Craigslist Dining Chairs!!! (Can I Keep Them, Please?!)

So I’ve been looking for dining chairs for myself for over a year now.  I only need two, and I’ve searched Craigslist, Goodwill, garage sales, and found nothin’.  I wanted something interesting, something fun, something with some personality.  I finally gave up my search and decided to just use the two that I had.

dining chair progress 1

Well, someone predicted that since I’ve started working on my chairs, I would now find the perfect chairs.  And I did.  The problem?  It wasn’t a pair of chairs that I found.  It was a set of four chairs that I found.  And can you guess where I need a set of four chairs?  John & Alice’s breakfast area.

Hmmmm…what to do, what to do?

But take a look at these wonderful chairs!

chairs 1

Aren’t they wonderful, with the little quatrefoil cutouts on the back?!

chairs 2

They were only $60 for all four chairs.  And the best part…the people delivered them to me!!

chairs 3

chairs 4

But the thing is, I don’t need four dining chairs.  I don’t have room for four dining chairs.  So now I’m wondering if I can do a mix-and-match with John & Alice’s breakfast area, using my two chairs, and two of these “new” chairs, and then keep the other two “new” chairs for myself.  Hmmmm…is that stingy?


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  1. Keep them and do the mix and match. I've seen it done countless times and even went that route in my own dining room. My dining room is "mildly" colorful- walls are robins egg/tiffany box blue/green, white pedestal table, white hutch, white side table, and each one of my chairs are A. different and B. painted different colors. I personally detest the whole matchy match look that most people go for and couldnt bring myself to do the same in my home.