Behr Paint, and One Very Satisfied Customer

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Customer service in America today is a lost art. Where companies used to operate by the motto “The customer is always right”, most employees today clearly work with the idea that the customer is a complete nuisance. Oh sure, there are exceptions. But that’s the sad thing…good customer service has become the exception rather than the standard.

But I’m here to tell you that Behr Paint company is not only one of the exceptions, but they go so far above and beyond that I’m still completely amazed at the service I got. Here’s my story…

Two years ago, after ripping up all of the carpet in my tiny little condo, I decided to paint the bare concrete floor. I went to Home Depot and purchased Behr concrete primer and Behr concrete paint and quickly got to work. The floor looked great, but within a few short months, the paint began to wear away. It wasn’t chipping off, and it wasn’t peeling. It was simply wearing away.

I was disappointed, but I figured that that’s just how it goes with a painted floor. Well, I was wrong.

This past weekend, I was at Home Depot…again (it’s basically my second home). I started talking with the manager of the paint department about my floor paint problems to see what fix he would recommend, and he encouraged me to call the Behr Paint company, assuring me that Behr Paint stands by their products. I still had my doubts because, after all, it had been two years since I painted my floor.

So yesterday, with little hope in my heart, I made the phone call. The representative I spoke with, named Matt, was incredibly nice and helpful. I explained my problem, and he assured me that they would make it right. After asking me a series of questions, he told me that they would not only replace all of the materials I had originally purchased, but they would also give me the materials I would need in order to remove the existing paint, to clean my floor properly, and to etch the floor in preparation for the new paint.

I was astounded. I was absolutely in shock.

So later this week, I will head back to Home Depot to collect all of my new paint remover, floor cleaner, concrete etcher, primers, and paint–all at no cost to me.

Now that’s customer service. Thank you, Behr Paint!! Most companies in America could take a HUGE lesson from you!

And I’ll also mention…Behr has a wonderful website, full of great color inspiration. If you’re looking for paint color ideas, be sure to check it out!

Happy decorating,

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