Addicts (not so) Anonymous Link Party

Hello all! It’s time once again for you to show off what you’ve been working on! I love being inspired by your projects.

Before we get to that, I thought I might offer a few suggestions regarding pictures. It’s so fun, and such an honor, for us bloggers to have our projects featured on other blogs, isn’t it? But I have a feeling that some of you aren’t getting featured as much as you could be, so I wanted to give you a few pointers for getting your projects noticed, and being featured by other blogs.

1. Use large pictures: I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve wanted to feature a blogger’s project, but when I click over to the blog post, all I see are tiny little pictures. I always try to click on the pictures to see if the actual uploaded picture is bigger, but usually they’re not. People can’t see your project if you’re using tiny pictures. And if people can’t see your project, then more than likely it wont be featured anywhere. Make those pictures BIG.

2. Post at least one clear, full view picture of your project: By “clear”, I mean at least one good, full view shot of the project that doesn’t have any fancy lettering, arrows, borders, shading around the edges, selective focus, etc. Just one clear, full view shot of your project (in a large picture) will generally increase the likelihood of your project being featured on other blogs.

3. Make sure your pictures are well lit: If you’re taking pictures in a dark room, then the details of your project will be hidden. I have horrible lighting an very little natural light, so I’m always taking pictures outside to get good lighting. If you need to, raise the blinds, pull back the curtains, and turn on all the lights. If that doesn’t work, take the project outside to get a good picture. As a general rule, you also want to turn your camera’s flash OFF. The flash will wash out the color and detail in your project.

Anyway, I hope you find those helpful! I (and other bloggers) really do love featuring your projects, but naturally, we want to feature nice, big, clear, well lit pictures. And trust me, you don’t have to be a fantastic photographer. I’m certainly not. But making just a few changes can do wonders for your photos and your blog.

Alright, now on to the fun stuff!

Just a special reminder…Please (see how nicely I’m asking?), please link back to A2D if you’re going to link your project to this link party. I don’t care if it’s a button or text. I’m really not picky. Just pretty please.

A few reminders:

  1. Link only things that you have done yourself…DIY projects, room makeovers, recipes, etc.;
  2. Please link projects that are new to A2D (repeats will be deleted);
  3. Link to a specific post (permalink), not to your general blog URL;
  4. Be aware that by linking your project to this party, you grant me permission to feature your project on other areas of the A2D site, including but not limited to the Inspiration Files gallery. I may also use your photo on the A2D Facebook Page;
  5. Grab a button and add it to your post (or your sidebar, or wherever…or just add a text link to A2D);
  6. Be sure to visit others and leave comments!!
Psstt…Unsure how to link up? Click here to see step-by-step instructions.

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  1. Kristi,

    Thanks for the great photo tips! And so sorry I didn’t check in on Monday … didn’t have anything to report. And it’s starting to stress me out! Perhaps in the fall I can be more productive. It’s tough in the summer … especially with this oppressive heat!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend …



  2. Thanks for the great tips, Kristi! And thanks for hosting again too 🙂

    Also, just wanted to let you know that I was talking with a neighbor over the 4th of July. She was telling me about how her 14 year old daughter created a project she found on Pinterest… a plastic spoon mirror! Just thought I’d let you know 😉 I felt so cool “knowing” you!!

  3. Kristi,

    You’re so right and I’m sooo wrong. I live in a basement level condo with small windows but it wouldn’t matter if they were big windows because of all the shady trees! Plus I have an iphone camera. Poo. I was lucky enough to get featured once but I know the picture thing is DEFINITELY holding me back! 🙁

  4. Kristi,
    Thanks for the photo tips. What would you consider a large enough photo in pixel size? Does 400 w x 600 h qualify or should thy be large and just shown smaller?

    Thanks again for hosting. Off to look at the projects now.

    1. Marji, I personally make all of my horizontal pictures 600 pixels wide, and all of my vertical pictures 600 pixels high. I think it all depends on how wide the actually blog post area is on the blog. But a horizontal picture definitely needs to fill up at least 95% of the width of the blog post width (in my opinion).