Introducing Vintage Chic by Kristi Linauer Interiors

Sorry for my absence over the past couple of weeks! I’ve been hard at work on items for my new little shop. So now, let me introduce you to…

Vintage Chic by Kristi Linauer Interiors

My shop is part of a large co-op located in Waco, Texas, called The Shops of River Square Center. I don’t know how many shops are located in The Shops, but my guess is that there are at least 20 different shops. If you’re ever in the central Texas area, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Anyway, my own little area is about 10 feet square. Here’s what it looked like before I got my hands on it…

And here’s what it looks like now (or, before I put items in it)…

Vintage Chic by Kristi Linauer Interiors, located in The Shops of River Square Center, Waco, Texas

Now for the good stuff! Here are some of the items I’ve been working on for my little shop:

1. Writing desk (before). I loved the shape of this little desk, but the top was in horrible shape.


Writing desk (after). I painted it brown and blue, and added an argyle design to the top.

2. Twin headboard and footboard (before). I bought this headboard at an estate sale for $7.50, and while I had no idea what I was going to do with it, I knew it had potential.

Twin headboard and footboard (after). I made the headboard/footboard into a bench and added a diamond-tufted upholstered back and a seat cushion.

3. Small side table (before). This little table was in sad shape, with the veneer peeling off the top.

Small side table (after). I removed the veneer, painted the table black, and decoupaged a wonderful paper on the top.

4. Lamp base (before). This lamp base was a gold disaster, but the shape was fantastic.

Lamp (after). I painted the lamp a solid creamy white and made a shade for it with dotted fabric.

5. Ladder back chair (before). This seat frame was sturdy, but the seat beyond repair.

Ladder back chair (after). With some blue and brown paint and a new seat, this chair complements the writing desk perfectly.

6. Vintage gumball machine stand (before). You may remember a few months back when I purchased this gumball machine to turn into a fish bowl.

Gumball machine stand (after). The leftover gumball machine stand made the perfect base for a little side table.

7. Vintage globe (before). This globe is 30+ years old, and very outdated. But I couldn’t resist the beautiful colors!

Vintage globe (after). While no longer useful as a globe, the shape and colors made it perfect as a decorative piece, so I turned it into a pendant light. Perfect for over a desk!

8. Crystal chandelier (before). This brass chandelier had a gorgeous shape, but the finish just made it look tired and outdated.

Crystal chandelier (after). Painted all black (even the crystals), the chandelier now has a very modern and chic look.

9. Clarinet (before). During the Christmas holidays, my sister returned my old clarinet to me. I had loaned it to one of her children to use while she was in school. The clarinet was a cheap plastic student’s clarinet, and since I no longer play, I had no use for it.

Clarinet (after). While the clarinet was little use to me (and most people) as a musical instrument, it makes a wonderfully whimsical lamp!

10. Chair (before). You may remember a few months back when I purchased two of these chairs. The shape was great, but the fabric was so old it was brittle and made terrible crunching sounds when sat upon.

Chair (after). After reinforcing the frame, I added a blue and brown paisley/floral fabric and painted the wood to coordinate.

That’s what I have so far. I hope you enjoyed your first tour and introduction to Vintage Chic by Kristi Linauer Interiors.

While it is fun to make these items to sell, my main motivation in making them is actually not to sell them to make money. My main motivation is actually to take photos of each process so that I can teach others how to do these things through this website. So…you can expect some DIY instruction guides in the next couple of weeks on these projects!

Be inspired, and happy decorating,

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  1. The clarinet lamp is soo cute! I have an old clarinet and I want to make into a lamp lust like that! If you have time would you mind giving my some tips on how to do it. I have never made a lamp before. Thanks:) [email protected]

  2. Is there any way you could walk me through how you made the bench out of the bed frame? I'm a college student with very little money and im very interested in copying your idea for my apartment(that has no furniture). [email protected]

    thank you,

  3. Some truly incredible transformations!   Love the style that you brought to the furniture and that globe light is fantastic!

  4. W…..O…..W! 🙂 I'm inspired beyong belief and I'm ITCHING for those directions and 'how-to's…as for the life of me, I desire so much to do this to things in my house, but hardly have the 'know how' in regards to tools, paints, etc. A can of spray paint or a basic bucket of paint is as far as I've gotten. I would love more details in your quests. And I especialy loved your 'clarinet' lamp….now I know what to do with mine!-lol! Thank you for sharing! 

  5. Hello!!..I love love love te painted black chandelier!!..What paint/primer did you use that still allows the crystals to be shiny?…I”d love to try this! thanks!