Floral Wallpaper and Large Scale Floral Mural Options For My Studio

I’ve spent quite some time over the last two days searching online for floral wallpaper and large scale floral murals for my studio. I’ve decided to keep it to one wall — the long wall at the front of the studio (i.e. the wall with the windows that look out towards the street), and I’ll do something coordinating in the “office” portion of the room. And I learned pretty quickly that finding the perfect one is pretty darn impossible. But I did manage to find six that I really like, and I could see myself easily decorating around any of these.

Note: I tried to make each one as close to scale as possible.

First up is this awesome Indy Bloom Designs Blush Florals wallpaper on Spoonflower.

Jennifer at The Magic Brush installed this wallpaper in her craft room, and she took this close up picture showing all of the amazing colors in the wallpaper.

via Jennifer Allwood

Be sure to click here to see what that wallpaper looks like installed in Jennifer’s craft room.

What I like about it: The watercolor look of the flowers (y’all know how I love watercolor effects!), the colors, and that it has orange as well as pink and hints of yellow in it! I also like that since it’s a wallpaper and not a mural, all of the colors will definitely be seen many times on the wall, even though there will be large cutouts in the pattern for windows, and some of it will be hidden behind that center lower cabinet.

What I don’t like about it: Mostly that it’s wallpaper. I know, I know. I just said that was a positive. But while I like the color distribution of a wallpaper, I’m not really crazy about definite pattern repeats. I’d much prefer this as a super large scale wall mural with no pattern repeats, but then I’d lose the benefit of color distribution all over the wall. Also, the only green in it is super muddy, and it has no teal in it at all. But that aqua background is so light and happy, so I suppose I could live without my beloved teal since I’d have its close relative in that beautiful aqua. And did I mention the orange? I love that it has orange.

Option #2 is this Almond Blossom large scale wall mural from Magic Murals.

What I like about it: It’s a wall mural, for one. And hello! Teal!

What I don’t like about it: My colors would be way more limited with this one. Where’s the pink? The orange? And I’m afraid that with such a limited palette, I’d end up with a way more serious studio than I envision. Also, I’m not loving how the bulk of the design would fall below the desk.

The third option is this Floral Crush wall mural from Walls Need Love.

What I like about it: SO. MANY. COLORS! I mean, there’s pink, red, coral, green, blue, dark purplish blue, aubergine, creamy yellows.

What I don’t like about it: I’m not quite sure how I feel about the realistic-looking flowers. I’m generally more drawn to flowers with a watercolor look to them, and this definitely doesn’t have that. But on the other hand, I’ve seen so many rooms lately with large-scale floral murals that have the realistic type of flowers, and they’re absolutely gorgeous. Do I take a chance, or do I stick with what I absolutely, without a doubt, know that I love? I probably already know the answer to that, but I wanted to throw this one in the bunch just in case.

With the last three, we’re back to my beloved watercolors. Option 4 is this Garden Whispers wall mural from Wallsauce.

What I like about it: The watercolor effect is my favorite feature, followed by the beautiful and happy pinks, yellows, and greens. I also like that it has a bright, not-quite-white background that would keep that wall light and airy.

What I don’t like about it: There’s turquoise in there, but you really have to search for it. And that orange looks awfully muddy. I prefer a more vibrant orange.

Option 5 is this Graceful Bouquet wall mural from Wallsauce.

What I like about it: Pretty much the same things as the previous one. I love the watercolor effect, the greens, and the pinks.

What I don’t like about it: Where’s the teal, or blue, or turquoise? Would I really be happy with a studio where my absolute favorite color (or even any close relative of it) isn’t present at all? I honestly don’t know.

And finally, option 6 is this Macro Garden 2 wall mural from Wallsauce.

What I like about it: Okay, that should be obvious by now. 🙂 Watercolor, pink. And look! TEAL! And there’s even some purple thrown in there for good measure.

What I don’t like about it: Ugh. The green. This would be a perfect option if that green were just a bit brighter. Instead, they had to put a muddy, dull green with all those other gorgeous colors.

So those are the options I’ve narrowed it down to. And to be quite honest, if I had to choose today, I don’t know that I could. If I were being totally honest with myself, I think I would end up with one of the four watercolors, but beyond that, I’m stumped. I think all four of them would be gorgeous, and would make a great jumping off point for me to decorate my studio. These things aren’t cheap, though, and I’ll be covering wall space that’s almost 15 feet wide. So I need to be really sure I love it before I hit that “checkout” button.

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  1. The first option send to be in your color palette. Why not paint the window trim and the cabinets/ bookshelves teal to give you that complete look you are going for?

