Five Fabulous Bathroom Makeovers

I think it’s pretty safe to say that I have bathroom makeovers on my mind right now, since I’m working on my own small bath makeover.  I love to see what other bloggers have done in their homes…in real homes, with reasonable budgets and a DIY attitude.

Here are a few of my favorite bathroom makeovers…

This bathroom before and after from Miss Mustard Seed is truly amazing…


Click here to check out all the details and lots more pictures of Miss Mustard Seed’s bathroom makeover!

This light and bright guest bathroom makeover from Beneath My Heart is an absolute showstopper! It started out kind of dark, with outdated fixtures and finishes, and turned out so beautiful, with so much character.


Click here to see more pictures of this bathroom makeover.

Jessica at Four Generations One Roof absolutely transformed this outdated bathroom in a beautiful, updated room.


The other side of this room is equally impressive, so be sure to click here to see the whole makeover.

You know I’m a sucker for stripes, so naturally I love this bathroom makeover from Live Love DIY!


See more of this bathroom before and after right here.

This stunning bathroom makeover from Welcome To Heardmont is one of my all-time favorites. (Could it be those stripes again? I love stripes!)


There’s lots more to see of this bathroom before and after right here.

I’m feeling so inspired! It’s time to step away from the computer and start ripping up some old vinyl flooring. 🙂

Do you have an amazing DIY bathroom makeover of your own? If so, and you’ve shared pictures online, leave a link in the comments below! I’ve love to see them!



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  1. These are all truly ‘great’ bathroom makeovers and I will take more time this weekend to really look each one over. We need to redo both of our bathrooms and there are some great ideas to inspire me. Thanks and I’ll be exploring other links as people post them.

  2. Oh I think it would be beautiful to see some of that gold in there, I bet it would warm up the bathroom and be a lovely compliment to your color scheme!

  3. Kristy, Not sure if my bathroom makeover qualifies for your “makeover quality” (I’m still struggling with painting the oak cabinet because my husband loves it and it “is” his bathroom afterall and my whole house has oak trim and I feel that the bathroom would look weird if it was the only room with painted trim…) anyway here it is. New, rebuilt barrier free shower with tile/corner seat/shelves/grab bars, $2,000 (that certainly took the bulk of my small budget wish I could have had the seemless door but that was another $1,000!!), new granite countertop and FREE porcelain sink (I ordered a black sink but it did not come in the size we needed so had to go with white). I wanted a vintage dresser with set on sink bowl sink but that meant costs for a contractor and a plumber so had to compromise – another sigh.) Would LOVE a new mirror/open shelf wall above the sink but my husband would not give up his storage there either. (Stubborn man!) I’m not at all crazy about the glass block window (that the previous owners put in) but the bathroom overlooks our three-seasons porch and the block window had to stay, so I sewed Roman blinds to play down the block effect (UG!) Same toilet, newish custom Amtigo linoleum strip flooring (that I DO love) that matches the rest of the flooring throughout our entire home (we have two large dogs with wicked toenails and live in the country on a sand plain so this flooring is perfect for us) that we put in about 8 years ago. On the wall is my handmade plant paper artwork on canvas. Do others DYIers out there have to make so many compromises due to budgets and spouses or is it just me? Small House / Big Sky Donna http://smallhouseunderabigsky.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/roman-shades-i…odled-bathroom/

  4. I like how most of these examples tend to make the bathroom brighter. In the 80’s and 90’s bathroom were just considered bathrooms, but it’s good to see how bathrooms are now considered part of house and can be decorated just the same.

  5. Fabulous bathroom makeovers! I haven’t figured out what to do with our master bath since we moved into this house. I’m pretty satisfied with the changes we’ve made in the other rooms, but the bathroom has a old world plaster glazing treatment with flor-de-lis stamped in it. Anyone know how to get that off the walls??

    1. You’re welcome, Traci! And I’m even going to flatter you a bit more by copying your idea for your walls in my own bathroom makeover. 😉 You know what they say about imitation, right? 😀 Not sure if I’m doing it the same way you did, but I absolutely love that look, so I’m trying to replicate it. Hope it turns out as great as yours!

      1. I would absolutely be flattered and honored! I love when we can inspire each other. You inspire me with all of your fabulous decorating ideas as well.
        Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I know you will do your own amazing spin on it. 🙂

  6. Great ideas Kristi. They’re all very beautiful and inspiring for all those who want to renovate the bathroom. Also, to finish home DIY projects faster, Bondera Tile MatSet is perfect for tiling. It’s an advanced pressure-sensitive adhesive on a roll that provides an innovative way to install tile, making it faster, easier and cleaner than traditional methods such as mortar or mastic. Hope this information is helpful for all of you that want make bathroom remodeling a one day project.

  7. We did a half bathroom makeover but it is still a constant work in progress and I haven’t updated some of the changes since my post on it. Right now we added some new towel bars and are building an extension to go to the right of the existing vanity for more desktop storage etc.

    But here it is: http://www.northstory.ca/?p=1011

    I love the one at Beneath My Heart!

  8. These bathrooms had pretty impressive makeovers, but it’s amazing to see how only a few layers of paint can actually have a big impact on a room! Sometimes we don’t realize how much potential we have to improve our home if we stop a bit of time and think.

  9. Hi I would love to make over my bathroom and replace the tube with a walk in shower and take out the tiles that are floor to ceiling but after have contractors over i can’t afford the $10,000- $12,000. We were just thinking of changing the fixtures from gold YUK to nickel but i think it needs more. if i took pictures and sent it to you could you give some ideas, i might make a apple pie, but when it comes to decorating the bathroom i am lost. please help.

  10. Hi, thanks for inspiration, great ideas for the bathroom. It’s amazing how little decoration changes such as to paint afew stripes on a wall, or add picture frames can totally make over the look and feel of a bathroom.