Studio Back Entry — The New & Improved Gold Leafed Light Fixture

I’ve been talking about gold leafing the light fixture in the back entry of the studio for a while now, but I kept putting it off because I could just imagine the misery of standing atop a 10-foot ladder for hours while applying adhesive and gold leaf to that large fixture. I just couldn’t bring myself to do that, so I kept putting it off.

Well, thanks to my new scaffolding (this is the one I bought (affiliate link)), this was a very easy and fun project. I have the scaffolding platform set as high as it will go, which I think is around six feet, and I was able to sit down while gold leafing most of the light. This was my view for about three hours last night. The light fixture was practically sitting in my lap. 😀

I only had to stand up to do the very top part of the rod and the canopy against the ceiling.

So let me remind you where this light started. I bought it from Lowe’s several years ago. At the time, I was adding lots of black accents to the studio, so the black light fixture fit in perfectly with my plan. This is a picture of the light right after I installed it, and before the first iteration of the back entry was even finished.

That light was perfect for that very bold Kelly green, white, and black look I was going for the first time around. Obviously, I didn’t yet have the light on a dimmer when I took the picture below. 😀 That’s a lot of light bulbs, and a very bright light.

back entry of studio with painted chevron floor design and black painted doors

Anyway, the black light was fine for a while, but now that my vision for the studio has changed quite a bit, and I’m going for a much lighter, brighter, more feminine look, the black light (along with most of the other black accents) started to look and feel too heavy for my taste.

But I didn’t want to take the light fixture down, paint it, and then reinstall it. That fixture is a bear to install, and I remember the frustration I had the first time I installed it. So I wanted to find a way to change the look without having to remove it. Gold leaf seemed like the perfect solution, especially since I had already gold leafed the pendant lights and the sconce on the mural wall. (You can read more about that here.)

The process was exactly the same with this light, but it was much more time-consuming because the back entry light has a lot more parts to it. I used the same gold leaf adhesive (affiliate link), and applied it with a 1-inch artist paint brush. After letting it dry, I then applied the imitation gold leaf (affiliate link).

And here’s how the light turned out…

I love it so much! The light and airy look of the gold leaf is so much better in the current room than the black. Here’s a look at the scaffolding in relation to the light fixture. For scale reference, that brown can sitting on top of the platform is a one quart can of metal leaf adhesive.

I just can’t sing enough praises about my new scaffolding. 😀 I really do wonder how in the world I’ve been DIYing this long without scaffolding. I should have bought it years ago.

But back to the light. I love how it turned out. It’s amazing what a difference a simple change in color can make!

Now I need to make a decision about the color I want on the doors. The black is definitely too overpowering, but I just can’t seem to make myself commit to white.

But I do need to keep in mind that the floral pattern of the mural will be repeated on the back doors with curtains in the same print. So even if the doors are white, there’s no way this back entry will look boring when it’s finished. 😀 So maybe with that in mind, the doors will be fine painted white. Or maybe they’re the perfect opportunity to bring in another fun color. Ugh! I can’t make up my mind! Something like a really pale pink might be pretty. Or even something in a peach color. Or a darker green. I’ll land on a decision eventually. Cleary, I’m not there yet.



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    1. I’m with brittany. I think the gray from the floor (or just slightly darker) would make sense. It wouldn’t compete with or be hard to match to the existing green and the florals you’ll be adding.

  1. The gold leaf looks great. Excellent!
    You’ve got me wondering if my ‘husband’ needs that scaffolding for all of ‘our’ DIY projects. Merry Christmas, darling! Ha!

  2. Before I even finished reading I was thinking “light pink!” 😀 Maybe the lightest version of your cabinet color. I’m not really a pink lover but I think it would be beautiful with the green walls and floral curtains. 💚🩷

  3. I love the new green paint! Much richer and less harsh than the previous Kelly green. The gold leaf looks great. I like the black doors. I would wait on painting them another color until after you hang the drapes. I think the black will not seem as bold with the floral print in the space.

    1. The colors here are perfect with the gold, and I love your black and white curtains – am not a fan of wallpaper or patterned curtains/drapes. Your scaffolding is wow! I want one too, but don’t have a need.

  4. The light is absolutely beautiful! It looks so expensive. For the doors, how about black/green, the color people use on their shutters in Charleston? I think in Behr it’s called Black Evergreen

  5. WOW! The difference in the light fixture is stunning! Now for the doors, if I remember correctly you are going to hang drapery on them which is the same as the wallpaper, so painting the doors white will be perfect and not detract from the wall color, light, etc in that area. White is not always dull or a distracter as you know and in this area, it definitely will enhance the attention to all the lovely colors already there.