    1. I think this solution is the best of both worlds.
      Pick the wall paper you love and add the teal for the cabinets.

  2. #5! And just b/c there isn’t any teal in the design doesn’t mean you can’t add it into your room in other ways 🙂

    1. Yes, you can always add in color with accessories.

      I’d honestly recommend papering some other wall which has more blank space OR using a small-print paper on this wall. The big pattern just won’t be done justice here, because of the windows and desk chairs. With these large patterns you will see splashes of color but not so much the shape of flowers. Maybe you can save this paper for another room?

    2. Yes#5! I wouldn’t do one because you’ve seen the application of it and that’s no fun. Five is different than most of what we see online already. And do you need teal in every room? Your blog post the other day said color color color! Not the same colors over and over, don’t loose sight of that. And yes just because there is no teal in a paper you like doesn’t mean you can’t add it in the room.

  3. Why don’t you create your own on Spoonflower. That way you’d get the colors in the tones you love!

      1. Spoonflower all the way!!!!!! This project can be your “feet wet” start, yes?

        When you figure out how it works with what you do…create and sell your heart out, girl!
        When others can purchase pieces of your talent you will no longer wonder about the “artist” label.

    1. Yup!! Exactly what I was going to say! Just discovered Spoonflower, I know pretty late to the game, but you can upload your creation and then when people say, “where did you get that Kristi?” It would be a natural progression to selling your artwork 😀

    1. Option 4 for me too. I think the “muddier” orange will actually work in your favor eventually: you could pick up on the undertone and echo it with a “brighter” orange somewhere in the studio, without it being too matchy.

      All of the large-scale watercolors are really fantastic. The mural is nice but, you’re right: too serious. And I really don’t like option 1.

    1. I’m with you! Paint it yourself! with all your favorite colors, and since it is only paint, and not high dollar paper, if you get tired of it or don’t love it, do it again. I’m not a big fan of big florals, but do love color. It’s your wall, do what you love. I think you could do a great job! It is a blank canvas. I think you should at least give that a try first, then if you hate it buy the wall paper. but I bet you’ll like it better!

      1. With your talent, you could definitely do this! Most people (like me) don’t have that option, because we’re just not as artistically talented as you. And looking to the future, no stripping wall paper when you decide to change…and you will. You know you will, lol.

    2. I TOTALLY agree. That would be so easy with ur talent. U could do this for a lot less $$$$$$!!!!

  4. I think either the wallpaper or Garden Whispers will compliment the rest of you home best. They’re all beautiful.

  5. #6 the colors are vibrant and you can really accentuate around that. And it pulls all the colors you have used in your home.

  6. Honestly, I advise you to stop analyzing them and just pick one that gives you an immediate happy vibe. This is after all, your creative space and you need to go with whatever you find uplifting and inspiring. Stop over-thinking! 🙂

  7. I also follow Jennifer at the Magic Brush (I’m in the KC area also). Funny, you posted this because when I saw her wallpaper on instagram I instantly thought of you.

  8. You are so thoughtful and quite the planner. I think your own skills at art are amazing. I go with doing your own wall mural. And, when you get tired of one, just paint a new one!

  9. My immediate thought when I saw #6 was it reminds me of the paintings you did for your living room over the credenza. I like the colors in #6 and think you could work with it the most. Adding teal as trim color like Jenny above said would bring more of that color to the room for you. I am partial to the purple and I love how bold it is in this paper. You have quite a decision to make that’s for sure!!

  10. I’m going with the paint option others have mentioned. Use these as a jumping off point – take what you love and change the colors of the rest. That way, down the road, if you are over the wall paper you can easily change the look with new paint. Whatever you do, it will be inspiring to us all.

    1. Agree. I think you are trying to convince yourself to be “head over heels I paid a fortune for this wallpaper so I’m going to love it no matter what”. So if you don’t have this Spoonflower outfit make it for you to YOUR EXACT COLORS YOU LOVE then paint a mural and pat yourself on the back.
      You’ve got this, just go with what you love and don’t try to talk yourself into second or third choice.

    1. I love that last one, too! My thought is if you don’t love the green color it in, paint over it. It is simpler and quicker than painting your own mural. But only if you love the pattern. Otherwise, skip the paper (and the cost) and paint your own.

  11. While they are all beautiful choices I think you should paint your own mural like several others have suggested. That way you get the look and the colors in it that make you the happiest. With your talents it shouldn’t be a problem 😉 It is your space and you want it to inspire and reflect you.

