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15 Outdoor Projects For Your Back Yard

15 Outdoor Projects For Your Back Yard

I love interior decorating, but I have to admit that lately, my mind wanders towards outdoor projects more than indoor projects. Of course, the reason is because if everything goes as planned, I’ll soon have my very own back yard for the first time in almost eight years. Oh, I dream about that back yard, and I can’t wait to get there and start working on some projects. Here are just a handful of the things I have planned for my own back yard, and I thought I’d share the inspiration with you as well.

Create an outdoor walkway and play pen for your indoor cats

I am absolutely in love with this idea from Cuckoo 4 Designs, and it’s on the top of my list for the new house. We have two indoor cats, and since one of them has no claws, she’s not allowed to roam around outside (since she can’t defend herself if she runs away). But my cats love the warm sun, and I just know they’d enjoy going outside during the spring, summer, and fall. So this seems like the perfect solution.

Outdoor enclosed walkway and play pen for indoor cats, from Cuckoo 4 Design


Build a chicken coop

This is also at the top of my backyard projects list for the house. I shared some pretty amazing chicken coops a few weeks ago, and I found this one from Living and Learning With Luisa just a few days later. I like all of them! It’s going to be hard to decide what design I want to use.

Build a chicken coop, from Living and Learning With Luisa


Make a paver stone patio

John and Sherry at Young House Love are serious DIYers, so while this might not be a “beginner” project, they show the necessary steps and tools to make a gorgeous paver stone patio that you’ll enjoy for many years.

Outdoor project - make a paver stone patio, from Young House Love


Turn an old light globe into a modern birdfeeder

I’ve had this project in my “to do” stash for quite some time now, ever since seeing it on Design Sponge a couple of years ago. I’ve even gathered a few old light globes to make these birdfeeders. Now all I need are my very own trees!

Outdoor project - turn an old light globe into a modern birdfeeder, from Design*Sponge


Build a birdbath

There are a thousand different versions of DIY birdbaths, but my favorites tend to be the ones that are more natural-looking and not too fussy, like this brick birdbath from Robin’s Nesting Place.

Outdoor project - build a birdbath, from Robin's Nesting Place


Make a vertical herb garden out of a shipping pallet

It’s always so nice to have fresh herbs on hand, but if you don’t want your herb garden taking up lots of patio space, consider this unique vertical herb garden made from a shipping pallet from DIY Showoff.

Outdoor project - make a vertical herb garden from a shipping pallet


Add no-sew drop cloth curtains to your covered patio

Light and breezy curtains can add some much needed softness to a covered patio. Plus, they just look so pretty, don’t they? These no-sew drop cloth curtains from Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom make for an easy project for those who don’t know how to sew (or simply don’t want to).

Outdoor project - add no-sew drop cloth curtains to a covered patio, from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom


Make some pretty planter boxes

Planter boxes can be so pretty sitting on a patio or deck, and you don’t have to spend a fortune for them. DIY Design Fanatic has instructions for building these pretty little planter boxes for a very reasonable price.

Outdoor project - Make planter boxes, from DIY Design Fanatic


Build an elevated garden bed

This is one of the two elevated garden beds that I built last spring, and we’ve loved having them! They’re perfect for those who live in apartments or condos, and don’t have much outdoor space. They’re also great for people who simply don’t want a large garden, but would like to get their hands in the dirt and plant a few veggies. We haven’t decided if we’re going to have our current ones moved, or if we’re going to leave them here. So it’s possible that I’ll be building new ones in the future.


Paint an outdoor rug

Last summer, I painted a cheap (as in, less than $20) outdoor rug for our courtyard area using leftover latex paint. It’s been out there for almost a year now, through the fall, winter, and spring, and it still looks good! This is a very cheap and easy way to add color to your outdoor seating area.


Make a hanging daybed for your covered patio or porch

Unfortunately there are no instructions included with this hanging daybed idea from HGTV Remodels, but I wanted to include it because I know many of you could certainly figure out how to make it. And I’d love to try my hand at it when I have a back yard of my own.

Outdoor project - make a hanging daybed for a covered porch or patio, from HGTV Remodels


Give your terra cotta pots a beautiful aged look

There’s just something beautiful about an aged terra cotta pot with the natural patina that age brings to it. But if you don’t happen to have any on hand, you can create your own, and All Things Heart And Home will show you an easy way to do it.

Outdoor project - give terra cotta pots an aged look, from All Things Heart And Home


Make hanging outdoor lanterns out of baskets or clay pots

Outdoor lanterns can add such great ambiance to your back yard, whether you’re enjoying a quiet evening with family, or entertaining friends. The Art Of Doing Stuff shows you how to make these beautiful lanterns from items found at the Dollar Store.

