Flooring Progress

My new flooring is no longer contained to the guest bedroom/office. It has now spread up the hallway to the front door, into about half of the family room, all of the eating area (except for the border edges), and into the kitchen. I still have to grout, but even without grout, it looks about 1000% better than the painted concrete.

Before, my floor always seemed to look like this:

Everything showed up on that floor.  It was absolutely impossible to keep it clean without mopping twice a day…and there’s NO WAY I’m going to mop a floor twice a day.

But now it looks like this…

So much better, right? Of course, the only downside to having square tiles in my kitchen is that now it’s really easy to see just how incredibly tiny my kitchen is!! Yes, that’s less than four feet of walking space from one side to the other. Wow!!

But anyway, I love the floor. I really like how it lightened things up a bit, and I can already tell that it’ll hide dirt, footprints, etc., much better than the solid dark brown floor.

Just an FYI, the above two pictures were taken with two different cameras. The colors in the top picture are a bit off. My cabinets are not that blue. The second picture looks accurate on my monitor…much more greenish blue, which is what my cabinets really are.

I hope you have a great weekend! I’m really going to try to finish up my floor, and hopefully tackle a couple of other projects.

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  1. That looks great! I've got a super tiny galley kitchen, so I feel your pain. Your cabinets are great – I want to do something fun like that with mine (they're just oak now) but the landlord isn't feeling it… someday we won't rent anymore and I'll get to have fun!

  2. Hmmmmm… We are in the process of finishing our basement (sheetrock going up today!) and we were going to have painted concrete… Now I am wondering if it should be tile!