How Often Do You Redecorate Your Home? (And Have Blogs And Social Media Created More Consumerism?)

Y’all know that I spend my days working by myself. Right now, I’m working (still) on the master bathroom, and as soon as that’s finished, I’ll be working on our home gym. That means I spend many hours each day by myself, left alone with my thoughts. And I generally take a short break every couple of hours to scroll Instagram for a few minutes before getting back to work.

What has struck me lately is the sheer amount of busyness and consumerism that is promoted on blogs and social media. I’ve been a blogger now for 15 years, and so I think to some extent, I’ve become numb to it. It just seems normal to me now. But before I started blogging in 2007, I only decorated for one holiday — Christmas. And as far as general decorating in my home, once I got a room done, it was done. I didn’t continually tweak the room, buy new stuff, change out the decor, etc. I finished it, and then I enjoyed it.

That’s not to say that I would never buy a new throw pillow. Of course, if I happened to be in a store and find one that I absolutely loved, and I thought it worked better in my room than the one I currently had, I’d buy it, swap them out, and get rid of the original one.

But I never had the thought of hanging onto 20 sofa pillows so that I could swap them out seasonally or with every single holiday. I don’t really know anyone who did that back then.

But now, my Instagram feed seems to be filled with people constantly changing and tweaking their rooms. I see people decorating for every single holiday, not only the big ones like Christmas, but everything in between — Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and the list goes on and on.

Then there are the seasonal decorations for winter, spring, fall, and summer. And then there’s the swapping out of the decor every time a favorite store releases a new collaboration with a favorite social media person, or at the beginning of the year when each paint company releases their “color of the year” for the new year and we start to see those colors more in the stores.

It all gets a bit dizzying for me, and I’m genuinely curious how blogs and social media have affected you in this area.

Do you feel pressure to decorate more and more often? To swap out your sofa pillows, artwork, and curtains for each new season or holiday? Is this something that real world people are actually doing in their real world homes? Or is this just something that content creators are doing in order to create content?

Because again, unless someone was hosting a New Year’s Eve party, I’ve never known someone who went all out and decorated their home for New Year’s Eve. And unless someone was actually hosting Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve never personally known anyone who decorates their home for Thanksgiving.

And I’ve certainly never, ever known someone who redecorates rooms — swaps out pillows, curtains, artwork, etc. — for each new season. At least, I had never known that in the real world, and I had never seen anyone do it until the advent of blogging, and it seems fairly common now on social media. (Of course, what I’m talking about goes far beyond simply swapping out your summer quilt on your bed for your winter down comforter. That makes complete sense.)

All of this seems manufactured by social media, but I’m wondering if you agree, or is this stuff that you were doing long before the advent of blogging and social media?

I know that for me personally, spending too much time on social media (especially Instagram) can cause me to start feeling discontent with what I have. I see people constantly refreshing and redecorating, and I think, “Wow, I guess I should be doing that, too! I guess I need to change things up so that I and others don’t become bored with my house!

But then I look around my house, and I realize that I’m actually quite content with it. In fact, I love my house, and I don’t want to change it.

Even just this morning, as I was standing in the kitchen mixing up my morning collagen drink, I glanced at the colorful art wall in the sitting room, and had the fleeting thought, “Maybe I should swap out some of that artwork for new artwork just to keep it fresh and interesting.

After all, that wall has looked exactly like that since September of last year. But then I tried to narrow down which ones I’d swap out for something new, and I realized that I don’t want to swap out any of them. There’s nothing on those ledges that I’m tired of looking at yet.

Of course, the day will come when this room will undergo a significant change in function. Once we have our addition built (which I talked about yesterday), I’ll be able to move the recliners out of this room and bring back a dining table and chairs so that it can function as a proper dining room again. But that’s not quite what I’m talking about.

Then I glanced into the living room to see if there was anything in there that I’d consider updating and refreshing.

Again, it’s a no, at least for the most part. There’s nothing in here that I would redecorate to change the look or to add a seasonal touch or a holiday vibe. But obviously, I am one who will change things out more for practical purposes. I did get rid of our gray chenille sofa that our cat could (and was) easily shredding, and I swapped it out for a gray velvet sofa that she can’t claw and shred. But that didn’t really change the overall look of the room. I swapped out gray for gray.

And I’ve never found a good combination of throw pillows for my sofa that I’m happy with, so my sofa has never felt “finished” to me. But once I do find a combination that I love, I’ll probably live with them for years.

I’ll also say that if I could find a pink fabric that is the exact same (and I mean identical) color to what I currently have, but is more durable than what I currently have, I’d probably buy it and make new curtains for this room. But my purpose wouldn’t be to change the look of the room. My purpose would be to have curtains that stand up to my cat better and that she can’t snag with her claws so easily. But again, that’s more of a practical change. I would only do that if the color is the same, which means the room would end up looking the same as it does now.

The rest? I still love those floral pillows, artwork, lamp, throw, rug, coffee table. I’m just thoroughly pleased and content with what I have.

And then there’s my music room…

I did think the other day that it might be fun to try to make new artwork to go above the piano some day. But that was more just a fleeting thought than an actual plan. And if I never get around to it, I’m perfectly happy with what I have.

So that’s me. If you’ve followed along on my decorating and remodeling adventures for long, then you know I’m the kind of person who has no problem at all changing my mind and redoing projects until I get them right. I mean, how many tries did it take me to get the living room right? I think it was about five times, including one wayward attempt to turn the living room into a dining room. Same with the entryway. I just couldn’t seem to get those areas right, and I really struggled with them.

But now that I’ve finally gotten them right, and have ended up with rooms that are very much “me” and feel right to me, I just can’t imagine feeling the need to constantly swap out, tweak, and decorate for every passing holiday, season, or store collaboration that is released.

And it’s a battle of the mind for me when I’m scrolling through social media. It’s a battle to not allow myself to feel like I should always be busy doing more. But more than that, it’s a battle to not allow myself to feel discontent with what I have, and to think that I always need new things. I think discontentment can rob us of the peace that we should feel inside of our homes, and my goodness, nothing can breed discontentment more than seeing the constant consumerism on social media (at least for me).

Tell me what you think. Do you battle discontentment when you scroll social media? Does it make you feel like you have to do more and buy more? Or are you pretty good at enjoying social media while shielding yourself from that pressure?

And how often do you redecorate and tweak your decor? Are you a seasonal decorator? Do you decorate for holidays? Do you buy new things each time a collaboration is released at Target or other store? And I’m also very curious to know if being on social media changed any of this for you.



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  1. I definitely think there’s pressure from social media to constantly be tweaking and redecorating, which inevitably leads to feelings of disenchantment with a perfectly comfortable home.
    I do my best to not feel pressured by social media to constantly “buy buy buy”, and instead focus on finding pieces that I truly love and that I think work well in the space. I’ve never really cared about collaborations between designer and brands, so at least I’m able to ignore that portion.
    As for holiday decorating, I really only go all-out for Halloween and Christmas, my two favorite holidays (and arguably the most decoration-heavy ones). I enjoy finding cute decor for those holidays, but even so, for the most part I decorate in the exact same way every year, just adding in a cute new item or two if I happen to find something I love. I certainly don’t change up my entire holiday decor each year (and who can afford that?!)
    One thing I like doing to help minimize the drive for seasonal decorations is to use some colors that work for most of the year (i.e. red throw pillows or towels, which look festive for everything from Halloween through Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and even the summer holidays). It’s a small thing, but I find it lets me feel like I’m keeping my home festive for various holidays without needing to own, say, 75 throw pillow 🙂

    1. Christmas is the only time I decorate seasonally. I have 4 trees and each is decorated with hand blown figural glass balls and nothing else. I’m artistic and just love the sculpting, painting and creativity of these pieces. My children buy me new ornaments every year. Since they are more like heirlooms they will all inherit some beautiful ornaments when I’m gone. The only other seasonal decorating I do is changing the wreath hanging on the front door and the centerpiece on the dining room table. It seems we’re pushed to mindlessly buy, buy, buy constantly. Once I find a something I love I keep it until it’s worn out. It just sometimes takes me a few tries to get there.

