I’m Down For The Count

Hey, friends. Just wanted to check in and let y’all know that I’m dealing with some pretty severe sciatic nerve pain. It started on Saturday morning, and continues today. This pain has been like no other I’ve experienced in my life, and at it’s worst, I was sure it might drive me mad if it didn’t let up soon.

I went to the chiropractor yesterday, and it did wonders for several hours, but yesterday evening, the sun came back. It was different, and not quite as bad as it had been the two days prior, but bad enough for me to have to spend a second night on the floor on my hands and forearms, with my butt in the air, while wagging my butt side to side trying to find comfort.

it has been a miserable few days. I have no idea what caused it, but I’ve never dealt with pain like this in my life. So please give me all of your sciatica tips! I’ll try anything at this point.

I’m heading back to the chiropractor tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve been using ibuprofen, ice packs, and a massager. And my mom and friends have sent me some exercises to try.

All that to say that I have no idea what to expect. I may be fine tomorrow, but it may be longer. Right now, I can’t even walk without pain, so working on projects is out of the question.

So I’ll be back as soon as I can. In the meantime, if you’ve dealt with sciatica, tell me what you did to get some relief!



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  1. I’m sorry you’re in pain. Have you tried the Jovi patch? If not you should look into it. It was originally made for period cramps but works for EVERYTHING!!! My dad even used it after his shoulder surgery. Just something to look into. 😉 Hope you get better soon!

  2. My sciatic nerve pain was caused by a rotated psoas- might be worth mentioning to your chiropractor/massage therapist. Getting that back in alignment was the answer for me.

    1. When you sleep on your side put a pillow between your knees. When you sleep on your back put the pillow under your knees. Mine disappeared when we were gone for a weekend. Discovered the couch I sat on all the time was too soft. Sitting in a firmer chair was the answer for me. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  3. Prayers for your healing! I recall well that pain when #5 was on the way… a nine lb 10 oz moose. It is the worst. Hoping there is some way for relief to come.

  4. Oh, gosh….so sorry you’re dealing with that! My husband has dealt with it for many, many years. YouTube has some good stretching / physical therapy exercises you can try, but sounds like you already are doing some of that. My husband is to the point where he gets injections for it from a pain management specialist about every 4 months or so. Otherwise, sounds like you’re on the right path with chiropractic care and the stretching exercises, plus the ice and pain reliever. I hope you feel better soon – I know it can be quite a painful ordeal!

  5. Oh I hate that pain. I’ve suffered on and off for years. Chiropractor helped some but I get more relief from my massage therapist.
    If it’s the pain where I can’t walk or stand upright then I run to doctor for a cortisone/anti inflammatory shot.
    I wish you speedy recovery ❤️‍🩹

  6. Physical therapy!! Chiropractor didn’t help me. I got some exercises to do at home and they helped immensely.

    1. I had the same experience and it was so bad my left leg was numb and I couldn’t stand up straight. My hips were out of alignment and the chiropractor would realign me but a week later it was an issue again, this went on for a couple months. Eventually my doctor’s signed off on physical therapy to figure out why my muscles kept pulling me out of alignment. Now I do some specific weight lifting moves (nothing extreme) and it’s been a decade with no issues. I wish I would have asked for physical therapy up front and saved myself months of suffering.

  7. Back pain sucks!

    First, I would recommend seeing orthopedic who specializes on backs to make sure it is not more serious especially since it keeps returning. I would not rule out an epidural injection. It can really help relieve the pain and inflammation and give you time to strengthening the back.

    I’ve had this issue (not as severe as yours) from too years of kicking in martial arts.

    My insurance covered acupuncture because it was shown to be effective so I went and I was SHOCKED at how well it worked. It took two sessions. The other things i do are core and back exercises daily, plus stretching and staying trim. You can’t slack on the stretching and muscles strengthening. It has to be a part of your daily routine. 🙂

    1. Another vote for acupuncture. It’s the only thing that’s helped when my sciatica flares. I was just as shocked that it worked at all, let alone at how well it worked!

      1. Seriously right? I couldn’t believe it! Honestly, I thought it might work a little bit but I wasn’t prepared for how well it worked. I tell everyone. I go about once a week or so for “maintenance”.

  8. These two things helped me immensely with pain so bad couldn’t stand up.

    1) The knee lift thing helps quite a bit: lie down, pull knee up on side w/pain, then keeping leg bent let the leg fall to the outside, pull and hold 10 seconds, fall to outside 10 seconds, then back up for 10 and down 10 seconds, repeat. You can also do this standing. Can’t find video that shows this, but it works (for me) to relieve/reduce pain almost immediately (short term).

    2)Then this has kept the nerve where it belongs (I guess!) because if I use it intermittently, I don’t end up in agony anymore. Don’t think anyone can relate unless they’ve had sciatica.


    Hope these ideas help you as much as they have me. Feel better soon

    1. Yes, this is what I was taught in PT. I used to have sciatic pain a lot in my 40’s-50’s, but have not had it since. Don’t know if it was related to my work at a Craft & Nursery store or the Home Decor/Wallpaper store after that. For all I know, it could be related to peri-menopause, because I also went through that at the same time! I know how miserable it is to move in the slightest. Hope you have help to take care of Matt!!! Heat and ice along with muscle relaxers helped me along with exercises. Take care and don’t worry about us!

    2. I second the exercise. My osteopath told me of this, he also suggested lie on your back, bring knees up and then pull them to one side, hold a bit then pull to the other side. He also suggested an anti inflammatory injection.

    3. My chiro recommended something similar but in the sitting position. Sit in a chair with both feet flat on the floor. Put right foot on left knee (leg parallel with the floor). Gently push down on right knee, you’ll feel it in the sacral joint. Repeat other side.

