My Master Bedroom Plan

Last Updated on December 28, 2015 by Kristi Linauer

Remember the other day when I had an opinion poll for the fabric possibilities I had found for my bedroom? Well, after seeing that the Waverly fabric was winning, I noticed that the JoAnn Fabrics carries that fabric, so I headed over there to see it in person.

I didn’t like it…at all. Bummer.

But since I was there, I spent about two hours just perusing their decorator fabrics…looking, longing, dreaming of a gorgeous bedroom. I came across two fabrics that I really loved, but I needed to wait until my PC Fallon bedding arrived to be sure that it would all go together.

Well, I got my bedding last Friday, and yesterday I headed to JoAnn Fabrics to check out the fabric samples I liked. And they all look beautiful together!! So I selected three more coordinating fabrics to fill in for whatever purposes (I’m still not 100% certain how I’m going to use any of these fabrics). Then when I got home, I came across a lucky find.

The solid dark brown is my new PC Fallon bedding.  The five fabric samples are
from JoAnn Fabrics.  The grasscloth wallpaper is my lucky find!!  I’ve had that
tucked away for about three years now, and had thought I’d never find a use
for it, but now I have one!!
Better Homes & Garden, Jayda Bramble, $34.99/yard
Waverly Sun & Shade, Silk Bazaar Mineral, $19.99/yard
Waverly, Essence Chocolate, $29.99/yard
Top:  Home Inspirations, Vitalize Mist, $39.99/yard
Bottom:  Robert Allen Home, Marigot Seaspray, $44.99/yard
I bought this grasscloth about three years ago, and never used it. 
I don’t have the details, but I got it at Sherwin Williams. 

So that’s what I’ll be working with. What do you think?  Of course, I’ll wait until they’re on sale or I have a coupon to purchase them.  I don’t ever pay full retail price for their decorator fabrics.

Now the task is deciding how to use these fabrics, and the wallpaper.

Obviously the wallpaper will go on the walls.  The problem is that I only have three rolls, so putting it on all of the walls is out of the questions.  Plus, I don’t want it all the way down to the baseboards anyway, because my cat will use it as a scratching post.  That would NOT be pretty.

Here are my initial thoughts:

I want to build a base for my bed that will replace the frame and boxspring.  Ha!  Actually there’s no frame to replace.  It broke while back and I never replaced it.  So yes…we have a boxspring and a mattress sitting right on the floor.

Anyway, living in 834 square feet, I look for every opportunity to incorporate more storage.  So I’d like to build a base that has storage like this daybed from Pottery Barn

The extra storage will be great, plus the baskets will add some texture to the room.

And of course, I want to add an upholstered headboard. I think I’d like to use the solid blue…

And use it on a headboard with a gentle arch and pewter nailhead trim, like this one from Crate and Barrel

I only have one window in the room, and it currently only has a brown woven shade on it. I’ll definitely add some draperies, and I’m thinking about using the floral fabric for the main portion, and then adding a 3-inch band on the inside edge of each panel in the striped fabric.  The stripes would go horizontally.

Other than that, I think I would use the damask as Euro shams, and the knit fabric for an accent pillow.  That’s as far as I’ve gotten.  I hope to incorporate the stripe and floral somewhere else in the room, but I haven’t decided how to do that yet.

The only other thing I know for sure is that I want to build closets on either side of the bed.  Again, our tiny little bedroom only has, as you would guess, one tiny little closet.  I hope to convert that into built-in storage with drawers and cabinets, which means we will need another place for hanging clothes.  John & Sherry of Young House Love had a similar predicament, so they added closets to either side of their bed, and I love the look.  It creates a little alcove for the bed.

So I’ll be doing something similar.  I’m not sure if I’ll cover mine with fabric, or with doors.  We’ll see.

That’s the overall plan so far–the big picture.  I’m so glad to finally have a direction for my bedroom!!

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