  2. I think the underlying reason is people need content to drive viewership/interactions which translates to increased income. The more content you post the more the algorithm puts you to the front of the line. Additionally, linking to products people can buy also increases the influencers income. So basically fame and money. It’s exhausting and getting really boring honestly.

    1. George, I couldn’t agree more.

      Kristi, because you take you time and already decorate with what you love, there’s less of a need to re-do rooms. In fact, you do the re-doing as you’re creating the room. 😀

      1. As a former teacher, yes I decorate for Holidays. Typically something on the dining room table, buffet and living room coffee table. Just a few small decor changes to keep things interesting. My husband and I enjoy the changes and guests typically comment on something that caught their attention. Of course, the grandkids love it especially the candy dish😀

        1. I think that social media makes me discontent. I decorate for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas-my favorite holidays. I have tried the trendy decorating in my home and it never worked for me. I have a love for blue and white and have been collecting pieces for 35+ years. I love traditional style furniture and decor. My husband and I recently bought a new home and it is filled with my blue and white collection, traditional furniture, art work and prints from the 1980’s along with beautiful new rugs and pillows that add pops of color. I absolutely love my new home and the house is me! I no longer worry what anyone else thinks as this is hopefully my forever home and my husband and I are happy here. My daughter told someone that my new house is “Fay”! She is sooo right and I encourage everyone to do what is you!

    2. Agree with George. 40 years ago Roger Waters wrote “13 channels of s*** …to choose from”. Now we have thousands of channels of same. What drives this world even in “social” media age? Money and fame.
      You have a lovely, sustainable home. Be happy and content, which it sounds like you are. Spend your time working on the important things (which you’re also doing) like getting a vehicle where you and Matt can enjoy getting out.

    3. George, I agree 100%! I don’t believe we’re all being driven by social media, but rather influencers need to constantly create something new to keep their income stream going. Personally, I don’t feel pressured to re-decorate constantly or for each holiday. If we’re not hosting a party or posting about it (trying to increase engagement,) I can think of so many more productive ways to spend my time and money.
      Thank you for opening up this honest discussion. It’s refreshing!

    4. Yes George, you got it! THIS is what I came here to write too! And to answer part of Kristi’s question, it does not make me discontent but I can certainly see how it could for someone. What it does do is make me roll my eyes. It IS exhausting….and I’m a Decorator!!! Save your money, folks — There is no need to redecorate that often.

    5. One of the most ridiculous blogger-desperate-for-content posts I ever saw was a woman exclaiming how she had neglected the interior of the children’s bathroom vanity. She took everything out, repainted (I think), wrapped all the pipes in colorful, printed washi tape, and then put everything into more aesthetically pleasing bins, jars, and bottles.

      I do no seasonal decorating at my own house any more, but I do decorate inside for Christmas at my mother’s house and we put a wreath on the front door. We also place a wreath on my father’s grave. I do it the days after Thanksgiving (my mother would rather I waited, but that is when I have time) and it call comes down by January 1. According to my my mother, it is the folklore of her father’s country that it is bad luck to have Christmas decorations up after the first of the year. Of course, she may just have told us this so they wouldn’t stay up until Easter!

  3. When I first bought our home (in 1998) I changed tablescapes every season, but that’s about it. Once my son grew up and moved out, that small nod dissipated. My hubby is not a particular fan of Christmas though it is my favorite holiday, but I don’t go all out like I used to. It’s a lot of work!

    I watch a lot of renovating shows and realized that if I won a huge sum of money, I wouldn’t move to a “better” neighborhood and while I might “refresh” my home, there really isn’t a lot I would full-on change. I think my home speaks volumes about who I am and where I’ve come from. So, the short answer is “no.” I don’t do a lot of social media and am certainly not affected by others’ online opinions. But that’s one of the advantages of being 75. I have no fomo!

    1. I think just like you do Carol Willis-Holden. Should I happen to have a truck load of money appear in my life I would not move. My house is all me. I have done everything that’s been done to it, inside and out during the 50 years we have lived here…and I love it.

  4. My first thought when I see decorators or influencers constantly buying things for their home or clothing is “they must spend a ton of money”. Personally, I think it is very wasteful and not financially mindful – BUT! I do not know their personal situations. I’m the type of person that is very frugal with my money. Before any frivolous purchase I always ask myself “could this be better spent elsewhere”? Once I buy something for my house it tends to stay there for a long, long time.

    1. Maggie, I think many times the blogger gets these items free from the companies in exchange for them writing about it on the blog. So it is not expensive for them to keep changing all the time.

  5. I decorate for the season. Mostly because I get bored, lol. Before I went back to work, I used to go ALL OUT, but now I tend to do a more scaled back, natural look. I decorate for fall/thanksgiving but not Halloween. I decorate for Christmas, then take down the santas/CHRISTMAS stuff but leave small lit trees, pine cones, etc. for winter. Spring I replace the pine cones for white flowers, but only a small tweak for summer. So I guess, I’m a hybrid decorator! not quite full force, but a few times a year.

  6. I’ve personally started to limit my social media imput because of that pressure to constantly do more and redecorated. To always feel like I need to keep up with the Jones’s. When someone decorates for fall, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving all within the few short months of fall it feel like too much. Let alone the consumerism problem. So many resources and waste are created with this current design trend to constantly redo everything. I personally have 1 plastic tote of fall decore that I pull out every year and set up a few fall vignettes throughout the main living areas of the house. I swap it out for Christmas and that’s it. I do enjoy a good door sign or single small decore piece on the kitchen counter to celebrate some of the other holidays but definitely nothing big. I’ve been in my current home for 3 years and am no where near finished decorating. I’m more like you where I take the time to really think about what I want for the space instead of just throwing on a bunch of trendy decore which I think will help in the long run to not feel the constant need to redecorated every time a new trend comes out.

  7. It does not influence me at all. But I am a frugal person and cannot imagine buying all that stuff THEN have to store it all. I am into gardening and I am influenced by beautiful plants. So there’s that. I guess really it’s a matter of choices. I also don’t have children and don’t entertain a lot. That might influence me more regarding seasonal/holiday decorating.

  8. I decorate for Christmas and Halloween (a favorite holiday of mine), but that is about it. My sister and her daughter decorate for EVERY holiday including St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo. For them, it’s a creative outlet and they mix it up every year. And even though I love looking at other people’s home decorating, I struggle to make decisions about what looks right in our home. The decision paralysis keeps my decorating to a minimum. Which is fine with me because I don’t want to have to store a bunch of stuff!

  9. I love that you’re talking about this, because I do notice that I’m impacted. If I’ve been consuming content from creators that are partnering with companies, or even just opening emails from retailers, I am more tempted to buy. Just another reason I enjoy following your blog! I’ve always liked the idea of changing out pictures in photo frames around the house for Christmas (which I don’t think was influenced by media), but in the past couple years I’ve been adding more and more extra decor- something I’ve never been drawn to before all the content consumption surrounding home decorating! This is a great reminder to check my motives and embrace contentment before the holiday season is in full force!

  10. Wow, thanks for posting this. Actually I am now doing less decorating for any season, I’ve become much more minimal in my style. I have things the way I want them, and there’s really no need to change them. I will decorate for Christmas but that’s about it. And yes, I think so much of it is just a push to consume more. Not healthy, for the soul or the pocketbook. In fact I do watch some folks who are always talking about shopping here or there, and what they’re buying. Fun to watch, but not interested in doing it anymore. Maybe it just comes with age?

    1. I agree with you. I decorate some for Christmas, but that’s it. I never did a whole lot before, but the older I get, the more content with what I have. I don’t need more. But yes Kristi, I do believe social media has really pushed a lot of this decorate, change seasons, decorate again. I like to watch a lot of bloggers do that, but it’s not for me.

  11. I have one paycheck source and it doesn’t include splurging on trendy things. That’s why I thrift shop, someone else with money to burn has already paid full price.

    1. Always have (9 years old & counting…70 more, actually) always will…now, blogs concur…creativity is in your genes (my jeans change all the time, too!!) franki

  12. I have kind of followed in your footsteps. When the room is done, it is done. I don’t decorate for any holiday but Christmas and that was very limited because of the “puppies from hell”. They both passed this year at 15 years of age. And my little boys dogs lived by one philosophy – if you can’t play with it or eat it you pee on it. So no tree. This year is the first time in 15 years I get a real, live Christmas tree. Usually, when I see these posts about decorating for another special day, I just skip over them. And honestly, where in the world do you store all that stuff. At 70 years of age I am downsizing the stuff in my house, not adding to it.