  9. I’m so sorry!! I’ve tried it all and the only thing that worked was the chiropractor. I use gabapentin plus Advil for flare ups but the chiropractor was the only thing that stopped the pain completely. Good luck! (My partner had to have surgery to fix his)

  10. Oh No : (. It may be worth visiting the doctor to find out if you have a herniated disc. Sciatica pain is no fun! I hope you find relief soon!

    1. YES! I concur – and have used these exercises to great relief for my own sciatica. I have used Robin McKenzie’s 7 Steps to a Pain-Free Life book.

    2. Thank you so much for posting the link for McKenzie Back Program. I went to it and printed the 2-pg. exercise sheet. I get lower back pain consistently (every time I vacuum, sweep, yard work, gardening and stand for more than 5 minutes. I’m always looking for non-surgical ways to cope with this pain.

  11. Kristi,
    I am so sorry that you are having sciatic pain! I know first- hand how it hurts!
    Last fall I had surgery and had a good deal of post-op sciatic pain.
    I found a product online that really helped! I already knew that vitamins B-12 was good for the nerves in the body, but this is a quality product that is researched backed, and has other vitamins and herbs combined to support comfort, nerve health and healthy inflammatory response. It worked well!!
    Check out: SciatiEase by SciatiEase Labs.

  12. In previous years, as a school bus driver, whenever I got sciatica pain (which was pretty often, due to the bus driver seats) acupuncture was my go to for pain relief. However, in the past two years (I’m currently 66) acupuncture, chiropractor and PT gave absolutely no relief. Finally went to a back specialist for an MRI and found that I had the beginnings of spinal stenosis and back injections helped. Recently, when my other side started bothering me, another MRI was ordered, and found that I now have a herniated disc. Not saying that this is your issue, but if you don’t get relief, please don’t just ignore it. I’m certainly not sedentary person. I do extensive landscaping projects in our yard. Along with being an avid hiker, currently at 43/46 of the Adirondack High Peaks, all done within the last four years. I hope that you get quick relief, with minimal treatment. Just want to make sure that you take proper care of yourself, because obviously you as well, are not a sedentary person. Good luck.

  13. Kristy,
    UGH! Sciatica is the worst! When mine flares, I lay on my stomach and sometimes this is enough to give me some relief. I will do “cobra” raises to my forearms – gently, and then relax back to my stomach. If the pain cascades down one of my legs, I will move my hips to that painful side and do the cobra raises again. For me, my disks bulge and cause pain – often from poor sitting posture. These exercises get the disk to relax and get back to their normal position. Ibuprofen helps with inflammation.

    TIPS from ROBIN McKENZIE 7 Steps to a Pain-Free Life – HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  14. Kristi, sciatic nerve pain is about the worst kind of pain, as you well know! What has helped me us PT, my suggestion is go to your health care provider and obtain an order for pt..you’re pretty much doing what you can at home for yourself..hope you feel better sooner rather than later.

  15. Accupuncture.
    And just a mention – don’t do any exercises until you get clearance from your doc or phsiyo – you don’t want to do something that might feel good, but could mess you up in the long run. Ask me how I know . . . .

  16. Oh boy that sounds awful! I feel so bad for you – especially since you just got past that reaction to the dust from the countertops. I’ve never had to deal with sciatic pain but here’s what the Mayo Clinic suggests (and I’m sure you’ve already looked at these): For most people, sciatica responds to self-care measures. Although resting for a day or so may provide relief, staying inactive will make symptoms worse.

    Other self-care treatments that might help include:

    Cold packs. Place a cold pack on the painful area for up to 20 minutes several times a day. Use an ice pack or a package of frozen peas wrapped in a clean towel.
    Hot packs. After 2 to 3 days, apply heat to the areas that hurt. Use hot packs, a heat lamp or a heating pad on the lowest setting. For continuing pain, try using both warm and cold packs, one at a time.
    Stretching. Stretching exercises for the low back might provide some relief. Try to hold the stretch for at least 30 seconds. Avoid jerking, bouncing or twisting during the stretch.
    Medications. Pain relievers such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) and naproxen sodium (Aleve) are sometimes helpful for sciatica. Use only as directed.

  17. I’ve never gone to a chiropractor, but have gone to physical therapist and had great results with pain. Our hospital has a muscle/skeleton department where they can diagnose where your pain is coming from and suggest treatment. For me physical therapy has always worked, but I have been offered shots and surgery. Usually it is a muscle that is tight and squeezing your nerve. The trick is to loosen that muscle. I hope you find relief soon.

    Try this: lie flat on your back with your knees bent and let your bent knees fall to the side and hold for 15 to 30 seconds. Do this on both sides and repeat three times. You will fill a stretch up your side and on your buttocks. There are some good videos online. Try Ask Dr. Jo A physical therapist.

  18. I think that is a message to not do big projects like overhead carport. Only do decorative projects. Maybe you need help putting rest of cabinets together. Take care of your health.

  19. My husband and I both get sciatica flare ups from time to time. We have found the best thing which is contrary to normal thinking is to try and walk. This means walking so slowly to start but often this helps to put the nerve back where it belongs or at least relieve it. Also tree pose from Yoga…you can do it lying in the bed even. Helps me especially in the morning. We see a chiropractor and physiologist each month to keep in check. Also you have to make stretching part of your daily routine. Hope you get relief soon.

  20. Use your rebounder for basic pain relief – you can also lie down to relax and do yoga poses. It really helps my nerve pain. Check with your rebounder’s website for exercises.

  21. My daughter has had back/hip issues for years and claims Tiger Balm relieves her pain far better than any other BenGay type products. I used it for my recent back injury (muscle strain/pinched nerve/who knows what it was?). It does have the typical menthol/camphor smell and is “hot” when applied, but it worked great for me.

    I hope you find some relief soon!