    1. This would be my suggestion also. Acrylic paints that I water down look very much like Watercolor, but they act like acrylic and are more easily controlled, dry faster, and produce an intensity and depth of color that is more pleasing to me. I have done many ‘watercolor’ paintings using this technique. ~:0) btw– I especially love the one with the drawn overlay lines…it reminds me of what you did with your stenciling.

  12. Have you asked your Mom if she might do a custom design for you? Custom means 1) no hanging of the dreaded wallpaper 2) using the colors you like 3) no true repeating pattern 4) creative bonding time with your amazing mom 5) and you could help, because you ARE a very talented artist in your own right!!

  13. Yes, ugh on repeating patterns. #6 without a doubt. Brighter, more intense than 4 and 5. Watercolor vs 3. So the green isn’t bright, but I didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out. Overall, just beautiful, bright, cheery. If the green were bright, the rest would blend in too much, I think. All that being said, hope you choose what stands out to you as gorgeous overall.

  14. You have had your own mural painted before- Why not again? So you LOVE everything about it!

  15. I am so in love with #1. It so light and bright, which is what I think I love about it. I know it doesn’t have your teal, but I don’t think teal accents in your room would look bad with that paper. It’s lovely.

  16. I’m on the paint your own bandwagon. You know you can do it and you get to pick your own colors. 😀

  17. I cast my vote with those who say you should create your own mural for the space.

    That said, I’ll also offer a plug for another source, Surface View. They’re in the UK and not inexpensive but the quality is excellent and the variety of images is mind-boggling. I have no relationship with this company other than the fact that I purchased 2 wall murals from them for my home 8 years ago and I am still in love with them. I consider them pieces of art.

  18. I’m not a fan of big floral print wallpaper myself (I like my walls to be a soothing background), but I would go with the last option and paint the cabinets teal.

  19. I love the first one. It automatically makes a person smile. I think the scale would be the best also. You have a lot of the wall space taken up by cabinets and the windows, so I think that a mural is going to get lost with all of that. Find a dark shade of aqua for accents to satisfy your teal need.

  20. I think you should paint your own so you get exactly the right colors and you can use these murals as inspiration! Maybe your mom will be able to work on it with you?

  21. If you go with the wall mural you might be able to save some money by not papering the space under the work surfaces. I’m not sure how much you would/could see under there once the room is finished. You could paint that area the same color as the cabinets. Just a thought

    1. Unfortunately, that’s not how murals work. You have to buy the whole strip, top to bottom and there is no repeat so you can’t take the bottom of one strip and use it at the top one space over. If you did, the overall picture would be chopped up. It is not like wallpaper where you buy a roll of X feet, so you deduct spaces you don’t need to paper to avoid buying more rolls than necessary.

  22. It would be so much fun to paint your own, perhaps in collaboration with your mom. If you wanted to you could utilize some kind of background stencil and layer flowers on top of it or around bits of it. Can’t wait to see whatever you do.

  23. I love the first and the last (6th) I think the first is bright and happy. With all the cut outs I really don’t think you will notice the repeat as much with the first print. I also think because it has the aqua background if you decide to pull in a darker teal it will still feel very cohesive. esp if you go a few shades up the “same” paint chip from the aqua. Regardless I love the direction you are going with this space.

  24. Hard decision, I agree. All I could do was immediately eliminate #1. It’s a lovely pattern but too matchy-matchy because of the pattern repeat. Colors are good but again, it LOOKS like wallpaper while most of the others would not. I, as well as you, love the watercolor-like ones. That’s probably the main reason I’d eliminate #1.

    I also agree with many of the other posters – find the one you LOVE and then make it your own with trim paint to get whatever it is you feel is missing.

  25. It all comes down to what makes you smile , my own thought is you could not go wrong with 4 5 or 6 . Beautiful. Those let my mind feel free to be creative without heaviness of a pattern occupying my brain . I know that probably makes no sense.

  26. My choice is #1, the wallpaper. I love the colors.

    But, since you aren’t 100% sold on any of the choices, I think you should get your mother to help you paint a custom design like you did in your niece’s bedroom. That way you can get the scale, colors and design that suits you just right.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Why do you ask your mother to please paint your wall with bold watercolor flowers?

  27. Indy Bloom just makes my heart happy. Love the water color effect and the colors. I loved it when Jennifer introduced it as the one for her craft room. All your selections are great but this one just makes me happy.

  28. You are going to lose a lot of what you are paying for and the overall look because of chopping it up due to the cabinets. Paint your own to get just what you want.

    1. Oh wow! I love Bluebellgrey, and that first one is absolutely perfection! (Although I wish the pink was a truer pink and less purplish pink.) But they are so expensive. It would cost me $1700 to paper my front wall with that wallpaper. Maybe I could use it as inspiration and paint my own, though!

