thinking of us followers of you.
    I’m hoping the sciatica pain you are experiencing will go away very soon. It sounds like a really bad thing to have. I don’t know about it, but I know it must be painful.

    1. Oops! I forgot to mention the knobs on your cabinets. Yep! Your genius has jumped out again. Those tiny knobs with each painted the color swatch they are mounted on is totally it. They are perfect. I love them. Kristi, you go and sit in your studio and stare at your finished cabinet….because you do need the rest…and it is beautiful.

  12. Well you didn’t want it, but you got it anyway 😁😁
    As for the cabinet pulls, how wonderful they look. I did enlarge my pic to see the ones that disappeared into the colors. Beautiful. Also thank you for answering my question about the baseboards. I thought thats probably what you’d do, but wasnt sure.

  13. The paint swatch cabinet is absolutely PERFECT and by far the best thing you have done in a while–I have been with you since you built your kitchen cabinets! Great work!

  14. I would love detailed instructions on using the critter paint sprayer. I bought one and then somehow lost the instructions (kids! 🙄) and have no idea how to use it! Thanks! 🥰
    I’m so sorry you’re hurting again!! I had bad sciatica and really did have to baby myself for several months.

  15. I wasn’t a fan of the inspiration paint-chip cabinet and didn’t expect to like yours, but was pleasantly surprised to find I DO like yours. It’s truly lovely and really well executed.

    Hope you’re sharing your posts with Home Depot — they owe you big for the visibility you’re providing Behr paints as an “influencer” with a sizable number of “followers.” You’re a gift to the company’s marketing folks.

  16. Those knobs are adorable, like little buttons.
    Thank you for making your blog so user-helpful.
    I hope you are feeling all better.

  17. How about tricks of the trade for working with gold leaf foil and how to clean up after? I would like to try my hand at working with gold leaf, but worry about clean up and having bits clinging everywhere, but where I want.

    (My children knew that our household was a glitter-free zone. As a working mom, I didn’t have it in me to deal with glitter getting everywhere. Seriously! In the refrigerator!)

  18. I use Behr paints too, and it’s lovely to see the names of several colors I’ve used on your cabinet! For tools etc, I am now comfortable with my small drill and am contemplating some basic furniture making – simple square shaped things (my living room needs a pair of chest high basic bookshelves). I don’t really want a kreg jig which seems to be a common shortcut but maybe it really is the best way?? How about right angle clamps… um, not really sure what I need to do these sort of projects and don’t have money to waste!

  19. I know you are frustrated! I hope your pain eases and you derive some satisfaction from being able to devote time to catching up with questions from viewers.

  20. I hope you find relief from your pain soon!
    And yes – those cabinet knobs are so perfect! They look fantastic, and I love that they blend beautifully in with the colors instead of distracting from the colors.

  21. Hi Kristi
    I hope your back is feeling better by now.
    I love your paint swatch cabinet! If it were mine, I would make a home for a folding step stool in one of the bottom cabinets. That way it would be handy dandy to pull it out and reach something in the higher cabinets. I am someone who frequently needs a step stool and I try to tuck them out of sight in handy places. This cabinet definitely says “step stool” to me.

  22. Kristi- Thank you for the insight into your thought process when planning your projects and through completion. You are such a talented and sharing individual. I would love for you to include your choice of paintable caulking in your list of products which you use. Thank you so much.