Decorate With Jute

You found out.  I’ve got a crush on jute.

(Are you now singing a cheesy 80’s song?  Hehe!)

It’s true, though.  I love the natural look and beautiful texture that jute adds to a project, and to a room.  There are countless ways to use this inexpensive and often overlooked material in decorating and diy projects, so I’ve rounded up 45 ways to use jute to add texture and a natural element to your projects and accessories in decorating.  Ready?  Here we go!

1.  Use jute to add texture to a table top.

Ikea table with woven jute top

Woven jute table top from Design Sponge

2.  Update a lampshade with jute.  You can wrap the shade vertically like this…

Lamp shade wrapped with jute used as a pendant light

Jute wrapped lampshade from The Handmade Home.

3.  Or you can wrap the shade with jute horizontally like this…

Updated lampshade wrapped in jute with burlap flowers and white pleated fabric trim

Jute wrapped lamp shade from Mossy Rock Interiors

4.  If you don’t want to wrap the whole lampshade, just add some jute trim and details.

White lamp shade trimmed with jute and embellished with jute flower

Lampshade with jute trim and flower from Paisley & Me

5.  For a more rustic country look, just use a wire lampshade frame and wrap it in jute.

Wire lamp shade frame wrapped in jute

Wire lamp shade wrapped in jute from Happily Ever Foster

6.  If your lampshade is just fine, but your lamp base needs some help, try wrapping the lamp base with jute.

Lamp makeover--Glass/crystal table lamp base wrapped in jute

Jute wrapped table lamp base from Maple Memories

7.  Wrap jute around empty cans to create inexpensive containers for storage and organization.

Aluminum food cans repurposed as storage and organization containers wrapped in jute with cute labels

Jute wrapped cans for organization from Brown Paper Packages

8.  Or you can wrap a glass bowl with jute for a pretty display.

Glas bowl wrapped in jute

Jute wrapped glass bowl from Fostering A Creative Life

9.  If you don’t have a spare bowl, you can create your own bowl out of your choice of material, and then wrap it in jute.

Fruit bowl made from a melted vinyl record wrapped in jute

Bowl created from a vinyl record wrapped in jute from Happy Go Lucky

10.  Wrap jute around jars for quick and easy vases.

Empty salsa jars wrapped in jute and used as vases

Jute wrapped jar vases

11.  Or you can paint your jars first, and then add a smaller amount of jute to use as a cheerful summer vase.

Painted mason jar wrapped with jute used as a vase for summer flower arrangements

Painted mason jar vase with jute accent from Little Chief Honeybee

12.  If you have jars or bottles in pretty colors that you don’t want to cover up or paint, you can create a knotted net design on the jars or bottles with jute.

Green glass jars with knotted jute net accents

Jute knotted net bottles from Fostering A Creative Life

13.  Or if you’re filling your jar with decorative filler, add small decorative touches with jute.

diy projects with jute--glass jar decorated with jute heart and knot

Glass jar with jute decoration from Pretty Handy Girl

14.  You can use jute on your upholstery and furniture projects.  Just rosette buttons add a natural touch to upholstery.

DIY projects with jute--jute rosette buttons used on ottoman

Jute rosette buttons

15.  Or you can wrap sections of your furniture piece in jute for added texture.

diy projects with jute--ladder back chair wrapped with jute

Jute wrapped ladder back chair from Centsational Girl

16.  Instead of replacing boring drawer pulls and knobs, wrap them in jute.

diy projects with jute--plain drawer pulls wrapped with jute for inexpensive update

Dresser with jute wrapped drawer knobs from Designer Garden

17.  Give a plain picture frame a facelift with jute.

diy projects with jute--make a jute wrapped picture frame

Jute wrapped picture frame from Design, Dining + Diapers.

18.  Wrap jute around inexpensive paper mache decorative fruit.

diy projects with jute--make jute wrapped decorative pears and fruit

Jute wrapped paper mache pears from That’s My Letter

19.  If you can’t find cheap paper mache fruit, you can make your own fruit shapes out of styrofoam, and then cover with jute.

diy projects with jute--diy styrofoam pears wrapped in jute

DIY jute wrapped styrofoam pears from Craft Addiction

20.  If fruit isn’t your thing, then perhaps you’d prefer decorative eggs wrapped in jute.

diy projects with jute--make decorative eggs wrapped in jute

Decorative eggs wrapped in jute from The Handy Hausfrau

21.  And in autumn, wrap pumpkins in jute for warm and natural fall décor.

diy projects with jute--make jute wrapped pumpkins for fall

Jute wrapped pumpkins for fall from That’s My Letter

22.  Make your own light and airy jute ball bowl or vase fillers.

diy projects with jute--make jute balls to use as bowl or vase fillers

Jute ball bowl fillers from Two Girls Being Crafty

23.  Or if you prefer a more solid look, wrap styrofoam balls and jute (you can even paint them) to use as bowl or vase fillers.

diy projects with jute--make decorative jute wrapped styrofoam balls that you can paint any color

Decorative jute ball bowl fillers made with styrofoam balls from
Make It And Love It