  29. Of these, I prefer option 5. Could brush some teal onto the wallpaper? That might make it Then Option 6, though I don’t like it as much.

    I do agree that designing your own could be the better option. There are plenty of sites that let you custom create. I could also envision you doing something like this (with more flowers of course) because it adds in pretty birds: https://www.anthropologie.com/shop/garden-chinoiserie-mural?category=decor-art&color=095

    I don’t think theirs are the right size for your wall, but they do have some lovely options to inspire you:

  30. IF you use wallpaper, I would choose Option #4. The pattern doesn’t repeat, the imperfect symmetry fits the space, it has all the colors you love, the scale is great and the watercolor effect is lovely. I say IF because I’d love for you to use some/all your choices for inspiration to PAINT your own mural! You certainly have the skills and you would love it even more knowing that YOU did it! DO. IT.

  31. I would say if you look at those wallpapers and nothing screams “That’s it” then I would continue to look. I was just googling teal floral watercolor wallpaper and there were some gorgeous papers that I know I would love to put up on my walls. Have you tried looking on Etsy as I saw some examples again of some fabulous designs (some even included some birds wink wink). Between cost/installation and having to look at it everyday….don’t settle.

  32. I love the color options in #1. It is Gorgeous. The bright oranges and pinks along with toned down versions are perfection!!! You can bring out the teal anywhere in the room. It is Bold and Feminine!

  33. I’m loving #6 even though the green is kinda muddy when I click on the page it does show a little darker/ brighter green in it.

  34. I don’t really know much about wallpaper, but is it possible to paint on? You could get your favorite, and paint in (or have your mom assist!) the colors that are missing!

  35. Option # 4. Paint in more or intensify the teal. Colored pencil or painted with a brush with acrylics.

    I like the airy look of it. Does it ‘sing’ to you?

  36. Not completely on topic, but I saw (on pinterest) making your fan blades match decor with fabric or wallpaper.
    I sent two pins to your pinterest. Could bring the wallpaper design into the room to accessorize.
    Saw them and thought Kristy might like that.

  37. I’m loving the Garden Whisper one. So pretty! Can’t wait to see what you decide to do with the space!

  38. I prefer the scale of #1, Kristi. But, I was thinking, couldn’t your very talented mom create something and then with her mad photo shop skills pattern it for wall paper and then you could get the exact colors you would like and you would have your mom’s art on your walls? I think then it would meaningful as well as personal and beautiful.

  39. Your artistic talent is enviable . I agree paint what you want in your colors. It also saves money and it is changeable if the mood hits you.

  40. Get thee some acetate, sketch out your own design, pull out that overhead projector and do your own design and color! :-)) You will never find the perfect design in ready made, and I hate for you to settle. You’ve done enough of that already! Or do your own with Spoonflower.

  41. This is YOUR studio. This is YOUR happy place. This is where your clients will come to work with an AMAZING artist.


  42. I like option one, but seems would be a little too busy? Option 6 is my favorite, but i wonder if it is so large scale that you would lose the fact it is a floral? I don’t particularly like 2 or 3. I think the lines on option 5 seem distracting, but maybe that is only in the mock-up?

    If retains floral characteristics, i’d go with option 6; if not, I’d do 4.

  43. I love them all! But #4 had my eye the most. Have you ever heard of Anewall décor? They have fabulous murals as well! (Don’t mean to complicate matters!) I’m getting ready to re-do my daughters room from little girl to more sophisticated. I just inherited my grandparents INCREDIBLE mid-century burl wood bedroom set and I’m using one of their murals. I’m sure whatever you choose will be drool-worthy!

  44. My only two cents is that the wallpaper made the cabinets look pink. That would be a deal breaker for me. All of the wallpaper is beautiful, my favorite to look at long term is the teal with branches, its beautiful, elegant, restful and modern. It also allows the room to take on fabric that mimic the floral wallpapers for bold color and contrast.

  45. I like the first option. The flow of the design seems to go better with the windows on the wall.

  46. You are an artist, you could design your own mural watercolor, you are definetly more than capable.

  47. I know I am going against the grain here, but I truly love option #2. Like the comments of others, I think you should paint your own mural, but I love the idea of seeing soemthing like #2 in the colors you want.

  48. When I think of the intricate design of the entranceway faux wallpaper design that you did with your mom, I feel you could definitely pull off a painted version of any of these beautifully!

    But, if you were going with this option: I am partial to #4 with #1 being my second choice IMHO…light bright and not too heavy looking.