Outdoor project - make hanging outdoor lanters from baskets, from The Art Of Doing Stuff


Make a pretty container water garden fountain

I actually dream of having a big pond with a waterfall one day, but something tells me that that day is in the very distant future. So in the meantime, I’d love to create a beautiful container water garden fountain like this one from Aquascape (found via Hometalk). There’s just something about the sound of a fountain that’s so relaxing.

Outdoor project - make a container water garden fountain, from Aquascape


Build your own potting bench

If you love getting your hands in the soil outside, then you’ll obviously need a convenient place to work. Potting benches can be quite pricey if you purchase them ready made (and then you generally have to put them together). But Centsational Girl made her own using a tutorial from Better Homes & Garden, making some improvements along the way.

Outdoor project - build a potting bench, from Centsational Girl

Looking at all of these projects makes me so excited about having a backyard of my own!! And if our plans work out, I’ll have a HUGE backyard, so I’ll have lots of fun projects ahead of me. I can’t wait!!

Do you have any outdoor projects you’re working on or planning for this summer?

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  1. Lots of great ideas! I love the palette herb garden – never saw that before but it would be easy and space saving. My husband and I did a paver patio and once we worked out the pattern, got the sand foundation in, it was pretty easy to finish. We love it 4 years later. Keep collecting ideas and things will fall into place!

  2. I’ll be looking forward seeing to your craftiness when y’all DO manage to get everything settled out for your new house ! Is your new spot zoned for chickens (farm animals) ? Might need to check on that before you dive off into THAT particular project ! lol !

  3. I’m so excited for you to have the home and yard of your dreams. You
    will of course be sharing all your DIY tricks at your new digs for all
    of us to enjoy and copy so we benefit too. May the coming seasons bring
    you more than you could wish for.

  4. Fun ideas, Kristi. There’s something about Spring that makes a person just want to play in the dirt. How’s the living room coming?

  5. Kristi, you are such a thoughtful kitty Momma. I can’t wait for you to get you new home.

  6. Great ideas! Love the rug idea. I have an old sisal rug that I’ve been wanting to paint and keep out on the patio. Thanks for sharing these!

  7. I was just looking these projects over again. Did anyone else notice the cute ladder/birdhouses in the background of the chicken coup photo? I love that idea and may give that one a shot in my own garden!

  8. Love all of the ideas and here’s hoping that you get that backyard sooner than later. 🙂 A note about that hanging day bed; you must visit ana-white.com! She offers free plans for all types of items and one of them is a hanging daybed! Love her site! We’ve made several of her items, but my fav is the outdoor sectional and there are different styles for those as well.

  9. The vertical herb bed is just divine. It’s such a simple idea (and easy to do) but one I’ve never even thought of before. I think I’ll do this one. We live in England, so we don’t get that much sunshine – even in the summer. However, I think the herb bed will survive.

  10. Gee whiz, Kristi, what will you do the 2nd week!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see your projects in the new house!

  11. hey there, I found this article through Google. Im a Realtor in San Antonio, and so im always looking for nice ways to make the front or back yard more appealing to potential home buyers. These tips are great, the curtains, flower box, the smallest things can make such a big impact, when your trying to sell a home.

    Thanks for the tips! Definitely going to implement a couple of these for our properties in Texas!

  12. First – keeping my fingers crossed that your plans work out, Kristi! So exciting!

    What a great round up of projects! Makes me want to take the weekend to implement them all! lol! I need that bed and a chicken coop! Thank you so SO much for including our pallet herb garden. It is so handy having fresh herbs right outside the kitchen door. 😉

  13. I am in love with the hanging day bed and the cat walk! We just added a custom patio cover to our yard and it made such a difference! I can’t wait to implement a few of these ideas next. 🙂

  14. Kristi, I love that you’ve included these outdoor ideas on your design blog! We’ve been looking for a raised bed idea like the planters you built. Going to share this one with hubby! Thank you! (Also love that birdbath from bricks!)

  15. So when you make the elevated planter do you put something down as a base so the water and soil don’t go through the boards and warp them?

  16. I made a hanging day bed out of an old water bed frame, the wood is perfect and the corner pieces on it worked great to keep the bottom slates attached to the side rails, I left the front open and used the headboard of the waterbed as the back , it is amazing


  18. Such pretty things! I just love the vertical palette herb garden, light glove birdfeeder and old baskets hanging lanterns! These ideas are so easy do to and so inexpensive!!! Every year my husband and I try to do something new in our backyard/garden. These fun projects get to be such fun conversation topics when we have family and friends over. I found another good article with great suggestions: http://www.prohome1.com/blog/unique-and-easy-do-it-yourself-outdoor-project-ideas/#more-1200 You can also try these out…. There’s still time!

  19. Girl i love that you made a blog for yourself to share with the world your a virtual genius! thank you! suscribed!