Do You Ever Wake Up In the Morning and Think To Yourself…

“How in the world am I going to get it all finished?!”

I do, almost every morning.

Bailey‘s bedroom.  Almost finished…the slipcover just needs a final fitting and some final tweaking.

Cassandra‘s dining room.  Her gorgeous draperies are finally finished and hanging, but she still
needs Roman shades on six windows.  After that, she’ll take over and finish off the
room–new dining chairs, rug, painted piano (turquoise!), accessories and artwork.

Gwen’s bedroom–I really thought this one was finally finished, but then I decided that her original
pillows needed some work.  They were looking a bit tired and worn.  If I’d stop adding projects,
this one would be finished!!  But I want it go be just right!

J & A’s master bathroom.  This is my pet project.  I LOVE getting in there and getting my hands dirty!! 
It’s coming along nicely, but still quite a ways to go before it’s finished.  I had hoped to have it done by the
end of September so that I could start on the kitchen October 1st.  We’ll see.

Julia’s kitchen.  All of the big items are finally finished, and the draperies are hung. 
Still needed:  sheers on the window and artwork/accessories. 

Margaret’s bedroom.  New custom window treatments are on their way to replace these temporary ones,
and new comfy chairs will be added to the sitting area.  Then the room just needs some accessorizing.

Margaret’s breakfast room.  Her new antiqued black table and chairs have replaced this old set,
and a new rug has replaced the one pictured above.  New custom valances in a gorgeous
embroidered striped silk are on the way to replace these temporary store-bought valances.

Margaret’s family room.  Her new furniture has arrived to replace all of this furniture
from her previous house, and a new grasscloth-looking rug has replaced this
Turkish rug.  We’ve done some accessorizing, including a fantastic arrangement
for the mantle (can’t wait to show you!!), but much more accessorizing is still needed. 
And of course, her gorgeous linen draperies are in the works.

Mark’s dining room.  He has the basics–dining table, chairs, and beautiful rug–but the room is
far from finished.  Still needed are draperies, accessories, and artwork…and I’m going to
try to convince him to paint the walls, so that may be changed as well.  And this is only one
room of eight in his house that has the basics but needs to be finished.

My bedroom.  I have the makings for a potentially gorgeous and relaxing space.  I long for it. 
I dream about it.  I wonder when it will truly ever happen.

My breakfast area.  It’s so close to being finished!!  Still needed:  trim at ceiling,
painted chandelier, decorative pillows, rug (painted floorcloth),
centerpiece for table, new dining chairs.

My “new” loveseat.  I got rid of the old loveseat (which was incredibly uncomfortable!!)
to make room for this guy, and it still looks like this.  I desperately need to find time to
reupholster it, because I refuse to sit on it “as is.”

My new flooring.  I work on it in my “spare time”, and as of now, I only have half a floor.
Sneak Peek of the New & Improved Addicted 2 Decorating website and blog.  This is another “spare time”
project I’ve been working on–a complete redesign of the A2D blog and website.   It’ll be much prettier and
much easier to navigate.  I’m so anxious to get it finished!!  But reformatting almost 300 webpages is no
easy task.  It’s getting there, though!!  

I seriously need an assistant–one who knows how to tile and grout and sew window treatments and reupholster furniture and paint cabinets and make crafty things and install lighting and has a great eye for accessorizing and can install window treatments and knows how to build websites…

…and who will cook and clean and take care of my animals and who will do my grocery shopping and who will do all of my mundane errands…

and who will work for free.

Anyone?  Anyone?!



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  1. Sounds like you need a TEAM of people…. OOOOO but I love the intern idea….. They may refuse to cook and clean tho.

  2. . . . . I just realized that you described my relationship with my husband. Apparently, you need a wife! . . . Not sure if I'm sad now or not.

  3. Lolzzzz!! Kristi you need to post an ad for this. But i don't think one will agree to do works for you. You have variations of work. Even if anyone gives a positive reply don't believe as it is impossible for one to work this much for free.

  4. Lolzzzz!! Kristi you need to post an ad for this. But i don't think one will agree to do works for you. You have variations of work. Even if anyone gives a positive reply don't believe as it is impossible for one to work this much for free.