  13. I agree that it can lead to discontentment in all areas. If you follow a bunch of fitness accounts, it seems you start to pick yourself apart even more. Like I tried to tell my 17 year old son the other day, stop following all these car accounts. Seeing that every day has made him feel like his car is not good enough. He is 17, he should just feel lucky to even have a car!!! I understand it is a 2006 Camry and not some sports car. It is really easy to feel like you are the “only” person that doesn’t have the pillows, the car, the tile, the body, etc when you are constantly looking at what you don’t have every day. I even include HGTV type shows in this. I work at a large University and you wouldn’t believe the pickiness of students when it comes to their apartments. They complain when there isn’t quartz/granite countertops. Eek! Great topic by the way!

  14. What amused me about this post was the series of ads between the paragraphs. You were talking about not needing to switch out throw pillows, etc. for each holiday, while ads for Thanksgiving throw pillows dotted your post. I’m sure you didn’t plan it, but I smiled more than once. Ironic advertising — who knew that was a thing?

    1. Funny, I wa thinking the exact same thing! While reading this post at least 10 ads pop up! Maybe not intentional but ironic all the same!
      As far as decorating, I love it! It’s my thing and I do it mostly for myself. I don’t go overboard and decorate my whole house but just a few touches. My favourite is Christmas and I do decorate a lot. I love to browse second hand store and I buy and sell on marketplace as I am frugal too!

  15. No decorating for holidays! I have a sign in my kitchen that says “Happy Everything” with painted wood charms to reflect our holidays, i.e. green tree for Christmas, Checkered Flag for Memorial Day, etc. I hate dragging stuff out for a month and then putting it away. I have a dear friend who has a steel bldg full of shelving units packed with various holiday decorations. The only time I replace something is if it’s worn out, like upholstered furniture. My coffee table is a hatch cover from a WWII Merchant Marine ship. Not likely to wear out. End tables are treadle machine iron bases with glass top. My DR set that I used for over 20 yrs was a glass topped patio table with padded seats that I bought when I lived in the Keys. Don’t like pillows on the couch or chairs. Very few curtains/drapes. Just 2″ blinds. The more fabric you have, the more you’re likely to have allergies to dust and dust mites. No carpet in my new house. Just vinyl.
    I much prefer to spend my time on my hobbies like fiber arts, reading, embroidery and quilting. Nursing was my vocation, Hobbies are my passion!

  16. I decorated for major holidays when I had a child at home. Now I feel like it’s just not worth the added expense, time or effort. I’m happy and content till I jump online and then I can start to feel “less than”.

    I limit my time on IG and realize it is just way over done because of influencers trying to stay prevalent. My time is better spent reading and trying to stay in the grateful and content mindset.

    1. Yes, I decorated when my daughter lived with me or if she would come for the holidays. Now it seems like a waist of time, who is going to see the decorated rooms? I still used to put some effort if we were having visitors for Christmas, but then covid happened. Now we have an energetic dog, so a Christmas tree doesn’t sound as a great option. I might put some silver artificial brunches in a vase and call it a day.

  17. I find myself mostly motivated by organizing and cleaning than decor. Before I would have heard my mothers voice in my head scoffing at fridge bins or matching airtight containers for food storage instead of old cool whip containers and half bags held with twist ties. But for me it’s worth spending the money on these things because the visual “clutter” really does affect my mental health and productivity. I bought a pretty spice rack and bottles and it is SO much better than having to dig and drag out half the spice shelf every time I need to spice some food. Plus I now use them more often instead of them going stale. I got a ton of pencils boxes to org my office, craft and art supplies and it is so much easier to open the cupboard and see all their labels telling me where the exact item I need is located. But I do these things on a budget. I waited 9 months to get my pencil boxes on back to school clearance and I got my food storage containers and fridge bins at tj max. I’m inspired by you to make my home more comfortable and “me” and to be more careful getting exactly what I want than just something on sale to fill the space. But I’m also trying to minimize the amount of stuff I have and spend money on so I have actually moved away from wanting to “decorate “ for anything at all. I see things and think, Aww that’s cute, but then I really think, do I want to spend the money on it? Where will I store it out of season? It would look silly to just have some random decor, do I want to get everything to do the whole space? And ultimately, the answer is no. I’d rather save the money for travel or permanent items (furniture) or retirement. If anything I think I’m more picky now. I see so much stuff that I wait til I’m really sure I want that specific item..

  18. I really enjoy changing out pillows and décor for each holiday/season. It’s fun for me to rearrange/audit shelving displays, mantel, dining table, coffee table etc. to reflect the season and/or holiday. It’s not that rigorous and helps me enjoy my home. To each his own. To me, it’s about loving your surroundings and keeping it interesting, but not necessarily spending money on new items.

    1. Patty – I agree. I do not necessarily change my artwork or big things, but I really enjoy changing pillows and having nice displays. For Halloween I have one sideboard that has a few things and the top of the TV console has ghosts. So not a huge change, but it is definitely fun to have different things at different times. I have collected a LOT of items over the years at thrift stores – goodwill, etc. so I have not spent huge sums of money. To each his own and I like the variety!

  19. My parent’s did not have much extra income whenI was growing up. My Mom did sometimes switch out heavier drapes for lighter ones as seasons changed.

    I think decorating and changing things up often is part of a creative process for many people. During the child raising years, life is full of doing for everyone and design and decor are an escape to a bit of personal joy for some.

    I think while many are over consumers by choice, others are minimalist by choice. Decorating for holidays is a personal choice. Family, children, grandchildren, guests…often enjoy the efforts and it can create a beautiful and fun atmosphere.

    I don’t feel pressure from viewing Instagram or ads. I get inspired. If you know yourself, you aren’t onuenced by social media, be it ads for furnishings, clothes. vacations.

    Like everything…to each their own.😃

  20. I think blogs have made a difference in this for many people. I just couldn’t afford to do all those constant changes, and I’d prefer to have my home comfortable for me and my family and just enjoy it. I’m glad some, like you, are content to do that.

  21. What I do in my house to keep things fresh is to just move my art pieces around from room to room every month or so. I then see it differently and still love all of it. I do love pillows and now just buy slip covers which lay nicely in a cabinet when not used.

  22. The only holiday I decorate for is Christmas—and I limit that to what fits in three totes. I may bring in seasonal flowers to put on my table, but that is it. I like to finish a room and enjoy it—with a rare tweak of a picture or pillow. I don’t change our bedding seasonally. I guess I dislike have numerous totes to store when those items are to be used once a year. There are people who love to decorate for every season/holiday and that is great. I have no need to force myself to be someone that I am not. I love following decorating blogs, HGTV, websites to get ideas and learn how to put a room together—but I am excited to get a room put together and then enjoy it. Now I must admit—when I finally get a house done and have been in it 4-5 years my downfall is I want to sell it and buy a new project. Married 45 years and moved 20 times 😬😂

  23. I do not do seasonal decorating. First, I don’t like to have to store decor that is only used once a year for a week or two. Second, it is time consuming because it all has to be cleaned and packed before storing. I do however love to celebrate seasonal holidays and events with my family and friends…..preparing meals and enjoying the time. Just don’t do the seasonal decor.

  24. Social media has definitely driven consumerism. I have tried to limit who I follow to individuals who actually provide me with ideas/concepts/inspiration rather than products to buy. Some, only post to peddle something for whomever they have a contract with. Those individuals I can live without.

  25. I’m very frugal, so almost all of my home decor is thrifted items. I very rarely buy anything new for my house.

    I have young children, so we do put out some Christmas decorations, but I try to let the kids make decorations, and we have a few “vintage” decorations that have been passed down from my mother and grandmother. We rarely buy new decorations. We also put out a few Halloween items and might decorate our front porch for trick-or-treaters. Beyond that, the only seasonal decorating I do is changing out the kitchen tablecloth.

