Big Progress On The Horizon

Progress has been slow in the studio this week, but I feel like things are about to start happening! My main goal this weekend is to get the resin petri wall finished. I showed y’all my plan for this wall next to my desk earlier this week (you can read the details here), but my original plan was to use 5″ x 5″ gallery wrapped canvases. Well, in order to have enough for my art installation (it makes me feel important to call it an “art installation” 😀 ), the canvases would cost me about $190.

I don’t think that’s a terrible price for something that’s going to have such a big, colorful impact in the room, but I also wasn’t completely sold on how the canvases looked. They looked a bit too thick for my taste, so I went in search of something else that would work. I really wanted to avoid having to DIY 45 frames if I could.

And I found the perfect thing! I searched for cradled wood panels on Amazon, and there were quite a few to choose from. So after reading customer reviews, I chose these 5″ x 5″ x 0.79″ panels that come in a package of 10 (affiliate link).

I got 50 of them for $76.50. Not too bad! That’s about $110 less than the canvases would have cost me.

And I think that these are going to look great! I’m going to paint them all white before I mount the resin discs on them.

You can see how nice this thickness is. It’s about half the thickness of the wrapped canvases, but with the added thickness of the resin disc, I think it’s perfect.

Here’s a look at the two side by side. I also like the cleaner look of the wood over the not-so-perfect look of the canvas-wrapped corners.

So now that I have everything I need for that project, my main goal this weekend is to get that wall finished, which also includes getting the trim (baseboards) caulked and painted.

But also, another very exciting package is arriving today for the big, blank wall, and I’m so excited about it! So I’m hoping that I can make some progress on that wall as well.

If you’ll remember, I had our landscape design plan printed a while back so that I could frame it and hang it in the studio.

After I had that printed, I decided that I wanted to have it reprinted to include the plant key on the side. So the new design would look like this…

But before I could have it printed again, a very kind and generous reader contacted me and said that she could have it printed for me at her work, and she had the capability to print it really big! Of course, that intrigued me, but I couldn’t think of where to put a really big print like that.

So it took a while, and a few back and forth email exchanges, but I finally came up with a plan. She had it printed 52″W x 78″H, and it’s arriving today! I’m so unbelievably excited about it. I can’t wait to see it, and then I’ll need to figure out how to mount it, frame it, and hang it on the wall. But here’s the overall plan for the big, blank wall now.

Because of the placement of the outlet and the size of the big calendar, the landscape design will go on the left side of the wall. It’s the perfect space for it. And then the calendar will go on the right side. That will still leave plenty of room for the TV (y’all convinced me to keep a TV in the plan for the wall), and then I’ll add some very simple shelves under the TV. I have three different ideas for the shelves. They won’t really be display shelves like the ones in the breakfast room where I’ve displayed colorful artwork. They’ll be more utilitarian, but the end result will be lots of color. But I’ll wait to share those details when it’s finished. I’m excited to see how much I can get done this weekend!



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  1. How exciting to have found perfect mounting boards for your petri dish art! I love the idea of using the large landscape plan as wall art.

  2. I can’t wait to see the art installation. I’m sure it will be beautiful.
    Also, Your landscaping/home poster will be spectacular!

  3. Looks fantastic! Only thing I would consider is centering the TV ( that way it covers the outlet) and omitting one shelf.

  4. Loving the design of the wall! Perfect fit! The top shelf could have a bit of a grove to hold those wipe-off pens and eraser so they’re handy if you want to add anything to your calendar.

  5. Kristi…you have gotten a lot done since I haven’t been posting. I love your idea of how you are putting up the little round things mounted on wood. Everything is going to be so beautiful.

  6. The mounting squares are so much better. Love the plan for the big wall. Won’t it be great to actually see your landscape plan come to life?

    The trouble with making the studio so spectacular is trying to get any work done instead of gazing at it for hour on end.

  7. Wow, Wow…perfect solution! Love the wood, and OMG that plan with the plant key, and enlarged so much is going to be wonderful! You must be getting so excited, as things are getting together in your plan, and you are coming up with great solutions. At least some of the work you are doing now is a little bit construction, and a lot of creative projects. Such FUN!

  8. Do you want to mount it on a canvas? Or make a simple frame for I? It’s big so a French cleat seems appropriate.

  9. Will your work tables still be able to be pushed against this well when not in use? Love the plan so far!