X-ACTO Giveaway Winners! (and a Paper Wreath In The Rain)

Good morning, and happy Monday to you!

Let’s start off with the winners of the X-ACTO giveaway, shall we?  We had two winners…

X-ACTO giveaway 1

X-ACTO giveaway 2

Congrats to both of you!  Both of you made it easy on me and provided an e-mail address, so I’ll forward those on to the good people at X-ACTO and they’ll send you your prize pack of one Retract-a-Blade knife, one Designer Series Gripster craft knife, and a self-healing cutting mat.

Now were you wondering in the back of your mind how a paper wreath would hold up in the rain?  I was.  But honestly, considering the drought we’ve been having here in Texas, I wasn’t really concerned about my wreath having to hold up to much rainy weather.

Well, this weekend the rains came.  It poured.  For hours.  I’m not talking about just a sprinkle.  No, it was a deluge.

Now granted, our front door is covered from the elements by the second floor walkway…

covered entryway

(Aren’t those hedges awful?  I have no control over those, unfortunately.)

But when we have heavy thunderstorms (which we did this past weekend), our door does get splashed a bit, plus with all of the humidity in the air, I expected to walk out and see sad, droopy pieces of paper that once looked like leaves.

To my surprise, my wreath was perfectly intact!  No drooping, no moist paper.  It looked just like it did when I first made it and hung it on my door!

paper wreath after rain

So just in case you were wondering what rain and humidity would do to a paper wreath (like I was!), there you have it.  As long as your door is protected from the elements, you shouldn’t have a problem!  If you want a bit more protection, you could always add a bit of clear protective spray to the finished wreath.  Just keep in mind that it might affect the shimmer and luster of the metallic paint on the leaves.



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    1. Carla, I’ve never made that kind of wreath, and I don’t remember ever posting on one, so I don’t think you’ll find it on my site. Best option is Google image search.