24.  Use jute as an embellishment on DIY napkin rings.

diy projects with jute--make napkin rings embellished with jute and buttons

DIY napkin rings with jute from My Blessed Life

25.  Or wrap the entire napkin ring with jute.

diy projects with jute--make napkin rings wrapped in jute

Jute wrapped napkin rings from Something Sweet Design

26.  Create a framed woven jute dry erase calendar.

diy projects with jute--make a framed woven jute dry erase calendar

Framed woven jute dry erase calendar from Charcoal & Crayons

27.  You can even crochet with jute, like these crocheted decorative jute motifs.

diy projects with jute--crochet decorative motifs with jute

Jute crocheted motifs from Whip Up

28.  Or if you prefer something more functional, then you can crochet a hot pad or trivet with jute.

diy projects with jute--crochet a jute hot pad trivet

Crocheted jute hot pad/trivet from Little House In The Suburbs

29.  Add texture to a potted plant with jute.

diy projects with jute--wrap a plant pot with jute

Jute wrapped plant pot from Peppermint Plum

30.  Spruce up a plain wall clock with jute.

diy projects with jute--make a jute wall clock from an outdated or plain clock

Jute wall clock from The Rooster And The Hen

31.  Make your own decorative tassels out of jute.

diy projects with jute--make a decorative tassel out of jute

Decorative jute tassel from Home Sweet Homemade

32.  Add texture to a collection of wine bottles.

diy projects with jute--wrap wine bottles with jute to add pretty texture

Jute wrapped wine bottles from Everyday a la Mode

33.  Spice up a table top tray with jute.

diy projects with jute--build a wood table top tray with jute details

DIY wood tabletop tray with jute details from The Handmade Home

34.  Wrap styrofoam cones with jute to create simple trees.

diy projects with jute--make decorative trees from styrofoam cones wrapped in jute

Jute wrapped styofoam cone trees from Thrifty & Chic

35.  Make simple ornaments with jute.

diy projects with jute--make easy and inexpensive ornaments by wrapping glass ornaments in jute

Glass ornament wrapped in jute from Bower Power

36.  Use jute to create a textural background for framed items.

diy projects with jute--create a textured background for framed items with jute

Framed keys with textured jute background from The Simple Craft Diaries

37.  Wrap a flower vase with jute.

diy projects with jute--wind jute around a flower vase and add ribbon and flowers

Jute wrapped flower vases from Frugalicious Me
(these prove that jute can still be pretty and feminine).

38.  Or make simple jute flowers to embellish a vase (or anything else).

diy projects with jute--make simple jute flowers to add to a flower vase or other accessories

Vase embellished with a jute flower from Project Anthologies

39.  Add texture to a chandelier with jute.

DIY projects with jute--add texture to a chandelier by wrapping the chandelier arms with jute

Jute wrapped chandelier

40.  Or make your own pendant light from scratch out of jute.

diy projects with jute--make your own pendant light or chandelier out of jute

Jute pendant light from Design Devotee

41.  Use the entire spool of jute as a candle holder.

diy projects with jute--use spool of jute as a candle holder

Spool of jute used as a candleholder from Family Chic

42.  Of if you have a plain glass candlestick turn it into a beautiful textured candlestick with jute.

diy projects with jute--update a glass candlestick by wrapping jute around the candlestick

Jute wrapped glass candlestick from Vixen Made

43.  If your candlesticks don’t need updating, add texture directly to your candles with jute.

diy projects with jute--add texture to candles by wrapping with jute

Jute wrapped candles

44.  Make a beautiful wreath alternative for your front door with a jute wrapped monogram letter and a frame.

diy projects with jute--create a unique front door wreath alternative with a jute wrapped monogram letter and frame

Front door jute wrapped monogram letter from Blue Sky Confections

45.  Add texture to your wall with a jute framed mirror.

diy projects with jute--create a wall mirror with a wrapped jute frame

Round wall mirror with jute wrapped frame from How Sweet It Is

Are you feeling inspired now to run out a buy a spool of jute and start wrapping random items in your house?  Have I left out your favorite use for jute?  Do you have your own personal favorite uses for this humble and beautiful material?  If so, please share!

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  1. Taryn says

    I also have a thing for jute and I LOVE all of the examples you shared. I have so many more ideas running through my head now! Thanks for including my picture frame in your post. :)

  2. Kim says

    WOW girl you really went looking for some Jute Projects…. I loved each and every one. Thanks for doing all the searching for us.

  3. Andrea says

    HI!!!! THANK YOU for featuring my Jute Yarn frame!! I also LOVE LOVE jute!!!!!
    we have something in common for sure!!
    BTW, love your blog!


  4. Creative In Chicago says

    I have one more for your collection, Monkey Fist rope balls. I first saw these in a gift shop in Florida But was put off by the price tag so I decided to see if I could make my own. They sit very well together with my Yarn balls.

    Really enjoyed jute jute collection!

  5. sweta says

    hi dear…. i realy like ur design, can u give me some more ideas bcoz this’s my project and i hv to make same thing new which is still not in india market, just tell me some easy and short method.

  6. Stacy says

    How to you glue down the jute on the vinyl records? It seems difficult with all the angles of the record.

  7. says

    I love your site! I’ve been looking for some new ideas for crocheting with cord and haven’t really come across much until I found your site!

    Thanks for sharing such amazing ideas!! This is such a great way to make something old into something different just by adding Jute.

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