Reader Question: Can Different Plaid Fabrics Be Used In The Same Room?

Mark in Ohio writes:

I have a red/gold/taupe color scheme in my living room.  I have plaid drapes with those three colors.  The drapes are a large plaid (almost a buffalo check).  I am looking at purchasing two club chairs upholstered with a smaller traditional plaid pattern in the same three colors.  The drapes are attually brighter and warmer than the picture below shows.  Is mixing different plaid patterns [in the same room] a decorating faux pas?

So what advice do you have for Mark?  Can these similar (but different) patterns be mixed in the same room?

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  1. Sue Kingston says

    The curtains are fabulous (and I’m not a plaid fan)! While you can do both plaids if the tones are identical, the look is more dated (think late ’70’s to early 90’s) due to the “matchy matchy”-ness of using the plaid twice in such large quantity. The chairs are a great shape but in a plaid you’re limiting future ability to update the room. Unless you are head over heels in love with them (and a lodge look), a less limiting approach would be to get the chairs in one of the solid shades frand the curtains and work in a plaid throw or pillow to carry theme around the room.

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