  22. Several years ago I was hit with the double whammy of sciatica and bursitis in my right hip. The pain was so excruciating that I couldn’t put any weight on my right leg. Believe me, I empathize and sympathize. I ended up in a wheelchair for 3 months, and doctor prescribed an opioid. I was very careful with the drug and never took more than 3 a day. Like you, I decided I’d try anything, so I ended up seeing a Chinese acupuncturist. She said acupuncture would eventually take care of it, but slowly. She suggested a kind of injection. She told me that immediately after the injection, the pain would actually become worse but that it would be completely gone the next day. I thought it would be some kind of hypodermic injection, but it was more like getting a smallpox vaccination. She administered it with a series of pinpricks down the side of my right thigh to my knee. As I left her office, the receptionist said, “Our patients call this the miracle cure.” Well, the acupuncturist was right. By the time I got home, I was sobbing with terrible pain and took my LAST opioid pill. The pain was completely gone the next day and has never returned!

  23. My husband who has had back surgery (twice) swears by stretching exercises. Does them faithfully every morning. Tens Ems Muscle Stimulator on Amazon helps also. Praying you get relief soon.

  24. Kristi,
    I am a semi-retired personal trainer who had severe pain most of my life, including “sciatic” pain, until I discovered Trigger point therapy. The trigger point charts by Drs Travell and Simons (available on Amazon) are the road map to the specific trigger points that refer pain to areas that are often distant from the trigger points (that are exquisitely tender places in the muscles and conservatively cause maybe 95%of pain.) It is easy to self-treat with a few inexpensive tools and for your problem a tennis or lacrosse ball will probably suffice. I have helped hundreds of people with this and would be glad to guide you for free if you want to email me to set up a phone call. This stuff is amazing and I love sharing the blessing it has been to me.

  25. You poor thing, that is such a horrible pain! my husband and I have loads of exercises which help and realized that they differ, so you need to find out which ones give you relief! Somebody mentioned tiger balm and I agree that it can be helpful. If the pain is really bad, you should consider some ibuprofen, but really what you need to do is keep moving. Gently, gently, though! Take walks (slow) and try to mobilize your hips and lower back, but the movements shouldn’t hurt. I find a physical therapist or osteopath more sensitive than the chiropractors I encountered, but I guess that depends on the individual treating you. A doctor can help with an anti-pain injection if all else fails, but only go to extremer measures if moving and time don’t help. Ah yes and: find out whether cold or heat help and then use the appropriate thing (hot water bottle or cool pack) on the area.

    1. Sorry, I meant to add: look for back exercises online, specifically those for the psoas/piriformis muscle, because they tend to be the ones to harden and giving you that sciatic pain.

  26. Kristi, I’ve heard of Sciatica, but do not know anything about it. I missed seeing your comments in my inbox yesterday and somehow I knew something was not okay with you. I am glad you let us know. I’m so sorry you are going through such pain and discomfort. I hope someone on here will be able to help you find relief. Prayers for you.

  27. I’m going to share my own experience and hope it’s not yours. I struggled with “sciatic” pain for years. Then, about 3 years ago, my hips started giving me trouble. Walking because increasingly difficult. I went to a hip doctor who told me that because I did not have groin pain, it was not my hips, but my back causing it. He referred me to an orthopedic doctor in the same hospital system. Lots of tests…and an epidural which didn’t really do anything. They told me arthritis in my spine was the cause. I suffered another year and was ready to be fitted for a wheelchair. In a last ditch stab at a miracle, I asked my GP for a referral to a different spine doctor. THAT doctor could not believe the first doctor couldn’t see my bad hips. He said my spine was normal and had me scheduled for lidocaine injections in my hip joints which proved the problem was in my hips, not my spine. I was referred to a different orthopedic surgeon and scheduled to have both my hips replaced. I had both surgeries six weeks apart and am now 5 weeks postop the 2nd surgery. I can walk again. And the nerve pain that went from my hips to my knees is gone. My hip joints had deteriorated into horrible globs that looked like old concrete, one was flat like a hockey puck. I am intermittently happy that I found the truth and have gotten surgery and angry that I spent more than a year believing this was just my life now because of 2 doctors not actually looking at ME and just listening to buzz words like “groin pain” (which I never had).

    I hope you get relief soon…and maybe get a second opinion by a doctor not affiliated with the first.

    1. I can relate. I was scheduled for back surgery, and someone suggested I get another opinion. The doctor agreed that I needed back surgery, but told me to get a knee & hip xray first. Well, turns out I needed a new hip! Mine looked like it was smashed with a hammer. Three months later I got the other hip replaced because I over-compensated when I was unable to walk with the first hip.
      Make sure you follow your 90° protocol. I’ve dislocated both hips at the 7 month post op mark., and did it a third time 2 weeks ago. There’s a new kind of pain I never knew. Do the exercises to strengthen your muscles. Good luck to us! And Kristie too!

  28. Sciatica pain is just the worst, I am so sorry, very frustrating. I suffered a spinal compression fracture that caused sciatica pain, my only relief was from stretching exercies like these (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Az1wKCmD52Q&list=WL&index=10). I would get almost instant relief and be able to sit down again. I went through 6 months of physical therapy as well for my back, but the stretches were by far the most instant pain relief. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  29. So sorry…that is a terrible pain…I’ve had it too. I always found the chiropractor helped me totally, but it doesn’t happen overnight, with one visit. Things are now sore and it takes some time to resolve and heal. I hope that is all you will need. After a nasty car accident he also gave me a cream that relieves my pain in my shoulder within a half hour. If I wake up with the shoulder pain, I put this on, rest for a while, and it is basically gone. (CBDiscomfort Natural Cream 250 mg CBD) Your chiropractor may have something like it too. At least it makes you more comfortable. But you have some excellent advise here, including see a doctor as well if you don’t get lasting relief. I’m hoping you feel better soon.