  26. More often than not, I find myself muttering, “Why’d they do that?” when scrolling on Instagram.
    I never decorated for anything except Christmas until we moved 9 years ago to live near our kids and grandkids (ages 3-11). So now we do Halloween and Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Nothing too OTT.

  27. I buy seasonal pillow covers and change them using the same pillows. I have boxes with Fall, Spring/Summer and Christmas trinkets that get changed. I have flags that I hang outside seasonally and they live in the same boxes when not in use. One box for each, except Christmas, of course. I keep downsizing my Christmas items because my last home was 3200 sq feet and now it’s barely 1000. No need for multiple trees! It feels fresh each time I make the switch. My current shopping trend is limited to second hand and antique stores. I don’t need another thing!

    1. I’m with Denise on changing out pillow covers and a bit of seasonal decor. But now that we live in another state and our nieces and nephews are long grown, it’s down to what fits on the coffee table. 20 minutes max to change things out. I enjoy the shifting colors for the seasons, but don’t need the burden of too much stuff. The one thing I like to change out every.4 months is the wreath on the front door to refresh and reflect the seasons. It’s fun to come home to but minimal work. Not too difficult to store.

  28. I do very simple changes for the seasons. Like a fall themed wreath on my front door, some decorative pumpkins that match my neutral blue gray theme in my living room. I have two shelves in that room that I update just a bit. But I use what I have and change a few pillow covers that I have purchased over the years. None of which were expensive. I also like going to thrift stores to see if there’s any cute decor that I might like to refresh my space. Then I donate some things that I’ve grown tired of. So yes, I do like to change up my decor for a refresh but it isn’t motivated by social media nor is it a huge change. Love your blog and your home! You amaze me with your talents!

  29. I do try to decorate a few areas for each season. BUT, this need comes from my mom, not me. Growing up (in the 80’s and 90’s) she had LOADS of every decor magazine and our home was fully decorated for every holiday. Growing up with that as the standard, I have actually paired down a lot. The biggest reason is time. My mom was a SAHM and I work full time. When my kids go to her house, it is always different and decorated for seasons. They have asked for a little bit of that in our home so I try to accommodate. We host a big New Years Day party, but I still have all Christmas.

  30. I agree with you feeling that consumerism “for no really good reason” is up I try to not fall prey to it. But, sometimes I do. Crazy times. Great discussion.

  31. You touched a nerve! This is one of the main reasons I quit blogging. I think you have hit the nail squarely on the head re social media.

    As an aside, I wondered if you ever considered using your music room as a dining room?

  32. When I get a vision for a room, it’s usually inspired by one element. I’m headstrong and know what I want, even if it isn’t trendy at the moment. I doubt anything could sway me, lol

    Years ago, with my kitchen, I painted the ceiling sky blue (no clouds) and built the vision from there. That included redoing existing countertops that were an ugly brown formica to a sky blue that coordinated with the ceiling; I did a faux finish on the floor that looked like slate, right down to the 1/4″ making tape for the grout lines, which was almost impossible to find back then; I painted walls and had subway tile installed.

    When it was all done, family and friends who came to my home actually thought I had a whole new countertop AND had added slated floors done by professionals. In reality, all I contracted out was the tile backsplash. These days, I would even do that myself.

    I am not saying I don’t look at pinterest for ideas, but in the end, once a room is completed to my vision, it’s DONE.

  33. I don’t feel pressure to have what others have or do what others do. I was that rare teen who felt no need to comply with the crowd and that has carried into adulthood. I don’t have social media accounts and simply read blogs I like or go to sites with information I need but I have used social media in the past. I used to run my own fashion blog so I have way too many clothes, shoes, coats and accessories. When blogging there is a need for new content and the buying became serious. Not all bloggers get free products. You have to attain a certain level before companies give you things.
    I put out a few knickknacks for Easter, we decorate for Fall/Halloween. Once Halloween is over we take those things down and leave up the truly Fall items until the weekend after Thanksgiving. Christmas is definitely a production here but only because we love the holiday so much and my decorations help my husband get in the spirit of things. Our house is large and multistory so I have 4 trees, 3 wreaths and multiple garlands and all kinds of other decorations. I never change out pillows or draperies or artwork on the walls. I go with classic items and nothing trendy so it lasts for years. I will change out the flag by my mailbox for holidays and seasons. For the rest of the year, my house stays the same. I don’t even rearrange the furniture.
    Also, for those you seeing the ads I highly recommend AdBlockerPlus. As an information security professional I suggest not clicking ads. They are not always what they seem and may take the clicker to questionable websites that compromise security and privacy of your computer. (I’m not suggesting the ads on Kristi’s site are “bad”, just be careful.) 🙂

  34. When the blogs and IG became a thing, I was too old (lazy) to be influenced regarding seasonal decoration. Actually I don’t like when designer’s blogs I normally like, post about decorating. Usually skip these posts.

    I came across some pictures of the same room (designed by Summer Thornton I believe) taken at different times of the year. The first one was very summery, with a lot of blue and white, with orange here and there, and some natural wood. Later I spotted the same room decorated for Christmas, and was surprised how some small changes transformed it from summer to Christmas. The same white-blue rug, which I would initially think is not very suitable for Christmas, actually looked quite natural combined with the other things.

  35. While social media can be beneficial, I fear that it is becoming increasingly harmful and not just where it promotes consumerism. I have a friend who readily admits that she wastes too much time scrolling, but appears to be addicted to it daily. I feel that some of her insecurities about her body, her home, her relationships, her parenting style – the list goes on and on – stem from this habit. She is becoming more negative about life in general and I fear that her pre-adolescent daughter is headed in the same direction.
    Thank you for raising the subject Kristi.

  36. When my children were young in the 80’s and 90’s – long before social media – I’d decorate for the holidays because they enjoyed it. Now that they’re grown and there are no grandchildren I only decorate for Christmas to please myself. I pretty much only decorated the living room and dining room then. We’d use the same decorations year after year because that was what we liked – to bring out the old stuff and remember past good times. The idea of doing different themed decor every year for Christmas and buying all new stuff seems like a waste of time and money to me but if it truly gives someone pleasure then more power to them.

  37. I decorate for Christmas and St Patrick’s day. But my mom had dined seasons and holiday decorating my whole life. She rearranged her rooms often too. We are talking pillows, room decor, the whole nine yards. I love it when I got to her house, but for me, I’m good with rarely changing it up!

  38. I do change sole decor like pillows and table linens and table decor with the seasons. I do the most at Christmas. I started buying pillow covers for my sofa and chairs instead of new pillows. I moved a few of them to the bedroom.
    I too have cats, and my last two males are scrapers. Nothing worked to stop them from running a few things.
    I painted the inside this summer and used SW copen blue throughout, instead of 3 different colors. I replaced the colonial trim with craftsm and painted trim SW rhinestone
    I took the opportunity to replace the sofa, chairs and entertainment center in the living room. I was tired of having a metal piece opposite where I sit and replaced it with a nautical map of the shore where I live.
    This is the biggest change since 1998 when we did major floors and furniture throughout as the furniture from the house just didn’t work here.

  39. We are living in an age of consumerism. And the push to buy more surrounds us. Social media, blogs, retail shops and more rely on us buying more stuff for their survival.
    In the last few years I’ve had the honor of visiting several third world countries. What I am struck by every time is how happy these people are! We don’t need stuff to be happy. I am now doing my best to buy only needs not wants. In our society it’s difficult to do but not impossible.

  40. I decorate for Christmas. I will sometimes do a small project on a theme with a holiday, but I don’t go all out except around Christmas. I agree with you about discontent! The pretty, empty spaces; the dust-free bookshelves and immaculate tile stood the fire place—you know the kind of rooms I mean. As someone who has a real life, with other people (and pets) sharing the space I live in, i find those pictures almost literally gut-wrenching. I learned a long time ago (thanks, HGTV) that those things are not real.

    This is one of the reasons we love you, Kristi. You keep things real, you show us the trash piles and the claw marks and the dog hair, you don’t “get it right” the first time, you don’t aim for perfect. You are the only DIY blog I follow, because you inspire me to try rather than giving me feelings of falling short. 💖 Thank you for that.