    Can’t wait to see this room finished!! Your work is AMAZING!

  49. I, like you, love color. And I love large-scale florals. But I much prefer the more ‘abstract’ watercolor look over the more realistic painted flower look. The watercolor is more modern and youthful; the other seems a little old-fashioned for what will be a very creative space for you. It should be a fun and happy space (yet not juvenile), not a traditional and formal space.

  50. You’re so smart listing your pros & cons for each example! But I think you should keep searching until you find one with no cons! I think you & your Mom could come up with something painted with the exact colors you want.
    And I forget…are the cabinets going to be white?

    1. BUT, the Wayfair Memories wall mural is wowing me 😊 from the link above that someone posted. I have no doubt you could paint that so the question is:
      Do you want to paint or paper?!

  51. I love #6, #1 and then the second Spoonflower. OMG, the colors are gorgeous. I’m anxious to see what you decide!

  52. OMG, Kristi, I could give you the biggest hug right now. We moved in October and I still don’t have any art on the wall in the bedroom. One of your sources (haven’t looked at them all yer) allows you to customize the size of a wall mural. I have two large frames, and can order a mural, slice it and create a great diptych piece to go over a king sized bed. I’ve been looking for something exactly like this!

    *FWIW, I prefer a watercolor look, too.

  53. I couldnt read all the comments there were so many. Bless you if you do. Just wanted to say, wasnt it just yesterday, when you were talking about art that you said you realized you dont like realism but more abstract colors? Just saying….

  54. I like #6.

    Have you seen Linda Holt’s room for the ORC. Her room has totally white walls and floors but she still manages a beautiful, vibrant, colorful and outstanding room.

  55. I think others may have said the following, but not perhaps all in the same comment: (1) In my opinion, a mural just doesn’t work well on that wall because it is too “broken up” by all the windows, book cases, etc. I honestly feel a bit disoriented when looking at the mock-ups … not because of the murals per se, but because the large-scale designs get chopped up by all the other stuff going on with that wall. Summary: I think that wall needs a solid color, and a wall that has less inherent “breaks” by windows and such would be a better candidate for a designed surface treatment. (2) I think you should paint your own abstract watercolor-effect wall (on a wall that is more suitable for such a design, see Point #1 above). The benefits are that you can use your own colors, the design will not repeat like that of a wallpaper, and you can make the flowers as crisp or watercolor-blurry as you wish (perhaps even alternating this effect within the design). A large design wouldn’t even necessarily take that much time to do … start off with a few flowers here and there of differing sizes, fuzz some of them up with extra water to get that effect, and add more elements to the design with time! Good luck with whatever you decide!

  56. I would choose the teal! First of all, it has an Asian look which I simply adore! And, personally, I think teal is the perfect backdrop for adding the colors you so love. They would absolutely pop with a teal background!

  57. No. 4 is my favorite, but I have a suggestion. Choose your favorite and then paint over the parts you don’t like.

  58. Rather than comment on the choice I would make,(it’s not my space😎) I suggest that if you don’t love it, don’t settle. Find something that makes you happy! It’s your space!

  59. You could alwaysd touch up the wallpaper yourself, with the colors you prefer ( make the green pop a bit more, add in some orange or teal, etc)

    I like Options 4 and 6 the best, 6 being my favorite. Again, you can paint over the paper!

  60. #4 is my favorite – but if you can make is yourself as others are suggesting you should just go for it!

  61. Don’t limit yourself to the colors in whatever wallpaper you choose. You are a better designer than that! You can have colors in your wallpaper, and more colors in pictures or accessories!

  62. This may be a crazy idea, but have you considered using your P. Kaufman fabric? All of these designs remind me of that but it’s got the bright colors you’re looking for.

    Otherwise, I like Garden Whispers or something from Bluebellgray that a previous poster mentioned.

    Excited to see what you pick!

  63. My favorites are the watercolors with the exception of the last one, but I’m so late to the game here that you’ve probably picked one already. I AM a little concerned about how much the built-ins will chop up the designs, especially the larger ones, but you’re much better at determining that kind of thing than I am.

  64. What program do you use to see what each wallpaper will look like on your drawing or in a room? Is it free or do you pay for usage?

  65. Kr
    At the risk of sounding heretical, I think I would go with mostly painted walls in a calming color palette of your favorite color. Then I would add a floor to ceiling white board, some nice looking cork, and that’s as far as I’ve gotten. The point I’m making is that while I *love* the wallpaper, I think in time, it might become a distraction. Just my 2c. Good luck. It will be beautiful no matter what you do.