  30. I feel for you! I had such severe sciatica pain in my 40’s, I honestly don’t remember many of those years. It was the WORST pain I’ve ever felt, like you said. We tried everything – chiropractors, acupuncture, PT, in addition to every kind of doctor (at the Cleveland Clinic) and even bought a $5K hot tub, because the only relief I could get was floating in water. What I can say is to KEEP STRETCHING THOSE BUTT MUSCLES – every day, several times a day! After many years, mine finally let up. Hope you can find some relief soon!!

  31. My sciatic nerve pain was caused by piriformis syndrome which was caused by a pinched sciatic nerve and I’ve never had such pain in my life. I had it for about 3 weeks and I couldn’t eat or sleep. A physical therapist was my savior. His exercises were the only thing that helped. Laid on the floor on my back, crossed my left leg over my right, and pulled it up toward my head and held it. 20 reps of that released the pinch!

  32. I know that pain all too well. I gave suffered from horrible debilitating sciatica for the last few years and depended on my chiropractor for relief. Turns out, that probably caused a great deal of damage. When I finally got an MRI it revealed three severely herniated disks with nerve impingement. My neurologist sent me to physical therapy and it has made my life bearable again. Physical therapy is a much more gentle approach than chiropractic adjustments. I still have neuropathy that will most likely be permanent but the gentle stretches and strengthening exercises help tremendously. Please get yourself checked out by someone who can order scans and see the true cause of your pain before too much damage is done!

  33. Hi, I stand with ankles crossed and bend at the waist to stretch the backs of my legs. Then I cross the other way and do that again. If you can, keep moving, don’t let anything seize up. I get different reactions from different brands of ibuprofen, so if one doesn’t work, try a different brand. Good luck and I hope you are back to normal soon.

  34. Hi Kristi – you are doing all the things I do for sciatica pain. You might want to alternate the ice pack with a heating pad. The heat makes the muscles relax a bit.
    Good luck!

  35. Forgot to say PILATES. A really good practitioner will help you continue your active home life. I do Pilates twice a week, and at 65 was able to install, paint and finish my pre owned kitchen without any major pain. I was tired, but pain free. Something to think about.

  36. Only those of us that have suffered with it know the excruciating pain! Alternate your heat and ice 20 min each. I would definitely find out the cause first and go from there. You should be able to resolve it completely if you do. Maybe stretching will need to become part of your daily routine, or strength training and getting your core strong.
    We start to lose muscle after the age of 30 so its super important to be doing strength training. Even tho you are moving most of the day doing projects its just not enough. I’d think really important for you since you need to help Matt.

  37. I’d highly recommend a PT. I have intermittent periformus pain, and my PT gave me exercises to help adjust what’s pulling things out of line. A chiro can move things in an adjustment, but it’s always going to be temporary. Without strengthening or stretching the muscles that are holding your skeleton in alignment, you can’t fix the problem.

  38. I had the exact thing last year. Finally was referred to the pain clinic. I received a shot in the lower part of my back to reduce the swelling and irritation of the sciatic nerve. The first shot gave me brief relief. The doctor has told me this might be the case. I received a second shot and it worked! In about 24 hours I was pain free! That pain was relentless. Worse pain ever!

  39. Kristi! So sorry to hear about your being hit by sciatica. I was suddenly hit with it about ten years ago, at first thinking I had pulled a muscle in my back or thigh. I worked in a health care facility so I was sent immediately to orthopedics and they said I had pulled my hamstring. They pooh-poohed my other symptoms (excruciating lower back pain, and numbness down my left leg and into my left foot). I left feeling scared and my co-worker said that she thought it was probably sciatica and that I should see a chiropractor. I was able to meet her chiropractor that very evening and was relieved to discover some almost immediate relief. She said I needed to come twice a week for a few weeks then would be able to come less frequently after that. I went for three months, eventually only going once a month for a “tune-up.” She gave me adjustments with my visits but also a set of stretching exercises I could do while in bed every morning before I got up. These stretches have become my daily routine and I live by them….However….and I say this with humor and love….I am a rather full figured person who carries a lot of my weight in my stomach. The pull of this is a constant irritant to my sciatica so losing weight has always been my desire. Being retired the last 5 years has not helped in this area since I am less active and now 66 years old. I wish you all the healing thought and hope you find relief soon! Take care, Victoria

  40. Kristi — I herniated my L4 and L5 discs by incorrectly lifting something much too heavy. After a 3:00am ER visit and an MRI, my doctor prescribed a steroid pack for me. My next step would have been epidural injections, but the steroids and PT and stretching did the trick after about three weeks. My doctor did tell me that this could recur if I was not very careful. DO NOT LIFT heavy objects without assistance and/or proper form from now on. Sciatica pain is horrifying and absolutely scared me to death. Get yourself to your doctor quickly.

  41. The Cat Stretch – on knees and hands then arch back up.
    Sit on a hard chair and do shoulder shrugs. Lift shoulders toward ears.
    I also have a TENS and I apply the sticky things on either side of my lower back and let the electrical spurts do their thing.
    Good Luck I had to go to the Chiropractor every day the first week, every other day the second week and then the pain was only from my knee down and he said it would disappear and if not then come back.

  42. As of 6 months ago, I am a firm believer in physical therapy. I had tried all the same exercises, but 2 months of 3-times a week with a therapist helped me fine tune and finally turn off my sciatic nerve pain. Now if I feel any twinges, I know I’ve been lax on my stretches.
    My sister, on the other hand, finally got an MRI which showed a tear that was causing her pain.
    Good luck. I hope you find something that doesn’t just relieve the pain, but gets to the cause and fixes it once and for all.