  6. OH, that light looks wonderful! Just Love it!!! I’m shocked it is already done as I thought that was going to take a long time. Someone mentioned a nice gray for the doors, but I know you will pick something wonderful. I still prefer white, especially since you are going to have those beautiful curtains, but You Do YOU! 💜

  7. Looks beautiful! I love the direction you are going with this room! I am so excited to see it come together! Would you consider dark purple for the doors?

  8. To me, white doors would allow the fabric to stand out more. But, I think a virtual mockup would be very helpful. Love the gold leaf!

  9. I have 2. One came from harbor freight and the other one from somewhere else. The actually fit together!
    They also make a great workstation. The wheel’s allow you to move your stuff around.

  10. Your crisp, white window frames set off the wallpaper. Maybe white doors would do the same for your drapes and it would be consistent. You like consistency.

  11. Love the light. You are going to use that scaffolding for so many things. I know you don’t like white but I would try it. There is a lot of color in the studio so I personally don’t like the idea of introducing another color. However I have learned from the past your ideas end up being better than mine.

    1. I personally use a separate ladder. But the scaffolding is made so that you climb up on the inside of the scaffolding, where it looks like a ladder, and then part of the platform opens up like a hatch so you can crawl up onto the platform.

  12. Wow! That is beautiful! It surely does make a difference. If the curtains will cover most of the doors, white will blend in with the background of the fabric. BUT, maybe painting the doors the same color as the pink cabinets, or your front and back doors?

  13. What about doing the doors in a faux wood or wood tone? It seems like that would be a natural look that would coordinate with everything you have going on without overpowering anything.

    1. I second this. I think it’s called faux bois. I’ve seen several people do the process and it turned out amazing.

  14. Fab-u-lous dahling!! It looks beautiful!! Who would’ve thought it would turn out like that? Spectacular!! I’d go with a very pale pink on the doors. I think that wouldnt be so harsh as white. But thats just me. I know whatever you end up with will be stunning.

  15. I really do love the gold leafed light. And the green walls are just perfect. I’m glad you had the scaffolding when doing the gold leaf. I like the idea of a pink will look fantastic when the floral curtains are up. Then when you open the curtains the pink will look nice because of all the beautiful pink cabinets.
    You did a beautiful job on the light. The studio entryway is going to be as stunning as your studio.

  16. Perhaps wait on a door color until you have the curtains up – you might be fine with black doors with all the soft folds of light and bright curtains on either side…
    If the color must change on the doors, perhaps a deep version of the green you have on the walls or a dark purple pulled from the curtains?

  17. The light fixtures all look exquisite. You have done a remarkable job.

    For your doors, have you considered taking your cabinet color and lightening it up with a lot of white? It will be a lighter pink but still consistent with the cabinets.

  18. Have you thought about the same color as the wall? I thinking blending in. Of course if you don’t like you can always repaint them.

  19. I was going to suggest pale pink! ( I may have already done so in a previous comment!😂) Loving the new and improved light fixture!

  20. TBH, I never loved the black doors, but now I’m actually liking them! Maybe wait until you get other elements in the room and perhaps even hang the curtains and then evaluate what color for the doors?
    It is all coming together so beautifully! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I LOVE your ability to bring in so much color without it coming across as tacky or garish–actually quite the opposite. Your spaces always look classy to me. Love it!

  21. The light fixture looks…..well, yummy. The scaffolding was a life saver. At least a back and leg saver!
    I think you have enough color in the area that white doors with be a quiet relief. The curtains will show enough color to take care of the entry way.
    You just do an awesome job with everything you do. Now that you are the age you are, you need to start being good to yourself.
    Have you made any commitments on the addition? I am just wondering how that project is progressing. Have a great day.

  22. First let me reiterate that you are my number one blogger. 😊 That being said, here are my thoughts. I envision this as Dorothy’s black and white bedroom, (Wizard of Oz not Golden Girls), and she’s fixing to open the door to Munchkinland! That being said, knowing the plans for the bathroom and the built in around the corner and seeing part of the wall ahead, I would frost my French doors (if needed for privacy), save my fabric for my doors in the master. I would paint all doors white and have a few smaller pieces of gold leaf frame artwork on the wall. Pretty gold doorknobs (can’t remember what is there now). Quietly pretty but totally unaware of what’s to come. Glorious color, surprises at every turn. How’s that for a sell.