  41. I like to change up a bit seasonally. I will generally change out some decor in October, December, and March. Most of my decor stays the same but I have 3 sets of 3 pillow covers I’ll rotate through (and wash as they’re changed!) and I’ll move around/add seasonality to some table top decor. That’s about it. It’s the same decor from year to year generally and I just shop my house to “freshen” things up. I like to do it and find it enjoyable.

    I do think social media (blogs for me, I don’t do any other SM) can really increase feelings of discontentment and feeling like we NEED to do (buy) something we really don’t. I’ve drastically reduced the blogs I check in on to those who have content, AND A MESSAGE, I really enjoy. Kristi, your blog is about home improvement but the message I get from you is about empowerment. Empowerment to tackle projects, empowerment to allow room for failure, empowerment to do hard things. I’ve moved away from blogs used to enjoy when I realized they were essentially nothing but commercial after commercial or were just the same content over and over–“Fall Living Room Updates” year after year.

  42. Hi Kristi–you’re so, so right about the online urge to redecorate. I’m big on food blogs and have seen the same thing there. As I’ve said about that type of content, a food blogger can’t just come up with the perfect brownie recipe and then say, “Okay–I’m done with brownies.” Because then the blogger will soon run out of things to blog about. So we have to have chewy brownies, and fudgy brownies, and fudgy chewy brownies–on and on. (I’m really not exaggerating, honestly.) So we normal people have to resist the urge to go with that flow. Your perceptive post is helpful here!

  43. I am a practical gal on a budget, too!
    The look I go for in all my spaces is ‘Eclectic Classic’ so I can pivot in my collected look as I continue to create my vision as an item shows up to fulfill a certain element of my overall design…
    My rooms take a while to curate because I put each item through a battery of qualifying criteria before I would buy it – even thrifted items!
    Budget demands it as well as the fact that my vision is timeless for me…it literally takes too long to arrive at the finish to have to change my whole design!
    And what I have created I absolutely love! Yes, there are items in each space that might be changed out for something better if it’s the right price and fulfills the same role, but I don’t go looking for those replacements – I’m still looking for the items that I still need to fulfill functionality that pass my criteria and budget!
    But, even unfinished, because of the vision in my head, I am content with where my spaces are at the moment!
    I know I wouldn’t enjoy just buying everything new in a short time period to get it done – it wouldn’t have ‘soul’ or reflect me or my family…
    I have found that waiting actually makes for a better finished look that I love!
    Viewing design blogs just gives me ideas for how to make things, decoratively provide function, and where to find items and materials for less! I am inspired creatively, but only as far as I am able to execute it myself…
    I DON’T decorate for holidays…can’t be bothered! I am more concerned with creating HOME for my family and having the time to spend with them.
    I HAVE ‘been there, done that’ when my family was younger, but as my time, energy, $, and storage space have decreased as I’ve grown through time,
    my desire for decorating for each and every holiday has lost its thrill…
    Candle light at dinner, a handmade centerpiece, a hearty meal, and a clean home go a long way to making holidays special!

    1. Patrice, your thoughts echo mine. I love that word curated. It sounds so lovely! In my case, it just means I’m frugal, creative, lazy at times, and I’m simply never done. Window shopping (in person or via social media) is something I love to do and it inspires creativity. So I appreciate the blogs but my practicality is the thing that disciplines me not to buy, buy, buy. I’ve learned that buying quickly rarely leads to contentment. My joy comes in thinking, creating and sharing with others.
      Thanks, Kristi, for getting us to think today.

      1. I should add that one thing I do is reserve one frame in the living room for changing out seasonally with a new print. I have many that I can choose from. Paper is nice and flat so I’m not storing many bulky bins, yet the impact is quite large for the room. Simple pleasures.

  44. Some of my favorite bloggers have morphed into retailers. They are constantly featuring new furniture and decor, new clothing, new food items, new pharmaceuticals, new, new, new. I would love to see a return to DIY topics and a lot less product placement. I know some bloggers depend on their income from blogging, but I wish they’d emphasize consumerism a lot less and independent DIY a lot more. Even if that’s less total content.

  45. I just thought I was being a Negative Nellie. I’m so sick of blogs talking about seasonal/holiday decor. I don’t even open them anymore.
    In fact, I’m noticing that when a blogger starts to have nothing new or interesting to blog about, they go and buy a new home! Well, that isn’t happening here. I’m stuck with my small house that’s not perfect or blog-able, but it’s comfortable and edited for our tastes.
    I’ve even noticed I’m just tired of reading blogs and magazines with too much going on in the rooms they’re decorating. I thumbed through a design magazine the other day and then trashed it. There was nothing that interested me to re-read or tear out a page to save. I used to re-read articles several times when a new magazine came.
    I think I’m suffering design burnout and just need a long break from blogs, instagram, magazines and TV shows! But, your blog doesn’t bore me or add to design stress. You are always building or creating things that speak to me! Keep it up!

  46. I have always wanted to decorate for holidays other than Christmas but not to the point where I’m changing my whole space. Until recently, I always felt like it was too much trouble to decorate for any holiday other than Christmas because my house was so over cluttered with things. I’ve been purging and decluttering for the better part of this year so I finally decorated for Halloween and I’ve loved looking at the decorations every day. I took down the few decorations I still had on my mantel to swap them with fall and Halloween themed ones and put covers on my throw pillows but all my paintings and curtains stayed the same. I just did a few things here and there. I plan to take the Halloween decorations down next week and put up a few more fall/Thanksgiving ones but several of the current decorations will stay. I’ll decorate for Christmas and probably Valentine’s Day and Easter but not every minor holiday on the calendar. I’ll use the same decorations again next time though for those holiday’s as long as it is still in good shape. But I don’t get the redecorating because of a new paint color or a new collection release. I just like to decorate to celebrate the season or holiday and I usually make most of the decorations myself, which is part of why I do it, or get them at the dollar store. I feel like decorating for holidays makes them last a little longer because the stores rush through putting out merchandise for the next holiday before we’ve even celebrated the current one. It just helps me to stay more present in the now instead of always looking to what is next.

  47. Many years ago I would decorate every room for every season, even the bathrooms.
    Now, I switch decor four times a year… Christmas, after Christmas,, spring/summer, and fall.
    We are now living in a house that has very pale walls and woodwork white, off-white very pale gray. The seasonal changes bring color into the rooms. I have a large white hutch that is the main focus of each season change. In the kitchen dining room and living room have very small touches.
    I have found over the years that the older I get, the less I want to change everything frequently. In fact I keep everything exactly the way it is except for the few changes that I said above.

  48. It’s affiliate links and sponsored content. I hate it. That’s why I love you.
    I laugh at people doing another “room refresh” just months after the previous one. The only people who live like that are influencers and they are destroying all of our mental health (and our planet) one materialistic post at a time.
    Keep doing you and being real, Kristi.

  49. I don’t ever consider a room “done” and I don’t strive for that. There’s always art, or fabric, or beautiful things that will catch my eye that I’m going to buy. I think building a room with layers over time is the best way to have a beautiful room. This ebbs and flows as I see things I like, or I have money, or tire of something. But this is over YEARS and not months or seasons. I don’t own any seasonal decor. It’s not to my taste, nor do I desire to store such things. I tend to follow professional decorators who do this for a living and share pictures of spaces they’ve decorated – not always their own homes, so I don’t really see this phenomenon.

  50. I’m so happy that you mentioned this! I’ve also thought about how I’ve been influenced to purchase and change decor. Also, like you, in the passed I only changed rooms around for Christmas. The most I did seasonally was adding a seasonal wreath on the front door.
    This changed about 10 years ago. I enjoyed the decor sales sites and home stores and purchased so much that when my two daughters moved out I was able to furnish and decorate most of their home! Also, when one of my girls opened her own business I had plenty to offer to style her shop! I still have items in totes and in my closets.
    I love “piddling” around my home and making it a special place for my family and I. It really is my happy place. I love home decor and always will. I’m constantly inspired by others and have learned so much from influencers. SO MUCH TALENT OUT THERE! (And still faithfully follow many.) But being able to relieve myself of so much extra has made me realize I want a home that serves us, rather than me serving my home. It’s been at least two years since my perspective changed and I got off that merry-go-round. I still decorate and love my home but I do so at my pleasure. 🙂

  51. Seeing all the swapping and updating and buying actually did the opposite for me. The only holiday I ever decorated for was Christmas, and I got rid of (donated) 90% of my decor several years ago because I just started thinking of all the plastic and glitter and crap ending up in the landfills. I don’t decorate for holidays anymore except for a few “main” items that are more “winter” than “christmas.” I feel the same way when I pass places like Claire’s and with “fast fashion”….just thinking about all that in a landfill because it’s such cheap crap.