  43. Heat gives me my best relief when my sciatica tries to flare up. Mine is on my left side. I sit or lie down with a heating pad at my lower left back, just where I feel the pain “starting,” before it runs down the outside of my left leg. Also, sometimes I lie in a tub of water as hot as I can stand it and slowly and gently pull my knees as close to my chest as I can stand it and hold them there. (This has also helped when I’ve had lower back pain) No pain reliever(s) have ever relieved the pain for me, only heat. Even steroid shots didn’t help as much as heat. My sciatica is triggered by a certain way I sit so I have to make a conscious effort to not sit that way as it it something I do unconsciously, that is until I feel the pain starting.

    I wish you well and a speedy recovery.

  44. I know that no one likes the “oh try yoga” recommendations, but as a sciatica sufferer and a yoga teacher, when I had my first really serious bout of sciatica (I literally could do nothing but lie on the floor), the ONLY thing that helped long term was this yoga routine for sciatic pain. I had never done it before, but was desperate so I rolled onto my mat and began. The first two weeks I would cry the entire time I was on the mat but by the 4th week (doing this routine daily) all the pain was gone. I continued for another 4 weeks daily and never looked back. Now when I have a twinge in that area I do this routine and typically it goes away. I have never had another serious flareup since finding this routine and using it faithfully whenever my sciatic nerve starts to hurt. I know that yoga isn’t everyone’s thing, but this was really helpful for me. Whatever you decide to do to find relief, I wish you well. In case you are interested, it’s Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube – for sciatica – https://youtu.be/G5h0jkoBFbI?si=sufpYWwTnPB04xft

  45. I’ve tried physical therapy – core conditioning helps, but the very best advice was to sleep with a pillow between your legs, to take the pressure off your nerve. For me, it was near miraculous. Still have a little pain, but sleep without extreme pain has made things so much better.
    Wishing you find your solution, sending hugs.

  46. Keep the chiropractor but see an orthopedist also. The orthopedist can give you some pain pills that will give you some relief while the chiropractor’s treatment is working. Just went through this so I am the voice of experience talking!

  47. Kristi:

    I’ve had back issues off and on for almost 30 years. The things that help me when it flares up are chiropractic care, acupuncture, CBD cream & Biofreeze (I’ve found the roll on type helps), my TENS unit, lying on my back with my knees bent & resting my legs up on the couch. A good heating pad helps too.

    I sit all day for my job, so I got a balance ball chair w/a rolling base & invested in a good standing desk with a gel mat to stand on.

    I hope you get some relief!

  48. Thank you, Kristi, for sharing what happened; I’m so sorry you’re in pain. I’ll stick out my nose and be a bit of a fool for Christ. But He healed me almost 20 years ago from sciatica. I had had hints of it since I was a teenager but in the late fall or winter of 2003-2004 I was spending quite a few nightly hours walking around, trying to comfort my crying son (born in August 2003). Weird angles for the back and not dressed warm enough. Sciatica hit in a way I had never experienced before. I was bedridden for at least a couple of weeks and was wondering if this was to be my future…

    James 5:14 and Hebrews 4:12 was heaven’s remedy. I asked the leaders of my home group to come and pray over me and anoint me with oil in the name of the Lord. I also felt encouraged by the Holy Spirit to be crazy enough to pray that the promise: “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing … joints and marrow” would apply physically to my body, and that He would just separate the nerve from the joint/bone where it was jammed. It is written that “He sent out his word and healed them” (Psalm 107:20), so I sent out His Word to do the job again. :-). Within a week or so the pain was completely gone. Never had any real relapse, only the occasional hint that reminds me to hold on to that promise… I would never claim that the Lord always heals when we pray, but that time I’m convinced He did.

  49. Please share as I am experiencing the same here on the right side. Patches, pain pills, ointments, etc. nothing works. I pray yours improves as I pray mine will.

  50. Kristi so sorry for hat you are going through…been there. I found a YOUTUBE site called Bob and Brad. They are physical therapists and I did their exercises and it helped a lot. Look for scatic pain and you will see they have several videos. Good Luck…chiropractors never worked for me but happy youys can give you some relief.

  51. Cannot emphasize enough going to an orthopedist that specializes in backs. Herniated or compressed. disks are brutal. & can cause similar shooting pains. So can tumors that chiropractors are not so diligent about finding. Please take care off yourself. There are lots of relief methods included passive inversion table ( 3 x a day for 20 minutes at a small incline. That allow the disks to decompress & hydrate.) But also steroid shots. Tens units & prescription drugs.

  52. So sorry you are in so much pain. I have Sciatica also, but usually manageable.. I know that can hurt like heck. The pillow trick usually works.
    Get better soon, and be well.

  53. Inversion table. I am going to the chiropractor also. Can’t tell you how much this has helped. Hanging upside down has helped to realign my hips.

  54. Ice and heat…go back and forth. Walk as much as you can. Mine lasted weeks but this made it better. Heating pad and ice pack. It works. I have episodes and once I become dedicated to this…voila…gone..mine was especially bad after flying. Good luck.

  55. I have dealt with it for years! One thing that helped was having my husband pull my leg. While laying down in the bed I asked him to hold my ankle and gently pull from the foot if the bed. Just a gentle pull gif as long as you can tolerate.
    I know Matt can’t help with this but maybe your Mom? Or even an ankle weight? Just opening up that space where the sciatic nerve is pinched will help.
    Best wishes.

  56. Oh, I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. Sciatic problems can be an adverse effect of some medications, like Ambien – so consider that.
    But find a place that does SoftWave or StemWave Tissue Regeneration Therapy near you. (Some chiro offices, some wellness clinics.) The treatments are non-invasive and recruit your own stem cells to do your healing. The results can be significant and immediate. (You can find testimonials on YouTube.)
    Best wishes!!!

