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Florals That Tickle My Fancy

Last Updated on December 26, 2015 by Kristi Linauer

Black walls in my office are now set in stone.  I’m going for it.  I was sure…absolutely certain…that I would have at least one person question my judgment with the use of black walls, but I didn’t have even one!  Not even my mom!!  While at lunch yesterday, I was fully expecting her to give me that look…you know, that look…that lets me know she thinks I’ve absolutely lost my mind.  But I didn’t see it even once!!  And then I thought for sure that I would have another one of those e-mails from my mom waiting for me when I woke up this morning, telling me that the thought of black walls kept her tossing and turning all night.  But I checked, and nothing!

So it’s ON!

Now I just have to find the perfect floral fabric as a jumping off point to get the whole design ball rolling.  Here are a few serious candidates.

This first option is from Calico Corners.  I love the whimsical nature of it, the colors are perfect, it has a white background like I really want, and I like that it even has black in the fabric.  This could definitely work.

floral option 3--wilmington from calico corners

The next one is Alexander Henry Larkspur.  I LOVE this fabric.  It’s fun and whimsical.  It has great colors, including a white background and bits of black.  And, oh my goodness, it has silly little birds!!  Y’all know how much I love birds!!

floral option 2--alexander henry larkspur

Okay, now this next one is completely different, and most everyone will recognize it.  Of course, it’s from Amy Butler’s Love collection, and it’s called Trumpet Flowers.  It doesn’t have a white background, and not even a drop of black.  Bummer.  But the fabric that I choose will be used in a pretty big way on one particular project (more on that later), and this fabric makes a BIG statement.

floral option 1--amy butler trumpet flowers in pink

This next fabric is Waverly Wonderama Toucan.  Ha!  I just love that name!  I like the colors, and it has the white background I want.  But sadly, it has no black.  I actually do like that it has a bit of a vintage look to it.  (Don’t some of these Waverly fabrics look like they’ve been around for 20+ years?  For several years I would immediately turn my nose up any anything Waverly, just because the name alone reminded me of the 80s.  But I’m really starting to like them again.)

floral option 4--waverly wonderama toucan

And the last one is one that I showed you yesterday.  It’s Richloom Wildwood Garden.

floral option 5--richloom wildwood garden

And that’s it so far!  After about a two hour search online last night, those are the only options I could find.  I like all of them, but I think there are a couple that really stand out.

What do you think of these options?  Is there one that really grabs your attention?  Should I keep looking?  Do you have any sources for bright, colorful floral fabrics?


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