A Clean Start

The studio is cleaned out and ready for work to begin! I can just envision my office area over on the left, and my long work table under the windows on the right. It’s going to be amazing! (I’ll put a link to the post with my plan at the end of this post in case you missed it.)

Just a few days ago, it looked like this…

I spent a couple of hours tackling the mess by myself last week, and then I had a few days where life got in the way, and I didn’t have any time to dedicate to this room.

So yesterday, I called my brother in for reinforcement. We worked non-stop for about four hours, and we GOT IT DONE!

There are still a few items left in here, but I can easily work around them. And we left the things that I’ll actually need, like the ladders and the rolls of electrical wire.

So the next step is electrical, followed by rerouting the air ducts. Once that’s done, I can call in my drywall guys to do the insulation and drywall.

And then we’ll be off to the races! New flooring, installing trim, building cabinets, etc.

Let’s get this thing started! 😀

Helpful sources and products:

If you missed the plan for this room, I shared it here…



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  1. so nice of your brother to help. Seems foreign nowadays as people are either afraid to ask for help or the other party isn’t willing. Kudos to you both!

  2. Enjoy the creative process while getting the ‘basics’ out of the way. Before you know it you will have a wonderful, usable studio and you will love it!!!!

  3. Looks AMAZING! Awesome job!

    I’m thinking you might need to rethink your floorplan slightly and make Cooper a nice little doggy bed (fit for a Decorator’s Assistant) to keep in there. He seems to like hanging-out with you. 😉

  4. Hurrah, I know from experience what a job cleaning up a pile of construction/reno odds and ends can be! Clear skies for the journey ahead now 🙂

  5. So proud of you! I know how you dreaded this task! Bless your brother for helping! I love having a close family also. I am so excited for you. This is a major project but gosh how much more efficient will you be when it is done!
    Sheila F.

  6. Well done, you and your brother! I smiled because of Cooper looking like he’s moping and giving off a vibe of “not very interesting without the mess now” 😉

    1. I was actually surprised at how little went in there from the studio. And everything that went in there was tools and DIY supplies, and that’s where I’ve always stored that stuff anyway. So the net effect on my sunroom was relatively small.

      1. That must make you feel good then. I know when ever we do something in our home another room always ends up being a disaster. 🙂

  7. I love your posts! There have been times I’ve seen a bold choice and thought “She’s gonna regret that!” and it turns out better than I could have imagined. Has helped me consider more colorful options and I’ve liked the results.

    As I see how much everything has changed on your home, I’m hoping you’ve updated your insurance coverage to reflect the new value. Your work is amazing, and I want you be protected. (I love in Northern California where wildfires and insurance coverage are frequent topics of discussion.)

  8. I remember the excitement about 2 years ago when we had our room gutted and was so ready for the remodel to get underway! Best of luck to you and I can’t wait to see it finished! I know it’s going to be fabulous!

  9. I’ve been anxiously waiting for this studio! So glad I get to see it from start to finish! Even tho’ I am going to be really, really envious

  10. Thanks for the update Kristi! Short and to the point but at least your fans know you haven not dropped off the face of the earth. Oh and Cooper looks a lot more comfortable now. BTW I have seen pics of Felicity and Cooper recently, where is the other cat Peeve?

    1. She’s around. She’s just not a photo bomber like Felicity, and she doesn’t follow me around all day long like Cooper. 😀 Peeve is 15.5 years old, so she’s not quite as active as the two youngsters, and she likes to chill on the loveseat in the living room during the day, where she can sleep and look out the window. Or if I’m sitting in the bedroom on the bed with my laptop, she likes to cuddle up next to me.

      1. I understand the Not as active part, as my old man is soon going to be 14. He still plays with his toys, but gets disgusted with my younger one who will aggravate him to start a squabble, just for the fun of it. I’m in a small apartment, now and they are confined to it in bad weather, with no cat door any more. They are huge company tho, and wouldn’t trade them for the world.
        Can’t wait to see the finished studio, and have major envy!
        Kudos to your brother and you for gettin’ er done!

  11. Life happens to all of, so proud of you for not losing sight of your goal and figuring out what you needed to do to keep the forward momentum on your studio project. Many hands make light work!

  12. I knew you could, I knew you would!
    This is step 1 that has to be taken in order to take your 2nd step.
    Congrats and my hat tipped to you!

  13. Hi to you, Kristi, and Matt, and, well also to the animalitos. Quite a bevy of beauties you are!

    I am so glad you got help with the grunt work, thanks to you your kind brother. Now on to the project I have looked forward to for so long. I love workspaces that are big enough to be multi-purpose and beautiful, to boot. The plan looks great. Viewing it again was fun since you have already finished many of the projects you mentioned in that post from months ago. Such a testimony to your careful thinking, persistence, and execution!

    Regards from Ecuador.

  14. So exciting! This round of ‘Where’s Cooper?’ was much easier than last time!

    Looking forward to seeing the progress!

  15. YAY, now the fun can begin! You and Matt were on my mind all weekend. I felt like something was going on to keep you from your goal. I get these feelings all the time, more so as I get older. Kinda weird, but they usually are right! Never really specific as to what is happening, I just get the person repeatedly on my mind.

  16. Great job! I too was wondering about all of you this weekend and even went online to make sure I didn’t overlook a post.

    BTW I was at Lowe’s yesterday and they had a Samsung refrigerator that converts the freezer compartment to a fridge at the touch of a button. Don’t know sizes or finishes (the one I saw was white) but I thought of your refrigerator dilemma when I saw it. Good luck.

  17. Your on it now and I know it will be amazing! How did you learn to do all the building that you do? I’m wanting to do a entry table and I’m afraid to start it, I’m afraid I’ll waist more money on screw ups than to go buy one! If I lived close to you I would work with you for free, just to learn from you!

    1. I’m pretty much self-taught. 🙂 But you do have to be willing to make mistakes in order to learn. Whether or not the risk is worth it, only you can decide.

  18. I’m so excited for you!! Hopefully, the wiring and ductwork move won’t take too long so you can get your drywall guys in. You probably mentioned it, but I forgot what the plan is for the flooring in here. This is really going to be an amazing space when you’re done!

  19. What a change you’ve made in just clearing it out!!! I’m impressed all to heck by that alone! For me, the rest is just gravy!!! Can’t wait to see how it all turns out and thanks so very much for sharing all of this with us! And I love that the animals “help” out!

  20. I love the color on your kitchen cabinets. I am afraid to make a commitment like that in my kitchen. So I am going to start small. I am going to paint my cabinets in the guest bathroom and if it doesn’t turn out – I will just paint them out again. It is only paint (I usually use neutrals and only paint the rooms not seen by the public in bright colors).

    I am so jealous of your talent, vision, and energy. I do have some talent, but my vision isn’t as forward as yours (fear holds me back on big projects). I have hung framed colorful art in that bathroom and throughout the house and made curtains, pillows, bedspreads, etc. I need to move forward and get some motivation from you. I am not able to use the excuse that some projects I can’t do is because I am short as you are short also and do just fine.