  57. After years of ibuprofen I developed an ulcer, so watch for that. I had to have periodic injections….physical therapy never worked for me. I have many degenerative diseases which do not help. So the injections were the only treatments. I do the leg exercises and it is a very temporary aid for me. A back brace has helped at times but not if I allow it to get too bad. But I am 78 years old and do not have the best bones anyway. I worked my body hard when I was young and the abuse to it is showing now. Take it easy for a while and allow the inflammation to heal also. My prayers are best I know to help you and they are yours.

  58. The only thing that helped me was laying on a tennis ball. I placed it right on the spot to the right of my tail bone. Worked wonders! I had tried chiro, exercise, ice, heat and none of that worked, but the tennis ball was my friend.

  59. Sorry to hear about your pain and hope you find relief soon. I have nerve pain issues due to degenerative disk disease. My orthopedist referred me ages ago to physical therapy and my insurance lets me continue to get massage therapy and dry needling as needed. I think there is a belief that orthopedic surgeons are only for surgery but they are excellent diagnosticians of issues including neuropathic that arise from bone and muscle degeneration or trauma. They also only seem to do surgery as a last resort because I have 3 orthopedic surgeons, one for chronic inflammation of the shoulder from a ski injury, one for the torn cartilage in my hip, and of course my spine guy. All three sent me to PT instead of surgery though the second two said they’d probably see me for surgery one day if I got old enough to get really arthritic.

  60. I’ve suffered from the type of pain you are talking about and I had a herniated disc. I did everything under the sun from steroid shots to epidurals to decompression therapy and ended up with surgery. Unfortunately the disc is herniated again but I’m getting relief from steroid injections and epidurals

  61. My sciatica pain ended up being a herniated disk. Improper treatments from chiropractors and physical therapists resulted in cauda equine syndrome that gave me pain so bad I couldn’t even walk or stand, my husband had to carry me to the ER. I ended up having emergency spinal surgery. I was lucky enough to have surgery before permanent nerve damage but there was a very real chance I wouldn’t be able to walk (literally) out of the hospital. I’m not saying that’s what you have but I second the person who recommended seeing an orthopedic doctor for your back. If you have a herniated disk, you need to get proper treatment or you risk a significant injury.

  62. Hi Kristi, sorry to hear you’ve been in so much sciatica pain. I have found the easiest and best solution for me, is putting a tennis ball under my butt where the sciatic pain is and sit on the tennis ball for 15-20 minutes. Works every time!

  63. It is painful and I’ve had many bouts with over the yeara. Usually chiropractic visits, ice/heat and checking my shoes for uneven wear. It usually takes me 1-2 weeks and a new pair of shoes
    of shoes (I prefer Sketchers) to recover.

  64. Keep going to the chiropractor. Mine would put me on a heated massage before the adjustment. It was wonderful. I also used a heating pad instead of ice. It may take a few adjustments before it gets better. I would also lay on my back & put my legs straight up against the wall, couch or headboard. Hope you feel better soon.

  65. Seriously found relief from the PT/sciatica YOUTube vids from Bob and Brad.
    Honestly Kristi, my back felt wrecked after moving a huge closet organizer that I’d made. Six weeks of pain gone after less than a week of their exercises.

  66. Kristi, I feel your pain, literally, because I’ve had the same type of pain for over 20 years. Don’t worry, I have other spine problems which feeds into my pain. Most people get better though it may take awhile.
    Recently, I found a number of very good videos on YouTube made by doctor’s, physical therapists, etc. Unfortunately, I don’t have a list of the channels right at hand. I will take a look tomorrow and find the ones I liked.
    One site I really like it called WeShape. The guy on it is really good. I get an email each day with one of his exercises and some I’ve seen have been for sciatica. Over all, I like that his intent is to give gentle exercises that almost anyone can do. Some of them are gentler forms of other exercises in standard workouts.
    Give it a look-see when you are up to it. Hope you are better soon.

  67. 95% of sciatica pain comes from the piriformis muscle being too tight and compressing down on the sciatic nerve. Go to a massage therapist and get glute compressions. Might have to follow up by sitting on a racket ball. You’ll be all better. -Licensed Massage Therapist

  68. https://somaticmovementcenter.com/sciatica-exercise/


    Kristi, please check out this site-there is tons of free information in the blog, and I suspect your analytical mind will absorb the concepts like a sponge. My first neck injury was at age 5, so I have 50+ years of powering through/chiropractic/weight lifting/stretching/yoga/meditation/pilates/massage therapy/joint replacements and physical therapy. All can play a role in healing. This is about micro movements, controlled muscle contractions and very slow release. There are other certified teachers in these principles–this is the one I was referred to and have liked.

    At the end of a two hour lunch recently, a friend noted that I was upright the entire time–not slouched over and writhing as I typically would be.

    I also support the suggestions of a pillow between the knees when lying on your side, plus icepacks and the “magic cocktail” of two ibuprofen with one aceteminophen for pain control and bringing down inflammation (every 6 hours for a few days only).

    Noting other comments about rotated psoas, and chiropractic providing only short-term relief….please search the blog for whatever is most top-of-mind for you; those topics and many more are addressed.

    As a fellow lifelong caretaker, and a short woman who likes to do heavy work, I can imagine the tension that is a constant presence in your body. I wish you all the best, and am confident you will find your near-term crisis relief and long-term management that will keep you healthy.

    Take care of yourself.