  52. When it was just me and my dog in my little cape I could do what I wanted, as my budget allowed. I even fell into the seasonal decorating trap until I visited a friend whose style I always loved and at times, copied. She put a few very good things out for say, Fall, but nothing from a craft store. It was then I realized…my home is not a retail space and that’s what it was becoming! So I eventually pared everything down and then donated a TON of crap again when we moved from Ohio to Az. Now it feels like our home can breathe, and I like that.

  53. I do put a fall wreath on the front door, I’ve used the same one for over 10 years and got it at a silent auction at our church. If it weren’t for that I wouldn’t do it. I do go all out for Christmas, but I grew up in a family that did and I do love the house decorated at Christmas. As to everything else, once I get a room to a point I like it I leave it alone. Why replace something I’m happy with? If I do see something I really love and I have somewhere to use it or don’t mind getting rid of something to replace it the I’ll get it but that happens very infrequently. All this said I am 64 and content with my home and my life. I think it’s the younger generation that gets sucked in.

  54. My biggest weakness is bedding. I sew and am artistic so I love the intricacy of a well crafted quilt. I also love dishes, so another item I change with the seasons. But it’s just my husband and I so I only have settings for two or four. My mom is 94 and she always had a fall/winter bedspread and spring/summer bedspread, bath curtains and window dressings. But I don’t change out furniture every few years or even paint. It might take me a few tries to get a room the way i like it but once I’m done I’m content. We had five children so changing decor was more a necessity than a consumerism thing. They just wore stuff out!
    I love your decor. I’m a bit less adventurous than you but I wouldn’t change a thing in your house after you’re finished with your tweaking. Every room is stunning.

  55. Kristi, you do enormous projects that transform your house, so it is no wonder that you do not bother with little tweaks and seasonal decorating.

    But I do (because I am not building cabinets and laying tile, etc. etc.)

    I enjoy it very much, because it brings the sense of the seasons indoors. I have different door wreaths and potted flowers for the seasons and for a number of holidays. It is part of the way I celebrate.

    I have some decorations for each season, but I try to keep them fewer and larger instead of having a lot of small things. For example, for autumn I have a beautiful, tall grapevine cone covered in faux bittersweet. For Easter, I have a large cone of moss covered with pastel dyed empty eggs that I made from a Martha Stewart craft article. I use fresh greens on my mantels and on top of my kitchen cabinets at Christmas time. I plant Narcissus and Amaryllis bulbs in November to bloom in December and to keep and to give as gifts to my friends. I always have seasonally colored table linens and napkins, and love the rotation.

    All of this gives me joy, and my family and friends all get pleasure out of seeing them, too. Just do what gives you joy.

  56. I’m in my 60s and gave up following trends a long time ago. I do see lovely rooms on feeds from Architectural Digest, Homes & Gardens, and the like and I see things I like in your bright and fun home (you’re the only blog I actually read), but none of it makes me want to change what I have. That said, I rotate throw pillow covers, throws, and bedding in the fall and spring but never curtains or rugs. I do redecorate my den and bedroom around every 8-10 years but more because things need reupholstering and the colors could use an update after that much time. I never change my art except to occasionally switch some pieces around because it’s a collection of oils and watercolors acquired over many years, most with personal meaning. The only holiday decorating I do outside of Christmas is to switch some pieces out on the entry tray and coffee table for Halloween and Easter. Otherwise, it’s fresh flowers in the same vases year round.
    I do know what you mean about the level of consumerism I’m seeing in social media and the amount of disposable items featured there and in stores. Any feelings of discontent or thoughts of purchasing some of it vanish when I remind myself that it’s trendy this year, but I’ll want to change it the next time the holiday rolls around and my money is better spent on the next dinner with friends or the next trip to somewhere special.
    I work at a university and I like to remind students, you do you and don’t worry about the rest.

  57. If my rooms looked like yours, I’d not change a thing! Adore your vision, creativity, and use of lovely colors!!

  58. I decorate for fall, Christmas and spring into summer. During the summer I have a couple of things I put out for 4th of July. I usually set them out before Memorial weekend and leave them out through Labor Day. I decorate for fall in September with leaf garlands on our fireplace mantels and add pumpkins etc. I have a select few things I use for October for Halloween then put those away and leave the rest of fall out through Thanksgiving. Then I decorate a lot more for Christmas right after Thanksgiving. And it stays up until 12/31 when it all comes down before the new year comes in. The latter is our family tradition. We leave Christmas in the outgoing year and start the new year with everything put away.

  59. Where I live it is pretty much summer all year round so I don’t change my decor seasonally. Of course Christmas is the exception. On occasion I do get a dose of dissatisfaction with what I have not because of others homes on Instagram which by the way are staged for the photo, but because of the amount of choice of furnishings you have in the US. Many things I like are not available for international shipping or the shipping cost is too high. I spend less time online these days as the novelty has worn off.

  60. I don’t get disenchanted with my decor. I don’t follow trends at all, I like what I like and love my home, but to be honest, I used to compulsively shop the 1980s-90s, one day I just got tired of always changing out or tweaking my home. I now have a smaller home so on Thanksgiving, I have a dining room centerpiece. On Christmas, I have one tree instead of 8 to decorate, I have 2 throw pillows and one throw for the sofa. I no longer have lawn decor or Christmas in every room. As for the discontent with the blogs or decorating pages, I like to look but have no desire to do anything but look. We all are happier when we are content with what we have.

  61. Yes!!!! I recently deactivated my Instagram account for just that reason! Not only the constant redecorating of the same rooms but all the Target/Home Goods “haul” posts! It’s obscene, the amount of money spent on all that garbage. And YouTube is worse! Shop with me, decorate with me, ugh! All for the sake of “content creation”. It’s not reality and no one needs it. Social media consumerism is way out of control!
    I do love holiday decorating but I’ve scaled way back from what I did a couple of years ago and I vow to only use what I actually love and what I already own.

  62. In addition to you, Kristi, the only other decorating blogger I pay attention to is Maria Killiam. She espouses Timeless choices for expensive finishes, which ultimately save money because you love your choices longer. But that is for the consumer who buys all their surface materials. Then there is you, who actually creates the surfaces of their dreams in one room (I’m thinking of your pantry) and also chooses beautiful timeless surfaces for other rooms (your master bath.) I get tired of Instagram in a hurry, it’s so much showing off and no teaching. I’m good with you and Maria

  63. Interesting blog. I also have never know anyone to decorate every season. I love to see it on social media and think I should, but then I realize that is just not me. I also am content with my home. So I’ll just keep scrolling and enjoy the pictures.

  64. Our home stays mostly the same. I do have a mantel in the living room that I decorate for holidays and I do swap out the runner on my dining room table for the seasons (fall, winter, spring and summer). I’ve had the same comforter and pillows in all three of our bedrooms for about ten years. I have too much else to do to constantly change everything to reflect holidays and/or seasons!

  65. I have spring/summer decor and fall/winter decor, but it’s mainly for the weather that comes with the seasons. Heavy drapes in the fall/winter, but light valances for the spring/summer. A few accessories (pillows, etc) that match each. But I don’t decorate for holidays.

  66. I used to decorate for Christmas but now i live alone and go to my son’s home for Christmas and for Thanksgiving. Ive given him most of my decorations.
    My master bedroom has the same colors and comforter for 10 years. I love it! I look at all the stuff on social media but it doesnt inspire me at all.
    Im an artist and i do change art work if i paint something that i really love to look at.
    Maybe its my 73 years that makes me stick with what i have. Love your decorating style.

  67. I am like you as far as tweaking and decorating, I only decorate for Christmas. If I had that pink couch and art work above it, I would have until they carried me out of the house. That is my favorite in your house. Everything looks great but that pink is so beautiful!