  69. Hi Kristi!
    Fellow sciatica sufferer here. Tried chiropractor and it helped some. The best thing I used that helped me was ice/heat rotation, stretches and pressure to the nerve. My daughter will have me lay on my stomach and put her elbow into my hip or muscle where she can actually feel the knot. Hurts like the dickens, but she just keeps applying pressure until we both can just feel it let go. Then apply ice pack. I also keep an empty water or soda bottle and fill about 2/3 full of water and freeze on it’s side. When ever I am sitting or driving, I place it where the pain is and it applies just enough pressure to keep it in check. Last, I do stretches. Sit in floor and lean forward to grab your toes and pull forward as much as you can until you feel the stretch in the sciatic, hold then slowly release. Another one is to lay on my back, take the affected leg and cross it over your other leg placing your foot flat on the floor next to your knee. Press on your knee toward the side floor again until you feel the stretch. If Matt can help you, lay on floor and raise your leg straight over your head. Have Matt push your foot further over your head until you feel the stretch and hold. Last one is lay flat on your back on your bed with the affected side towards the middle of your bed and your good side as close to the edge without falling off. Cross your affected leg across your body and dangle it off the side of the bed letting gravity pull it towards the floor keeping your leg as straight across you body as possible. Hold as long as possible. The more times you can do these stretches, the more you will realize that the stretches are helping.
    Take anti-inflammatory, hot soaks in the tub (if you can get in and out) and rest it for a day or two. Put prayer on it too! Hope these help and you feel better soon, just don’t over due!

  70. Please check out Total Motion Release on YouTube.
    I am a firm believer in Chiropractic therapy. I have also undergone PT. TMR is a form of PT but instead of working on the area in pain, it works on the good side. I have had tremendous relief from a failed rotator cuff surgery that left me in more pain than before surgery. Tom Delonzo-Baker was a PT who developed this about 20 years ago. It has become such a success that all 50 states accept his courses for Continuing Education Credits for Docs, nurses and PT folks.
    Sciatica usually comes from the spine causing pressure on the nerve root when there is an overgrowth of the bone.
    Try doing your exercises on the opposite side and see how you feel.

  71. https://mysciatiease.com/g/getsciatiease/?gclid=CjwKCAjw9-6oBhBaEiwAHv1QvB77dX3-aPWkzJPrxEkaiwOVeEbBAArY-DzvnFNehyrSgnJZ7TIEqBoCj0kQAvD_BwE&campaignid=20542720717&adgroupid=156371250227&loc_physicall_ms=1021278&loc_interest_ms=&matchtype=b&network=g&creative=673432321128&keyword=sciatiease&placement=&targetid=kwd-1422995654846&cpid=f975de78-536d-4278-baf3-d6ebf7546cf5&lpid=f18a8baf-cf52-4a3b-b0d8-840e191a6af9

    This sciatiease supplement looks very promising! Another reader mentioned it too. The main ingredient PEA is being used for all types of pain management. Even Dr. Judy Morgan at Naturally Healthy Pets is promoting PEA. She was able to take her dogs off of gabapentin by switching them to PEA.

  72. I have dealt with lower back issues and sciatica pain for years. After many treatments with massage cold packs, heat and chiropractor, Dr finally referred me to a physical therapist. That has worked the best! I haven’t had issues now for 5 years and I continue to do the stretches every morning that he recommended.

  73. I don’t have any tips, I just want to say that I am sorry you are in pain and I hope you feel better soon.

  74. Here’s the Trigger Point Therapy Handbook. Excellent diagrams for finding the point causing referred pain. I hope your pain clears up soon.

    The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief https://a.co/d/aVC0RJ2

  75. I recently got a waist/leg wrap from Healthy Lab Co. I do not know why it works (I got it because of the 90 day money back guarantee, did NOT expect it to work, IT DOES) It’s made out of neoprene, like wet suits, and it wraps around your waist, or upper hips and then wraps around your leg. The orthopedic physicians assistant said it’s probably the pressure of the waist wrap that makes it work. All I know is that it works, period. Give it a try.

  76. Hi, I am 60 and my boyfriend is a lifelong, 74 yr. old triathalete.

    He gave me the best advice to follow for sciatica pain.
    What you need to do, is from a standing position, bend your
    knees deeply, and crouch down with your knees up and your
    buttocks as close to your feet as possible. It helps to have
    a bench or sturdy chair in front of you, to grasp. The goal is
    to pull and stretch the nerves that are bunched up and causing
    pain. Chances are, you got sciatica from sitting in one position
    too long. Walking as far a distance as you can is also very

    For extreme sciatica, you can get flat on your floor, while
    lying down, bend your knees and pull your knees as close as
    you can and hold them. Roll around in whatever position
    you can and just spend as many minutes or hours pulling those
    knees to you, in order to stretch your back. It does not feel
    initially like you are getting any relief, but if you do it long
    enough, in my case I took an entire day off to do these stretches,
    you will find when you wake up the following days that you will
    feel better.

    There are walk in businesses now that specialize in helping you
    physically stretch if you are interested in that. Also, if you feel
    pain when you sit down, you need to stop sitting in that chair,
    or purchase a back support device. They also have these large
    blow up balls in the exercise section of Walmart that you can
    sit on. They are very comfortable because they take the weight
    off your sciatic nerve when you sit on them. They are inexpensive
    and a great way to stretch the irritated sciatic nerves. Stretch
    and walking are the only way you can physically help to heal this.

    Untreated sciatica leads to many debilitating chronic physical problems.

  77. It’s probably time to see a doctor and get an MRI. I went through this 10 years ago. Finally realized the chiropractor was not going to fix it. I had a ruptured disc that was pinched and no amount of chiropractor visits was going to fix it. The pain is awful!!! I was finally referred to a neurosurgeon. I hope you find some relief. It’s terrible!

  78. I feel your pain–literally!! Going on a week and a half with some relief after chiropractor but much worse early this morning. I can’t afford to go daily. Ugh!!

  79. I used heat and ice and the chiropractor. It finally subsided and it is some horrible pain. I could hardly sit in the car to drive to the chiropractor and I have no idea what happened as you mentioned.