  68. Right? Who has that kind of time and storage? And it is too much consumerism. Hauling stuff in and out of the attic stresses me out so I continue to reduce my holiday decorations to things I love. And I’m with you-when you get it right you love it too much to change. I love your decor and so glad I found you!

  69. I know people who decorate for every holiday but that isn’t me. I decorate for Christmas and after the new year I am always anxious to get my house back to normal.

    Like you, I certainly change throw pillows, vases etc if I see something I love but my house generally stays the same because I love it as is.

    1. I have to add that I do decorate my front porch according to the season and holidays. Flowers, wreath on the door, etc

  70. HI Kristi, I love ur thinking on this one. I did live in the US many years ago and was amazed at your incredible op shops. As a large country there is a deep legacy of amazing goods available that just don’t exist in countries with smaller populations. I love your interior style and use of colour! (That living room light …!). I agree with you that it is good to consider how much we really need. As a renovator my first house was a historical one in Brisbane, Australia (where I’m from) in 1991. As I get older I’m feeling adverse to accumulating more. I find I change out my vignettes, and soft furnishings, update and tend my interior plants. I keep to my collection of furniture, only sometimes swapping out. There’s something comforting about being surrounded by things that have our history in them! Can’t wait to read more of your journey. CJ 🙂

  71. I love your questions. In the early 70s, fresh out of college, I was an executive w a major upscale retailer. I asked the head of interior design how to furnish my home. This was their advice: buy an area rug you absolutely love first. Get your color palette & style from the rug. Then buy art-from an artist you love, print, original or copy (it does not have to match). Then buy a good quality solid color sofa. Then a chair.
    I ended up with a pile wool rug with a modern twist on Southwest theme w navy , burgundy,mustard & cream. Terra cotta pottery lamps w linen shades. A navy leather Ethan Allen sofa followed- 28 years old & still looks new w constant use). 45 years later, our house has the same leather sofa & lamps. The rug was worn out & replaced, but still use the same navy & mustard colors/creme walls & traded out accents of burgundy for orange. The furniture has to be comfortable for sitting, easy to care for and maximize storage in our 1600 sq ft home. The kitchen/dining is navy wainscoting w soft mustard upper walls. I accessorize w things collected on travels or family mementos but stay w a balance of traditional & Mid century. Is it functional, does it please me, is it in good shape/have storage/ fit the traditional/MC style? Use the colors you love, buy good quality pieces you love & you won’t get tired of it. If you do, switch out accessories, or paint the walls. My favorite HGTV show was a “use what you have” makeover show. It reconfigured furniture, art & accessories from the owners home & gave a completely new look using their furniture& accessories. It is financial priorities too, buy less expensive & replace it every few years or save & buy lifetime pieces & save $ by not replacing everything? If something breaks, fix it & update then. If it is not functional then change it to functional.

  72. All my life I only decorated for Christmas UNTIL 2021… husband begged me to leave up our Christmas tree all year long. I agreed to BUT I would decorate it for each holiday – so Valentines, Spring, Easter, back to Spring, Summer, 4th of July, back to summer, fall, halloween, back to fall and then Christmas. I had the best time doing it. Then we put in a pool and wanted to be able to see it from our front door and the tree was in the way. We took it down. Well, I had all these decorations now that I had never had before – what to do? So, now I decorate the whole house for each of those occasions and I am loving it!!!

    1. I agree that it’s great to bring the outside in and visa versa. Your living room would look great with a hint of the beautiful colors of the fall. Notice how many people mention pillow covers or small additions that add flavor to a home. I’m. 88 and still like to add candles or small seasonal items to our home and I don’t participate in many social mediums. I never change major items but a few items here and there send a message that I care about the rooms in my home.

  73. I think social media “influencers” cause people to want to constantly change their homes with redecorating. Our home is traditional and hasn’t changed in quite a few years and we love it. It’s cozy and it’s us. For holidays, we decorate big time for Christmas with our family … with an adult Christmas tree and the grandkids Christmas tree. They are all in high school and college now, but they love the traditions that go along with our Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays.

  74. I talk about this regularly, I got off social media back in June and honestly my brain is at peace, I have so much more mental space for my real life because of it.
    However, I have always decorated for all the little holidays, but in the a few little items that I pull out each year. Maybe a pillow cover or two at the max. Honestly I don’t know how people can afford or even have time to constantly change everything out. Nor do I want to, I am picky and have to love an item to bring it into my home. I love my eclectic, colorful home, and no new fad is going to change that.

  75. My sister has Halloween stuff everywhere in her living, dining and kitchen areas, and she does this kind of thing for every holiday. And she’s NOT a vlogger, works full-time, has 2 teenagers, and does scroll Instagram and Pinterest often. So yeah, I definitely think it’s a keep-up-with-the-Joneses type of thing; or maybe it’s just subconsciously putting the idea in her head that she needs to go crazy every season. But she enjoys it and it’s one of her hobbies.

    I change out living room pillows and wreaths with the 4 seasons, as well as a few things in my kitchen. I stopped celebrating Christmas and Easter when I learned their pagan origins, and I’ve never decorated my home for Halloween, Valentines or Mardi Gras (which are all HUGE deals where I live). Like you, I love to complete a room and then just enjoy it. 🙂

  76. Such a great article, that strongly resonates with my thoughts about all of this. I follow a number of bloggers and more recently turned to Instagram. Initially I enjoyed watching all the reels and seeing beautifully decorated rooms but it all quickly just became too much. Too much spending money on more “stuff” for an already decorated home, too much emphasis on home decor “finds” , like I couldn’t find them if I wanted, too many sponsored reviews by Walmart, Target, Amazon, too much about showcasing perfectly organized closets, drawers and pantries (not that there is anything wrong with good organization but at what enormous cost?). In fact the consumerism is so over the top that I am turned off by some of these so called influencers. Now I realize that many of them make their living off their blogs but I am determined that I am not going to contribute to that by endlessly tweaking my home. And my home is lovely, to me and yes I very much love to, putter as I call it, and change things up by using things I already own. So the influence of social media is definately a factor but for me as a person who loves all things home, the content has become overwhelmingly consumer driven. I do decorate for Christmas and I do tend to switch out some seasonal decor to reflect the four seasons but not to the point where it looks like I vomited up an entire HomeSense decor aisle in my home. Thanks for allowing me to rant. Now I will sit back and enjoy my home just as it is. If I pick up a decor idea on the net, great, but I’m just as content to create something on my own.

  77. I have small pieces that I will put out for different seasons—a white ceramic owl, 2 small ceramic foxes, for example, for fall. But if they were to stay there indefinitely, I’d be happy. Small changes like that make my decor seem fresher and do not cost mega bucks as I find them at garage sales. Bloggers get major kickbacks from big box stores and Amazon for promoting their products on blogs and I think that is where you see the push for more, more, more.

  78. Yours is the only decorating blog I read. I read it because you also do all your own projects and have real tools. I love your ideas and house.
    I only decorate for Christmas, I sometimes do Halloween but just outside.
    I have been working on my house long enough to know that in 10 years it will start to feel dated, furniture will sag and styles change. I did taupe thoughout my house when I fist bought it 22 years ago, then ended up doing all the warm colors. I’ve had an olive green dining room for 22 years and a mushroom/greenish guest bedroom for the whole time.
    I must admit your use of color makes me want to redo some of my rooms.