  80. Back surgery. My nerves were being pinched badly. Aug 18 was my surgery date and I am good to go now. Got my release from the doctor yesterday! It wasn’t too bad.

  81. Massage gun right where its killing you. Lacrosse ball between you and the wall in the same spot(s). Press into the ball as much as you can stand, gently roll back and forth if you can stand it. Best thing for me is a massage every month, and to avoid my triggers. i.e. too much time on the couch….

  82. Kristi, I’m sorry about your back. I lived with that same thing for good while. Anyway to cut to the chase, what helped me the most 1: shot into where the nerve ending is. Done without pain then going straight home to just lie down 3 treatments. 2: acupuncture a couple of times. Also going home to lie down. Haven’t had much trouble in several years. I’m wishing you the best. Not fun!

  83. Kristi, I have dealt with sciatic pain since the early 90’s. I was injured on the job and fell resulting with my knees up by ears holding a box. It feels like barb wire twisting under my skin and the heat (inflammation) radiates from the spot of irritation. The pain is like no other and is breathtaking. Being bedridden at times only aggravates (or stresses me more). Trips to the ER for pain shots didn’t help. Tons of tests (MRIs, Mylograms(spelling?), pain pills, and still no relief. Stress and high emotional state (good or bad) will trigger my attacks. Over time I have learned to manage it with massage therapy every 10-14 days no matter what. It has kept me moving for the last 10 years relatively pain-free. My sciatic radiates from my lower hip/buttock/thigh area and switches from the left to the right side. I hope you find relief. I truly feel your pain. Good luck and best wishes. Melissa

  84. Dearest Kristi,
    Don’t be hard on yourself. You deserve rest at this time. I too had sciatic pain across my buttock extending down my leg for eight years. I nearly went mad. A spinal fusion in 2011 stopped the pain immediately and it only returned last year after a disc bulge but again was alleviated with three epidurals. Thank God. The pain of sciatica is unbelievable. Go and find a good Neurologist or Neurosurgeon to help you. Mine is a result of a couple of falls when I was younger flat onto my back on concrete floors and lying upside down in hospital for hours after a massive bowel hemorrhage. I am 73 and you are much younger and with Matt to look after and probably spending hours in body contorting positions building things you have a nerve caught somewhere. I hope you find the right person to help you. You are in my heart and thoughts today Kristi. I absolutely love your blog and never miss one. You are truly and inspiration. But just for now you don’t need to inspire anyone except yourself. Sending you love all the way from Melbourne Australia.

  85. Those Salon Pas patches and the Icy Hot sprays work well for a while. Notice how you normally sleep—you may be aggravating it. The chiropractor several days a week will probably help. Ask for their ‘tens unit’ treatment too. I go to Allied Wellness. I hope you feel better soon.

  86. See a physical therapist! I shout it from the rooftops to all my friends and family. I love my chiropractor but my physical therapist has been the one to get me out of pain quickest and give me the tools to help strengthen myself so it doesn’t happen again. I threw my back out last year sneezing and the exercises given to me by the therapist helped the most.

    1. Sympathize with your painful situation! Many possibly helpful suggestion, to help, but if pain persists, you need to see a physician and get Xrays and maybe an MRI. No one knows what the cause might be and some things you might try could make it worse. Matt depends on you to be able to assist him regardless of what projects you would want to finish. Your health is the MOST important thing! Wish you a speedy recovery!

  87. So sorry to hear of the pain you’ve been experiencing.
    Have you had a MRI yet? That could probably tell you what’s going on, but that’s not always the case. And your Dr will probably have to make you jump through hoops before ordering you one (sorry for the pun, I know just thinking about jumping is painful to think about).
    I ended up having to get a fusion at L4-5 back in 2015. I had a physically demanding job, and I kinda treated my body like a mule for most of my life. I had a pinched nerve from spondylolisthesis at those vertebrae.
    I tried everything, PT, pain meds, hot tubs, bio-freeze, chiropractors, massages. I suffered for years until I just couldn’t take it anymore.
    In hindsight, I would have quit the physically demanding job and found something less taxing on my body, and drank a lot more water than I had, was probably dehydrated a lot of time.
    I had a past injury, was kicked in my teens, right on my tailbone, could barely sit for a couple weeks. I think old injuries bring out arthritis later in life, which just makes it all worse.
    Injuries take time to heal, but I would be a bit concerned if I just woke up in pain and hadn’t done anything physical to have possibly caused it. If that was the case you could plead with your Dr for an MRI. But if you think you’ve done something to trigger such pain, you’ll probably have to give it more time to heal.
    There was one time my back gave out at work, I think I probably lifted and twisted, went straight to a chiropractor, had a Valium leftover from something, can’t even remember why it had been prescribed, but had saved it for an emergency as such, took that, went to bed, icing on and off, woke up in the morning pain free! Maybe you need someone to stay with you to help take care of Matt until you heal?

  88. I’ve been where you are.
    Xrays showed the damaged area. I tried non-invasive routes, like epidural injections, which did not help, pain meds that only offered temporary relief, and finally a micro discectomy which cured me.
    I wish you well (literally) and hope you find relief. No one can understand that kind of pain, unless they went through it.

  89. I used to deal with this while driving tractor. I’d get out and lay on my back in the dirt, pull my knees up to my chin as in the fetal position and rock back and forth on my backbone. Did wonders!

  90. You may have ruptured a disc. It is important that you see a neurologist, because if the nerve that is being affected by the disc you could lose control of your bladder and bowels. Severe pain like you are experiencing is a signal that something is seriously wrong. Don’t try to tough this out. Good luck to you. Deborah

  91. I went through that. I ended up with surgery. I had two rods and 6 screws put in my lower spine. It helped immensely. It was suggested that I never lift over 20 lbs alone. I have followed it to the letter. I hope you get better.