  79. Kristi,
    You wrote that as if “I” was typing it. I have such a hard time scrolling through media sites. I always do feel as if I am not doing enough. I struggle with ‘how do they do it”? I am broke and can NOT afford to keep up with all that I see. It hurts me tremendously…I feel awful that my house is not picture perfect. I paint a room…and then that is it. My last house the paint in the living room was 20 years old. My current house..I have finally got the rooms painted…but decorate…NO. I can not afford to have the best of the best of everything. I am so much older than most of the ‘people’ who do this…influencer thing. I have been DIYing for years..but instagram..and somewhat the Internet was not a thing. I see some that ‘get everything given to them (lights, appliances…decor…etc) just to promote the company because they have a few hundred followers My opinion…many are doing it – just to have things given to them if they will promote it. I once read that a Traveller influencer was MAD because the hotel she picked to stay in would not comp her room.. !!!!! I actually did have to get off social media sites for almost a year because I was SO stressed about how others can do – what I can not. I am disabled now and have very limited things that I can accomplish and I have NO money for any of it. I hope you read this. I have been following you for years AND you are my absolute favourite..because YOU ARE REAL !!!! I just LOVE you and all that you do. I may not read your posts for some time…but I read all of them. I may not comment regularly, I figure you do not need my two cents, although it would all be great. No negative nelly here…not about you (or anyone…to each their own). Keep up what you do… Hugs to you and Matt

  80. I 100% think it’s about generating content. In reality who has the time, money, and storage capabilities to handle that much stuff. I decorate for Christmas and always feel like the house can “breathe” again when the stuff comes down.

  81. There are a whole lot of folks commenting on this post, you certainly hit a chord.
    The reason that I follow you is because of the immense amount of thought you put into each room you do, and then you can check it off as done. I do the same, and so appreciate reading about your process.
    I decorate for a few holidays, but no more than I have always done. I do it because it brings joy. I am not influenced by bloggers and their homes.
    Thanks for letting us all comment.

  82. Since downsizing, totally renovating our home and moving in about a year and a half ago, I find that I am completely content with our home. If I happen to find something I love more than something else I already have, I might buy it and switch it out. Or move something to a different spot in my house if I decide it works better. But I have never felt the need to “freshen” up my house. I’m not really concerned whether someone else likes my home, nor what is considered “in style”. What I am concerned about is that my husband and I are comfortable. And the only holiday I decorate for is Christmas… my favorite holiday.

  83. Excellent article and a subject that has been discussed with friends and my daughters. I have unfollowed several accounts when I realize I’m following all these young SATH moms with mansions who are making them into mega-mansions. When I see the amount of money being spent and know that some of these influencers have to rent storage units for all their decor, I’m shaking my head and unfollowing. I feel anxious and think I need to do all that to my house. We recently gutted/remodeled our 1980’s home and made it brand new again. My walls are bare, decor is spare because now I want to take my time in finding what I like. I don’t want to be influenced by others on how my home should look. I also need to give my checkbook a break. I’m so tired of spending money. Regarding holiday decorating, I put out a few fall decorations, but my big holiday is Christmas. My house was made for Christmas decorations and my family loves it. Every year when I say I’m going to scale back, my kids and grandkids exclaim, “NO! You have to do all of it!” They love it and so do I. I use lots of faux greenery, trees, white lights and red and white decorations.

  84. I actually used to have more seasonal touches in my home. When my kids were little, in our old house, I had a “zone” that was fun to change from fall to winter to anything to help distract me from dreary days (Valentines! St. Patrick! Spring!)….and then it’d stay the same for all spring/summer. 😀 BUT, now I don’t have that in the new house and I’m too busy to even think about it. I’m trying to keep the place clean, I have no bandwidth for decorations except for Christmas. Maybe I’ll do a bit more when the kids are gone, but really, I don’t ever see wanting to totally decorate, or do major changes, for every season.

  85. Consumerism has gone bonkers! I think the main difference I’ve seen over the years is that the platforms for content have changed and so has the way ads are delivered. Most DIY Blogs have always had sponsored and partnered posts and I always took them with a grain of salt knowing that the blogger was getting reimbursed. The same blogs have always had ad placements as well throughout the websites. Those ads were easy to ignore and scroll past. It also seemed like those ads were run by 3rd party tools and didn’t require the blog owner to do much besides integrate the tool onto their website. With Instagram, especially Instagram Stories, the same bloggers are now making their own ad posts with links and it’s something the audience has to actively pass through in order to see if there is any interesting content posted. It really seems like some posters post way more ad content than content related to their core (diy) business. Obviously they are making money when the audience uses their links. Many of the same posters have transitioned from DIY blog to content creators and Influencers. The latter must obviously be more financially appealing to them. However, overall, I find myself not visiting those sites/accounts any longer because I’m not looking for trends and sales or Amazon picks or wayfair sales or the best 40 of whatever. I really feel like the content is crap.

    I love your site and others that still focus on their home diy projects. I love that you do you.

  86. This is a great conversation. While not a holiday specific decorator, I do add and subtract subtle things as the season changes from warm to cool and back again (branches or evergreens in vases, heavier or lighter weight/color throws and dishtowels, even a couple cushion covers yes), but when I find things I love I stick with them for years.
    I didn’t join Insta until about 3 years ago, for one specific blogger at the time. I had less than 15 accounts, all decor/diy related, that I followed that first year and really cared about and read each one. Now I follow a lot more and and it’s gotten more boring! I am not so invested in a few beloved accounts and often scroll absentmindedly. I might cut way back again. Might…lol.

  87. I don’t really use a lot of social media, but what I do look at doesn’t make me discontent or anything. It’s just occasionally pretty and inspiring.
    I change out my decor every season. It’s normally just replacing the fake flowers for more seasonally appropriate ones, changing out the three pillows and blanket on the couch, changing the bedspread, changing the hanging sun hat for an umbrella/coat, and shuffling around my mantle. I keep a collection of decor under my couch in the living room and just dig through that for a new arrangement every season. I don’t really go crazy, though — it’s normally just an hour or two for the usual seasonal decorating (I do more for Fall as Summer and Spring don’t feel like they require as heavy of decorating to me). Most of my holiday decorating is pretty light. I might put some heart stems and fake roses in a vase for Valentine’s day, three small skeletons on top of the fridge for Halloween… the only other one is Christmas. And I make an exception for Christmas, since I love it. 😀 I will gladly spend multiple days just putting up Christmas decor. My entire place changes for Christmas and it makes me so happy. My only issue with Christmas decorating is I never have enough surfaces for everything!!!

  88. Hello – I do like to change a few things (kitchen towels & throw rugs, wreath on my door) seasonally and have for the 40ish years I’ve been married. But as I’ve gotten older I change less and less. I want to enjoy the holiday or season more and mess with the “stuff” less. I enjoy scrolling and yes it can cause me to want to change things. But MOSTLY I just want to finish the projects we’ve had started and unfinished for YEARS!! We live in a 1920’s farm house and have for the last 30 years. It’s been through several updates over the years. And just has needed some actual updates and things repaired which opens the can of worms that once you start there is just no place to stop until it’s all redone! Lol I appreciate it so much when you are willing to show all the little unfinished things you’ve got going around your house. And your sharing the “sunroom” and it’s “clean up” greatly encourage me! Even though our styles are very different I really like watching your progress. Thank you!

  89. I’m an engineer. We like being in a rut. I rarely redecorate my basic year-round stuff. I’ve had my bedroom furniture since I was 17. I’m 62. We bought this house in 1985. I’ve recently done some rearranging, but that’s because (1) my daughter just bought a house and I gave her the furniture that was in my guest room (which originally belonged to my husband’s grandparents (she liked the Art Deco “waterfall” design, and (2) we’ve been renovating the house my husband grew up in. It was built in 1937 and hadn’t been updated since the 1950s. We gutted it down to the studs, redoing electrical and plumbing and moving walls. It was mostly a DIY effort. I also shopped my home for some of the furniture I put in the 1937 house, which resulted in some rearranging in the 1985 house. The houses are different scales and one is warm colors (hubby’s preference) and the other cool colors (my preference).

    I do rate seasonally: Christmas, spring/Easter, “ordinary time”, and fall. Except for Christmas, it’s pretty minimal though. My current fall decor is a small pumpkin on the mantle in each house, but that’s because we were out of the country most of October. I have two Christmas trees for the 1985 house, but sometimes I only put up one of them, and it pretty much looks the same every year. I have one tree for the 1937 house. Last year I made 2sets of Christmas stockings for that house (2 fireplaces there), one is crazy quilted and embroidered. The other is an Aran knit design. I’m trying to be zero waste and “reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle.” I had all the materials because I used to be very crafty. This year I’m making a Santa from a pattern I bought years ago and materials I already have.

    1. Sorry for the typos. My tablet is acting funky and pausing for long periods as I’m typing.. I just wanted to add that those 2 small pumpkins will become pumpkin muffins come December. Repurpose!